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100 Narrative Essay Topics – A Definitive Guide

Published by at November 3rd, 2021 , Revised On November 3, 2023

What is a Narrative Essay?

Narrative essays are one of the most popular types of essays. They allow the author to use their imagination and creativity to present a story. Narrative essays provide an excellent opportunity to reflect upon personal experiences and give your views on a specific event in your life.

What makes narrative essays unique and different from other essay types is your writing style, vision, and story-telling skills.

If this is the first time you are writing a narrative essay, you might want to go through some narrative essay examples to figure out the topic and structure most suitable for your needs.

A narrative essay can be assigned to students of all academic subjects and levels. In most cases, you will have a specific topic to write about.

However, suppose you are required to independently pick a good topic and story for your narrative essay assignment. In that case, you can check out the topics we have listed in this article and choose one that would enable you to tell a gripping story.

Comparing Narrative Essay with Other Types of Essay

The four most notable essays types are as follows;

Unlike the argumentative and persuasive essay, a narrative essay lets you use your unique writing style and imagination. A narrative essay should follow an appropriate structure, including the introduction, main body, and conclusion.
Types of essays

Narrative Essay Topics for High School Students

Everyone is emotional and nostalgic for their high school years in one way or another. For most people, the days spent at school are the best memories of life. The schools help us grow and develop and land us in trouble for skipping classes and picking up fights.
If you could not recall an exciting high school experience, here are some intriguing topic ideas that you can turn into a narrative essay story.

  1. Write about the school lessons that had a significant influence on your personality.
  2. Write about the most exciting tasks you completed at school and how did they help you develop?
  3. How was your first day at school? Write about the most memorable experience from your first day at school.
  4. What was your most outstanding achievement at school?
  5. Write about your best friend from school and how your relationship has evolved since growing up.
  6. What did hobbies interest you the most after you completed your homework? Write about your favourite hobby from school time (travelling, gaming, music, exercise).
  7. Recall an experience of humiliation that involved yourself or someone else. What did that experience teach you, and how do people react to it?
  8. Write an essay about the academic subject you were most passionate about during high school. How did you develop an interest in that particular subject?

Narrative Essay Topics for College Students

College life is enriched with new impressions, new social circles, new living conditions, new friends, a new system of learning, and so much more. Many of our cherished memories are linked to college life. Whether you got into a fight with someone for your best friend or arranged a party at your apartment, there will be plenty of stories to choose from your narrative essay assignment.
Here are some narrative essay topics for college students to pick one according to their needs.

  1. Did you experience the feeling that you would fail an exam, but you ended up getting a high academic grade? Write about an experience from college life.
  2. What has been the most memorable experience of your college life? How has that influenced you?
  3. Describe a time when you had to deal with an unhelpful supervisor at college? How did you cope with the situation, and what lessons did you learn from that experience?
  4. Write about the subject that put springs to your steps and inspired you to achieve greatness in your career?
  5. Write about the moment from college life that kick-started your college life. Talk about the difficult transition phase from high school to college. Did the experience give you sleepless nights?
  6. The day you had to deal with a failure in college life. How did you overcome the situation?
  7. The role of your college teams and clubs in your personal development
  8. Write about the gadgets and electronic devices that enhanced your learning in college.
  9. Write about the most challenging assignment you had to complete. How did you complete the assignment in due time and achieve your desired grade?
  10. What was the most impressive hang-out during your college years?
  11. A lecture that changed you forever
  12. Write about your favourite book from your college years.

Personal Narrative Essay Topics

Personal narrative essays talk about your personal experiences. You will need to use emotional language in your text to engage the readers and achieve the best results.
The story you are telling in a narrative essay needs to be vibrant and tempting. Here are some personal narrative essay topics for you to consider.

  1. The significant events that shaped my life.
  2. Life as a college student.
  3. Write about your visit to your favourite destination as a volunteer.
  4. How I live a healthy lifestyle on a limited budget.
  5. Write about the title of your first academic assignment.
  6. My first time alone.
  7. How I overcame a particular challenge in university.
  8. What do I regret most in my life?
  9. The most challenging academic task I have ever completed.
  10. What my pet has taught since I brought it home.
  11. How I manage my relationship with my friends.
  12. How do I relieve stress during the pandemic?
  13. Write about a scary experience that taught you a valuable lesson.
  14. The experience of little inventions made by you.
  15. Write your first job.
  16. Write about your favourite teacher.
  17. Your first trip abroad.
  18. The first meal you cooked.
  19. A time when you discovered a secret.
  20. A truth about yourself you didn’t know until you got to college.
  21. A story of losing a friend.

Literacy Narrative Essay Topics

  1. How has computer literacy helped me improve my performance?
  2. Relationship with words.
  3. Write about your writing life.
  4. Bird by bird some instructions on writing and life.
  5. What happens when we acquire language, either spoken or written?
  6. My relationship with reading and unhelpful teachers
  7. Growing up in a bilingual household and my reading and writing struggles
  8. My development as a writer.

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Literacy Narrative Essay Topics

A fictional narrative essay is the most exciting and intriguing type of narrative essay. While in middle and high school, students tend to focus more on the plot and the story’s progression, a fictional narrative essay for a college will require to give equal importance to emotions and characters that give life to the plot.
Here are some great fictional narrative essay topics for you to pick for yourself.

  1. Write about a clock with the power to give people information other than the usual time.
  2. Write about a family that celebrates their made-up holidays.
  3. Write about a town where people are dressed up as clowns.
  4. Write about a town where people tell creepy stories to each other.
  5. Write about an unusual case of mistaken identity.
  6. Write a fictional story about a student informed by the school principal that an anonymous donor will cover their tuition.
  7. Write an essay about a high school student who decides to run for public office.
  8. Write about a friend who watches the sunset every day.
  9. A story about you working in the role of the world’s most prominent drug dealer and the aftermath
  10. A story about a couple who lived a very unfulfilling life and decided to travel the world
  11. Write about a group of village people who never travelled to the city.
  12. Write about a college student who decides to make a completely new identity for himself.

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Moral and Ethical Dilemmas Narrative Essay Topics

Students from across the globe discuss the moral questions and the laws that keep the world in order. There comes a time in life when one must choose between the legal thing and the right thing according to their own moral and ethical standards. This dilemma provides an endless pool of stimulus for story-telling.

  1. Ethical dilemmas that you faced taught you a valuable lesson.
  2. Should you choose to do the right thing or the legal thing?
  3. What caused the religion of Islam to spread so fast after the demise of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
  4. Why do you feel dishonest when you lie?
  5. Write about the importance of spirituality in your life.
  6. How does your faith reshape your identity?
  7. Write about a time when you had to do something in conflict with your morality.

“Hobbies and Interests” Narrative Essay Topics

Anything that you love to do is a “hobby.” Our involvement and interests in a community directly result from our hobbies. Your job and profession become more enjoyable when they incorporate your hobby. If you are looking for a narrative essay topic based on your hobbies and interests, then you should ask yourself, “what am I interested in?”, “what do I love to do the most?” or “what sport do I enjoy playing the most?”.

  1. Write a story about a time when you neglected your academic responsibilities in favour of a hobby.
  2. Write about your favourite hobby and how did you develop it over time.
  3. Would you want your job or work to involve your hobby, or would you like to keep both separate?
  4. Write about a time when your hobby enabled you to land your dream job.
  5. Write about a time when your hobby or interest helped you secure admission to the school of your choice.
  6. Parents consider academic performance more important than hobbies. How should the parents go about helping their children balance academic responsibilities and hobbies?

Inspiring Narrative Essay Topics

There are moments in life that inspire us to attempt great things. As students, our observations can often inspire and lead us to do something that seems too difficult to handle at first. Whether it is a friend, a field trip, a science experiment, a lecture, a movie, a book, or a beautiful view that was your source of inspiration, you can always turn it into a creative narrative essay.

  1. Write about a time when a movie inspired you to do great things?
  2. As humans, we are always learning from our mistakes to make ourselves better than before. Write a story about how watching someone doing something inspired you to work harder to be better than them.
  3. A story about how an event or a person inspired you to do great things
  4. Write about a political leader who inspires you to dream big! How have they influenced your personality and characters?
  5. Write about a book character that made you change your personality and behaviour?

Skills and Expertise Narrative Essays Topics

You might want to talk about your skills and expertise in a narrative essay to help the readers succeed in a particular field. Recall your personal experiences that helped you achieve your goals. But make sure the essay does not look like suggestions or recommendations. Instead, rely on your creativity and imagination to provide explanations.

  1. Write about your expertise in cooking Indian dishes.
  2. The skills that made me the best cricket player on my school team
  3. Telling the truth – How honesty keeps the troubles at bay
  4. The reasons that make a high-performing digital marketing specialist.
  5. Write about why people come to you for help when they are stressed out.

Funny Narrative Essay Topics

This will be a pleasant surprise for the younger readers. Having a good sense of humanity is a handy quality to have up your sleeve as a writer. You can cheer your audience by adding a bit of humour and gag to turn a grave state of affairs into something comforting. This will make your narrative essay exciting and alive. Here are some funny narrative essay topics to help you get started.

  1. If you were offered a role in “Harry Potter.”
  2. If you were offered a role in “The Hobbit.”
  3. A night out with the girl you always fancied.
  4. A funny situation you had to deal with in digital marketing.
  5. The funny moment when science saved your life.
  6. A random and funny social interaction that turned into a great friendship
  7. Write about a time when your sense of humour landed you in trouble at school.
  8. A story that involves doing something stupid that almost took your life.
  9. Your first experience with alcohol or drugs

Gender and Sexuality Narrative Essay Topics

Topics based on gender and sex are always subtle, but they make for an appealing story. It is vitally important to use a neutral tone when writing an essay on sex and gender. Here are some ideas to base your narrative essay on.

  1. The reasons why there are more boys than girls in my school
  2. The reasons why Muslim female students are a little uncomfortable with their male counterparts at school
  3. Why do boys and girls have different roles in your family?
  4. Do the boys have to deal with a lot of family pressure to live a particular lifestyle?
  5. Do the girls have too much pressure on them to maintain ideal bodies?
  6. What preventive measures should parents take to protect their children from online adult content?
  7. Is there a need to revamp the sex teaching strategies employed in schools?
  8. Girls are shown as sex objectives in Hollywood movies and seasons – The example of the famous season “The Game of Thrones”.
  9. Write about the foundations of the concept of feminism.
  10. The reasons why parents have different expectations from their sons and daughters

Tourism and Travel Narrative Essay Topics

Some tourism and travel narrative essay topic examples are given below:

  1. A story of your visit to the Scotland Highlands
  2. Your first visit to Rome compared to your last visit to the capital of Italy.
  3. A visit to the famous food street in Istanbul, Turkey.
  4. Enjoying a rib-eye steak in a cosy restaurant by the beach.
  5. Your first air travel experience.

Childhood Memories Narrative Essays Topics

Everything is different when you’re a child: the trees are higher, the colours are brighter, and every new day is more interesting than the last. If you would like to turn an idea or a moment from your childhood into a narrative essay, make sure to make it convincing so the readers can live the moment from your perspective. It is recommended to tell a childhood story that involves a lesson of some kind.

  1. Relive a night party that involved no alcohol – How could people enjoy parties without alcohol and drugs in the past?
  2. A story about a scary dream from your childhood
  3. Write about your favourite childhood superhero character – Who was your favourite superhero, and how did it inspire you?
  4. An emotional trauma that you had to go through as a child.
  5. A story about how an argument with your parents turned into an ugly situation that you could have easily avoided

Cultural Narrative Essay Topics

A cultural narrative essay allows you to use your creativity and knowledge to write about an aspect of the culture you experienced. It would be appropriate for those who find various cultures exciting and exciting to base the essay on any aspect of culture.
However, culture is a broad and complicated area of study, so you should choose a topic that addresses one particular aspect. In a nutshell, you want to get the readers to recognise their bias towards a specific culture. Here are some cultural narrative essay examples for your consideration:

  1. Write about your cultural identity – How it made you the person you are?
  2. How does culture shape your personality?
  3. Do you mix well with students from different cultures?
  4. A time when you had to work with students from different cultures to complete a group project. What did you learn about them?
  5. The growth of modern hip hop culture
  6. Unique family traditions – Write about a family tradition that surprised you.
  7. Cultures that undermine the female gender
  8. Food traditions in Turkish culture.
  9. The role of social media in reshaping your family culture
  10. Why knowing and understanding your cultural background is of utmost importance?

Narrative Argument Essay Topics

A narrative argument essay involves a story about an event, situation, or person that had a massive impact on your life. You will need to present your narrative in a way that persuades the readers to agree to your point raised in the form of a story. Here are some narrative argument essay topics to convince the readers:

  1. A time when your friend lost a boxing match at the school.
  2. A story about how you managed to turn an ugly situation into something beneficial for you.
  3. A story about a car accident that had a lasting effect on your life.
  4. A book that changed your life forever.
  5. A humiliating experience that taught you a valuable lesson.
  6. A story about the negligence of a doctor that almost cost your life.
  7. A time when you got caught cheating and failed the exam.
  8. The day you scored a distinction in your dissertation project.
  9. A story about your struggles with essay writing.
  10. Some decided to commit suicide, but you persuaded them to change their minds in time.
  11. A story involving school bullies and how you responded to the situation
  12. When you disagreed with your friend, that ended in breaking the friendship bond.

Steps to Choose the Best Narrative Essay Topic

  1. Here are the steps to choose the best narrative essay topic:
    Remember that narratives tell stories
  2. Select interesting ideas
  3. Pick an idea that will guarantee an excellent emotional experience for your audience.
  4. Planning is equally important. Your essay should be able to keep the readers engaged.
  5. Collect the sources of information needed for the chosen topic.

Narrative Essay Format and Structure

Check your essay assignment brief or talk to your tutor about the format and structure you must follow to ensure what is required.

Narrative essays typically follow the five-paragraph essay structure, including an introduction, three main body paragraphs, and the concluding paragraph.

How to Write a Narrative Essay?

Here are the steps for writing a narrative essay.

  • Find relevant information according to your interests.
  • Develop the title of the story.
  • Make an essay outline for your essay
  • Start the introduction to provide a background to the topic
  • Write the main body.
  • End with the conclusion.

Frequently Asked Questions

A narrative essay is a form of writing that tells a story, typically from the writer’s personal perspective. It includes characters, a plot, and vivid details to engage readers and convey a specific message or experience.

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