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Analytical Essay Topics

Published by at June 13th, 2022 , Revised On July 10, 2023

An analytical essay is more than just a compilation of facts on your chosen topic. It gives you the opportunity to bring your analytical thinking into action as you attempt to answer the very question posed in the title of the essay. In an analytical essay, you not only present your point of view but also a simple yet critical reflection.

When choosing topics for analytical essays, you should consider whether you want to do an in-depth analysis of a problem or a literary work. Your analytical investigation would be based on specific facts found in various sources about the topic in question. With critical thinking and a streak of creativity, you can turn even the banalest scenarios into fascinating analysis essays.

At the college and university levels, analytical essays assigned to students relate to films, books, public speeches, and other topics. However, if you have the option of choosing the topic yourself, the possibilities are endless. However, before we suggest analytical essay topics, we would advise considering a topic that will appeal to you, your teacher, and your audience.

Most of the time, your teacher may stipulate the topic of your paper. In other cases, you have the choice to select a suitable topic. However, it can be difficult to decide on a topic for an analytical essay without any guidance. Below is a list of interesting and unusual analytical essay topics that you can use to write an amazing essay.

Analytical Essay Topics on Culture

  1. What is the reason for the regular updating of the slang language?
  2. Investigate the Ancient Spartan society.
  3. The way art provides national identity with a voice.
  4. Why is it that there are so many different ways to welcome someone?
  5. Consider how food reflects the history of a culture.
  6. Is the national anthem a motivator for patriotism?
  7. Examine the significance of cultural framing.
  8. In American culture, personal space is highly valued.
  9. Discuss the global trend of forgetting customs.
  10. Why is there such a wide range of accents in the United States?
  11. Write an essay about superstitions and how they affect society.
  12. Examine the impact of Europe on American history.
  13. Take a look at the legacy of a national hero.
  14. How has technology changed people’s lives in the United States?
  15. The reasons behind America’s two-party system.
  16. Examine the impact of cultural beliefs on a country.
  17. What are some of the most well-known American holidays?
  18. Examine the ways in which fairy tales represent cultural beliefs.
  19. Describe the impact of ethnic diversity on society.
  20. The value of a sense of humour in a workplace

Analytical Essay Topics in Society

  1. Consider the causes of the current immigration dilemma.
  2. Analyse the detrimental effects of refugees on the local community.
  3. Discuss how gender roles are changing in different societies.
  4. Assess the societal impact of a longer lifetime.
  5. Examine the premise of one of the world’s current military conflicts.
  6. The social impact of the foster care system in the United States.
  7. What resources are accessible to people who are struggling with addiction?
  8. Barriers to mobility for disabled people.
  9. Analyse the public’s reaction to the COVID-19 vaccination
  10. Analysis of the appeal of tattoos and piercings among different generations.
  11. Examine the move from face-to-face contact to internet communication.
  12. Describe how high-risk patients can benefit from social services.
  13. Are we on the verge of achieving gender parity in the workplace?
  14. Analyse the ways in which schools accommodate cultural diversity.
  15. Analysis and solutions for workplace discrimination.
  16. The pursuit of material prosperity is a source of inspiration for success.
  17. Single-parent families confront a variety of challenges.
  18. Analyse the existing societal tensions and the factors that are causing them.
  19. The judicial system’s impact on social unrest.
  20. What does the term “social status” signify in the business world?
  21. COVID-19’s economic impact on the planet.
  22. Dissect the grounds behind the educational crisis.
  23. How does the internet influence our thinking?
  24. Do you have an issue with bullying at work?
  25. Examine the societal implications of global warming.

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Critical Analysis Essay Topics

  1. Examine the aims of the author in your favourite book.
  2. Make your own assessment of a fictitious villain.
  3. In One Hundred Years of Solitude, the issue of family and friendship is explored.
  4. A Farewell to Arms pits idealism against pragmatism.
  5. Gender inequalities in Mark Twain’s Eve’s Diary.
  6. Discuss Roland Emmerich’s 2012 and its message.
  7. What factors contributed to South Park’s success?
  8. Money’s role in The Great Gatsby.
  9. Analyse the use of language in the recent magazine article you read.
  10. Analyse how the artist communicates their emotions in a painting.

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Analytical Essay Topics on Youth

  1. Dissect the social, economic, and psychological factors that contribute to bullying.
  2. Analyse the role of television, social media, and gaming on youth.
  3. Talk about your college aspirations and how they relate to reality.
  4. Examine the lack of motivation among young people to study.
  5. Evaluate the tensions that exist between parents and teenagers.
  6. Assess the need for independence among teenagers and their parents’ unwillingness to offer it.
  7. Analyse your time in high school.
  8. Examine the problem of adolescent drinking and drug addiction.
  9. In a school setting, evaluate the rights and responsibilities of teenagers.
  10. Consider the reasons why people drop out of college.

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Analytical Essay Topics about History

  1. Analyse the reasons for the British colonization attempt.
  2. Consider the historical significance of slavery in the United States.
  3. Analyse the origins of epidemics during the Middle Ages.
  4. Historical analysis of the impact of the invention of gunpowder.
  5. Analyse the ongoing feuds between Britain and France.
  6. Dissect the stages of World War II.
  7. Evaluate the circumstances that led to Hitler’s reign.
  8. Discover how China progressed from an empire to a communist state.

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Analytical Essay Topic on Health

  1. Analyse the drawbacks of the current healthcare system.
  2. Investigate the pharmaceutical industry’s plan to overmedicate us.
  3. Make an analysis of your most recent interactions with nurses and doctors.
  4. Discuss the advantages of having a family doctor who is willing to come to your home.
  5. Diagnostics, staging, and complications in cancer.
  6. The benefits and drawbacks of Herbal remedies.
  7. Running is a means of keeping one’s body in good shape.
  8. Find out how smartphones affect national health.
  9. How to avoid becoming sick.
  10. What are the therapy options for clinical depression?
  11. Write about the health benefits of seated meditation.
  12. Investigate the public health systems of other countries.
  13. Dispel the myths about children’s vaccinations.
  14. Consider the risks of giving birth at home for both mother and child.
  15. Analyse the ramifications of doctors violating patient confidentiality.

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Analytical Essay Topics on Movies

  1. Analyse the impact of your favourite TV show in your life.
  2. Analyse the psychological effects of horror films on children.
  3. Consider the impact of long-term roles on the lives and careers of TV programme actors.
  4. Dissect the success reasons of the Big Bang Theory’s Game of Thrones.
  5. Examine the financial aspects of the filmmaking process.

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Analytical Essay Topics on Environment

  1. Consider how harmful household cleaning goods are to the environment.
  2. Consider whether animal testing is necessary and whether there are any alternatives.
  3. Analyse the relationship between pollution levels and allergy rates.
  4. Take a look at the disadvantages of alternate energy sources.
  5. Examine the various options for promoting full-scale recycling.
  6. Analyse your household’s environmental impact.
  7. Investigate waste-cleaning options for the oceans.
  8. Discuss practical ways that everyone can have a good impact on the environment.

Easy Analytical Essay Topics

  1. What causes people to have phobias?
  2. How can you overcome gambling addiction?
  3. Is it true that love is a chemical reaction?
  4. What causes people to have nightmares?
  5. Why do we sneeze and yawn?
  6. Why are people clamouring for more sugar?
  7. Why do so many individuals deceive one another?
  8. Why do we become enraged?
  9. Analyse the various elements of your favourite short story.
  10. What are the elements that appear in every TV news report?
  11. The foundations of a Christian worldview.
  12. Write about what it’s like to drive an automobile.
  13. Why are teenagers more likely to get acne?
  14. Suicide causes among young girls.
  15. People become alcoholics for a variety of reasons.
  16. How do you feel about graffiti?
  17. Is it necessary for us to donate blood?
  18. Is optimism preferable to pessimism?
  19. Why don’t kids want to study a foreign language?
  20. What are the risks associated with spot exercises?
  21. Analysis of a successful life.
  22. Explain the components of a musical.
  23. Why are animals terrified of humans?
  24. Why do some corporeal things want to live in the inmost parts of the ocean?
  25. Why do insects fly towards the light?

Advance Analytical Essay Topics

  1. What can you do to assist in the preservation of the environment?
  2. Is it possible for anyone to change the path of history?
  3. Why does television impose a shared viewpoint?
  4. How can a smartphone be used to take a walk in the park?
  5. Why does the government conduct secret tests?
  6. Why does our society despise people who are weak?
  7. What are the different methods of energy production in today’s world?
  8. Positive and negative aspects of employee performance
  9. The most efficient methods for lowering stress levels.
  10. Explain the many forms of world religions.
  11. Is our brain a complex computer?
  12. Why can’t everyone be courteous and kind?
  13. Why is our globe shielded from the sun’s radiation?
  14. Why do individuals aspire to climb the world’s tallest peaks?
  15. Why do parents frequently fail to comprehend their children?
  16. What was the origin of the concept of war?
  17. Why has religion been the source of so many conflicts?
  18. Write down the things you’ll need to get over your addiction.
  19. There are several methods for resolving conflicts.
  20. Why does the government conduct secret tests?
  21. Why is it so tough to live in the desert?
  22. What gives us the power to make choices?

Funny Analytical Essay Topics

  1. Why are cats preferable to dogs, and vice versa?
  2. Why can readers find a blog boring?
  3. Is it possible for anyone to become a musician?
  4. How can people be taught to be more open?
  5. Why can’t we live in the water?
  6. How can you improve your professional prospects?
  7. Why don’t we want to get out of our comfort zones?
  8. Why do some people lack a sense of morality?
  9. Why do so many parents refuse to teach their children proper etiquette?
  10. Why is it that our calendar is based on Christ’s birth?
  11. How do you put a stop to the selfie craze?
  12. What causes the Sun to set?
  13. Why is it that one individual is weak and many others are strong?
  14. Why are we so lazy to clean the house?
  15. Why should parents teach their children about faith from an early age?
  16. How can you update your image?
  17. Why does fashion cause harm to young people?
  18. Why do some people prefer pets to children?

Best Analytical Essay Topics

  1. The ability to strike a balance between work and family life.
  2. Addiction comes in many ways.
  3. How can you train your body to “listen” to you?
  4. The value of an arts education.
  5. Choose and analyse the work’s cultural context.
  6. Analyse a book’s central concept.
  7. What makes a great movie-going experience?
  8. The components of a strong friendship.
  9. Explain the phases of mourning in various cultures.
  10. Examine the various steps of filmmaking.
  11. Should animal testing be prohibited all across the world?
  12. The disadvantages of health insurance.
  13. Should immigrants and citizens have the same rights?
  14. The influence of social media on young people.
  15. Is it true that all gangs or groups are dangerous to society?
  16. Why are some urban locations so dangerous?
  17. What motivates someone to commit robbery?
  18. Is there an issue with a modest amount of communication?
  19. Why do I purchase unhealthy goods?
  20. Is it really necessary for me to drink soda right now?
  21. What does vaccination imply for children?
  22. How can you keep your family safe from viruses?
  23. Is a higher education a guarantee of a better and more prosperous life?
  24. Why is doping such a big deal in sports?
  25. Is it safe for me to stay in my home country?

Before learning how to write an analysis essay, make sure to familiarise yourself with the basics of this style of essay writing. Essentially, this entails analysing an argument through a variety of statements that are backed up by supporting evidence.
Remember that in your analytical essay you need to highlight both the positive and negative aspects of your chosen topic. This is where an analytical essay differs from other types of essays.
By the end of this article, we believe that you will be in a better position to comprehend an analytical essay.

Structure of Analytical Essay

An essay outline serves as the foundation for your work. A typical analytical essay follows the standard essay format. A one-paragraph introduction, three-paragraph body, and one-paragraph conclusion should make up an essay.

An Introduction


You need to know how to write an introduction for an analytical essay. Follow the guidelines below when writing the introduction:

  • Give a basic introduction to introduce the reader to the topic.
  • Give the reader background information so that they can get an idea of your point of view.
  • Establish a thesis statement that informs the reader about the aim of the essay. The structure of the essay does not require you to cover all aspects of the topic. Therefore, in a thesis statement, you specify what you will say, but also emphasize what you will not cover.
  • In the end, add a brief outline of the complete paper.


The Main Body


The main body of the paper can be considered the heart of the paper. Here you demonstrate your analytical skills by presenting convincing, well-researched and well-thought-out arguments to support your thesis. You have already obtained the data, now you need to start writing your paper.

Formulate your arguments in a way that challenges other points of view and proves your point. When writing each paragraph, proceed as follows:

  • Choose the most authoritative sentence. The first line of your essay will be the topic sentence. The topic sentence is responsible for introducing the argument you will discuss in the paragraph and showing how it relates to the thesis.
  • Provide background information for the topic sentence, whether it is a quote, a historical event or something else.
  • Give your opinion on the argument and how well it supports your thesis.
  • Write a concluding sentence that summarises the paragraph and connects to the next paragraph.


The Conclusion


The conclusion is succinct and to the point. It summarises what you’ve written in the essay and ties it all together with a lovely shining bow. To write a convincing conclusion, follow these steps:

  • Restate your premise and summarise your reasoning. Even if you’ve used the greatest summary generator for the job, go over it again to make sure you’ve included all of the important details.
  • Extend your argument beyond the confines of your article. You want to show how important it is in the grand scheme of things. You could also consider the impact on the country’s citizens.

Tips to Write the Perfect Analytical Essay

  • Originality is the most important condition for any assignment, and you must guarantee that your essay has no indications of plagiarism, or your score will suffer significantly.
  • Make sure your essay is well-organised and follows a logical format. It is not necessary to follow the chronological order of the literary work under consideration.
  • Avoid making broad generalisations and oversimplifications.
  • You should never overlook the necessity of proofreading and editing, this is how you can polish your paper and ensure it fits all standards.
  • Use MLA, APA or Harvard format to correctly cite your sources.

Frequently Asked Questions

An analytical essay is a type of academic writing that presents an argument or analysis of a specific topic, using evidence and logical reasoning to support its claims.

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