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Expository Essay Topics

Published by at June 16th, 2022 , Revised On July 10, 2023

Looking for exciting expository essay topics? End your search right here because this article provides hundreds of free expository essay topics.

An expository essay explores an idea, investigates the evidence, explains the idea and presents arguments concerning that idea clearly and concisely. 

Understanding how to compose an expository essay is a requisite ability for students at the college and university levels. Expository essay writing is not about being charming, clever or edgy but about showcasing your ability to describe a concept and put forth a logical discussion around that concept. 

You will be provided with a topic or several topics by the tutor for your expository essay. However, in some cases, you could be asked to come up with your topic. If that is the case, then you might be thinking about how to choose the best topic for your expository essay. This article provides hundreds of free expository essay topics so you can pick one that suits your needs.

Here are a few tips for picking the best topic for your essay!

Personal Interest: If it interests you, it wouldn’t feel like hard work. Be mindful of the issues that you find more interesting than others. Do you have a favourite subject you want to know more about? Or you could base your essay on a hobby or a favourite activity. Think books, drama, films, events, etc.

Brainstorming: Start brainstorming as soon as you have the initial idea for your expository essay. You can do this alone or with the help of your friends. Keep noting down topics that you think are more suitable and interesting to you. Select a focused idea that will add value to your area of study 

Create an Outline: Once you have found a suitable topic, make a general outline demonstrating the key points you will be addressing. Move to the best topic if you don’t have enough points to discuss for any given issue.  

Below, we have provided hundreds of free expository essay topics to help you select a topic that would truly enhance your status as an academic researcher. 

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Expository Essay for Middle-School Students

  1. What was it like on your first day of school?
  2. Describe your ideal holiday spot.
  3. Describe your first picnic experience and what you learned from it.
  4. Describe how having a brother influenced your personality.
  5. Describe what it’s like to live with a pet.
  6. Define what true friendship entails.
  7. What are the biggest sources of stress in your life?
  8. Explain the current fashion trends in the United States.
  9. Explain the advantages of knowing different languages.
  10. What are the ramifications of using drugs?
  11. Why are certain pupils being expelled from school?
  12. Consider the ideal job you’d like to have after you graduate.
  13. Give an example of your favourite pastime.
  14. Describe how your favourite teacher influenced your development as a person.
  15. What was the name of your first teacher?

Expository Essay Topics for High-School Students

  1. What is the maximum level of sadness that may be tolerated?
  2. Is it possible for dogs to detect fear?
  3. Is it necessary to read the book before seeing the film?
  4. Do extraterrestrials exist?
  5. Is it true that humans change with time?
  6. Who do you look up to as a role model? Why?
  7. Would you like to be a famous person?
  8. What kind of music do you enjoy? Why?
  9. Why isn’t leading something that everyone can do?
  10. Explain how humans might colonies distant worlds.
  11. What if humanity discovered a form of conscious life that is not as advanced as ours? Would we follow in the footsteps of the conquistadors?
  12. What is the size of the universe?
  13. What can we do to expand our imagination?
  14. How does one quantify happiness?
  15. Write about something you’ve just learned.
  16. The following is a list of things that make people happy.
  17. The ramifications of having a job in high school.
  18. What are the most common causes of divorce?
  19. Consequences of working during high school
  20. Tell us about your first day of school.
  21. What drew you to art/sport in the first place?
  22. Who would you like to meet if you could meet anyone from the past?
  23. Is living in an apartment or a private house more convenient?
  24. Which superpower would you choose if you could have one?
  25. Explain how compelling pupils to wear school uniforms will likely have negative outcomes.

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Expository Essay Topics for College-Students

  1. What are the negative and positive effects of the Internet on students? 
  2. Steps to save the environment.
  3. Things to do to make people happy.
  4. What should you do if you’re having financial difficulties?
  5. How do you admire a specific person?
  6. Teenagers’ reactions to violent video games.
  7. How do you feel about environmental issues?
  8. What should you do if you’re having financial difficulties?
  9. In ten years, what will life be like?
  10. Is it beneficial to express your feelings?
  11. Do you believe in extraterrestrials? Why do you think that is?
  12. What’s it like to share your home with a pet?
  13. Methods for reducing the detrimental impact of the media on people’s lives
  14. Explain how communication has progressed in the previous 20 years.
  15. What would you do if you could live indefinitely?
  16. How did your first day of college go?
  17. How do you balance your education, a part-time job, and personal life?
  18. What are the main reasons behind the rise in divorce rates in the United States?
  19. Is it true that the Internet has made communication more convenient?
  20. The link between adolescent depression and the rate of teenage suicide.
  21. Is it true that drinking solves problems?
  22. What would your universe look like if you were to design it?
  23. Describe the advantages of using social media.
  24. Is it necessary to read the book before seeing the film?
  25. Explain the ramifications of skipping lessons.
  26. Describe how you think about morality.
  27. Why do teenagers smoke cigarettes?
  28. What characteristics make a person popular?
  29. Why is workplace diversity important?
  30. How do personality stages develop in childhood?
  31. What is your favourite book to read, and why?
  32. What should you do if your child is being bullied at school?

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Expository Essay Topics about Education

  1. What is the difference between online education and traditional schooling? 
  2. Should teachers be available beyond school hours to answer questions? 
  3. Who should establish a class’s curriculum: the teacher, the school, the district, the state, or someone else? Should students be consulted? Facts should be used to back up your claim.
  4. Do you think any elements of your school day are completely unnecessary? Why? Find evidence to back up your claim.
  5. Give tips on how to compose a school essay to someone else.
  6. Should athletes be given financial aid? Is it equitable to other students?
  7. What effect does higher education have on students’ future careers?
  8. What does it take to be an effective teacher?
  9. Examine the origins and consequences of adult illiteracy.
  10. Is it possible to receive an excellent education at home?
  11. Talk about what subjects should be taught in schools.
  12. What are the subjects that should not be included in school education?
  13. Is it necessary to do homework? Why do you think that is?
  14. What makes teaching such a great profession?
  15. What effect does education have on a person’s mind?
  16. What distinguishes literate individuals from ignorant people.
  17. Why is a higher education necessary for good career opportunities?
  18. What are the advantages of innovative learning?
  19. Choosing to attend college in your hometown or another area of the country.
  20. What consequences does adult illiteracy have?
  21. Which of the following subjects should not be taught in schools?
  22. Describe a university where you could be interested in enrolling.
  23. Should the government provide the same amount of funding to all schools?
  24. What level of involvement should parents have in their children’s education? Interview your parents and write about it from their point of view.
  25. Describe some useful ways for pupils to spend their free time.

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Expository Essay Topics About Health

  1. Give tips on how to keep in shape.
  2. Why are snacks and fast meals bad for the health?
  3. Is it possible for the World Health Organization to cure ‘incurable’ diseases?
  4. There is a link between poverty and the spread of AIDS. Why is it that developing countries are plagued with this disease?
  5. What is the best way to maintain healthy body weight?
  6. Eating disorders are classified into several categories.
  7. Obesity with fast food intake.
  8. Depression can be treated in a variety of ways.
  9. Clinical trials have both advantages and disadvantages.
  10. Is euthanasia something that should be legalised? Let us know what you think.
  11. Environmental factors have an impact on mental health.
  12. What steps can we take to achieve health equity?
  13. Does music have an impact on our health?
  14. Discuss some practical strategies for dealing with ADSD.
  15. How can a college student lead a healthy lifestyle?
  16. Is it true that music impacts our mental and physical health?
  17. What is the relationship between intelligence and health?
  18. Describe the process of becoming a doctor.
  19. What qualities distinguish an excellent psychotherapist?
  20. What is the definition of a healthy life?
  21. Examine the significance of mental wellness.
  22. Is Fibromyalgia a Disease?
  23. Is it beneficial to express your feelings?
  24. What are some of the most effective methods for staying healthy?
  25. Are patriotism and heroism regarded as ‘natural’ when mental health is considered?

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Expository Essay Topics about Science & Technology

  1. What impact does “General Relativity Theory” have on modern physics?
  2. Discuss the ramifications of the Internet’s creation.
  3. Why is it difficult to travel through time?
  4. What role has radio played in shaping the modern world?
  5. What is why Elon Musk’s innovations appear to be so dangerous?
  6. What are the causes and consequences of people becoming addicted to social media sites like Facebook and Instagram?
  7. Will humans ever set foot on the red planet?
  8. The most widely used alternative energy sources.
  9. Why is solar energy the best alternative energy source?
  10. The impact of general relativity theory on modern physics.
  11. Artificial intelligence’s benefits and drawbacks.
  12. Explain why basic IT knowledge is necessary in today’s world.
  13. The consequences of becoming addicted to social media.
  14. The most recent advancements in human brain research.
  15. Why is it that when Latin and Arabic numbers are compared, Arabic numerals always come out on top?
  16. Discuss Stephen Hawking’s impact on astrophysics.
  17. Consider the difference between meeting someone in person and meeting them online.
  18. What are some of the benefits and drawbacks of artificial intelligence?
  19. How does science assist individuals in living longer and healthier lives?
  20. Select a different planet to investigate. Describe the experience of visiting that planet. What would you see, smell, hear, and feel if you were in that situation?
  21. Choose one item that you use regularly. Who came up with it? Describe the steps involved in getting it to market.
  22. Make a list of instructions for people to modify one thing in their lives to help lessen the effects of global climate change.
  23. What factors have an impact on your memory? How does your memory vary as a result of your mood? What about other people’s interactions?
  24. Is there a remote chance that humanity will ever set foot on Mars?
  25. iPhone: A significant leap forward in mobile technology.

Expository Essay Topics about Social Issues

  1. Give an example of your code of ethics. What does this have to do with your basic values?
  2. How do people’s needs change as they get older? What role can young people play?
  3. What are three simple ways that everyday people may aid the homeless?
  4. Give an example of a moment when you volunteered. What did you do that was significant?
  5. What impact does obesity have on people’s lives? Consider emotional and social factors, as well as health and finances.
  6. Choose a country that isn’t your own. What is one societal issue that the people of that country are dealing with?
  7. How have people’s perceptions of mental illness evolved throughout time?
  8. What has changed in parenting duties since your grandparents were children?
  9. What is a humanitarian and feasible solution to the overpopulation problem?
  10. What do you believe the greatest problem facing your generation will be in the future?

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Expository Essay Topics Based on Personal Experience

  1. Talk about how you felt when you first met your first love.
  2. Describe the most vivid childhood memory you have.
  3. What are your favourite recipes to prepare and why?
  4. Draw a picture of your first triumph as a school sports champion.
  5. What is your favourite book or film, and why?
  6. What is the most vivid memory you have from your childhood?
  7. Draw a picture of your first sporting triumph.
  8. What is your favourite subject in school?
  9. What is your most optimistic vision for the future?
  10. When did you first fall in love?
  11. What impact did your upbringing have on your personality?
  12. What is it about going out with friends that you enjoy the most?
  13. What is your most interesting plan for the future?
  14. What impact does your background have on your personality?
  15. Who was your first teacher in school, and how has their personality influenced you?

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Expository Essay Topics about Social Issues

  1. Describe the issue of the “glass ceiling” and how you may effectively handle it.
  2. Is there a thing as tolerance, and does it work as it should?
  3. Describe all of the possible consequences of voting or not voting.
  4. Why should there be a school uniform, or why should there not?
  5. Discuss the ramifications of drug abuse.
  6. Discuss how internet addiction has a negative impact on children.
  7. What changes would you have implemented if you had been elected president of your country?
  8. What causes young people and teenagers to become addicted to alcohol?

Expository Essay Topics about History

  1. Determine the effects of the invention of gunpowder.
  2. Describe the first newspaper’s invention.
  3. Consider the consequences of Queen Victoria’s reign.
  4. Define Astronomy’s importance in Ancient Greece.
  5. Describe how the export of silk and tea impacted modern China’s economy.
  6. The dignity of the samurai and Japan’s industrial growth
  7. Templars: Faithful Guards or Mercenaries?
  8. Prohibition in the United States in the 1920s: Causes and Consequences.

Funny Expository Essay Topics

  1. The most effective way to pass the time is in the evening.
  2. Why should music accompany life?
  3. Being a grownup is a difficult task.
  4. Mondays should be outlawed for a variety of reasons.
  5. What is the relationship between hunger and loneliness?
  6. The cost of living on the moon is unknown.
  7. What are your thoughts on double standards?
  8. How can you look after yourself?
  9. Examine how the human brain handles memory.
  10. Autocorrect has the potential to wreck your life.
  11. Love at first sight is a true thing.
  12. Completely useless professions.

Interesting Expository Essay Topics

  1. Why do people need to keep exploring space?
  2. Describe the effects of World War II.
  3. What impact does social media have on academic progress?
  4. The most recent advances in the study of the human brain
  5. How can you stay away from depression?
  6. Is it true that geeks grow up to be successful adults?
  7. What makes a good website idea, and how do you create one?
  8. How can the Internet be utilised to help people find work?
  9. Will commercial space flight ever be possible?
  10. What are the advantages and disadvantages of working part-time in high school?
  11. Why do writers come up with thesis statements in the first place?
  12. Is it possible for people to overcome their fear of heights?
  13. Is art beneficial in the treatment of psychiatric problems?
  14. Why is it vital to have a basic understanding of IT nowadays?
  15. Discuss how to get rid of a cold quickly.

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An expository essay is a type of academic writing that presents information, explains an idea, or provides analysis in a clear and concise manner. It aims to educate or inform the reader about a particular topic without expressing the writer’s personal opinion.

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