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Argumentative Culture Essay Topics

Published by at June 7th, 2022 , Revised On November 3, 2023

Are you aiming to compose an argumentative culture essay engaging a diverse audience? Need fascinating argumentative culture essay topics? Would you like to have a culture essay topic that the general public can relate? Luckily, you are in the genre. What exactly piques your interest when you hear “popular culture”? Isn’t it likely that there is a whole range of ideas? 

Popular culture can be traced in many media, starting from comics and ending with superhero movies. Add to that social media, fashion, jargon – the list could go on and on! Even though there are so many possibilities, you have to choose your topic carefully before writing. 

Based on this description, one can easily discern why popular culture is considered an interesting essay topic. While popular culture may not show us how to become geniuses or improve our cognitive skills, it makes life more fascinating! 

Think of how much fun it is to sit down with a mate and talk about the latest trends in the media. Even though there are many possible topics for a pop culture essay, how will you choose the best one for your essay

Option paralysis occurs when a person is overwhelmed by available options and never gets anything done. Luckily, we have compiled a list of excellent argumentative culture essay topic suggestions for you. Let’s get started!

General Topics about Pop Culture

While reading argumentative essays is fun, writing on pop culture topics, on the other hand, is quite a struggle. It demands proficiency and time. When writing an argumentative essay on pop culture, give the following topics a try.

  1. What role does music play in shaping a generation?
  2. How does pop culture from the United States spread around the world?
  3. What influence do social events have on pop culture? Is it evocative or reflective?
  4. What influence does pop culture have on stereotypes? Does it eliminate them or reinforce them?
  5. How big are the differences between men and women in pop culture?
  6. Does pop culture have a greater influence on the youth of society?
  7. How do pop culture and religion relate to each other?
  8. What impact does pop culture have on the people who follow it?
  9. Examine pop culture examples from your time and how they have influenced you.
  10. What do you think the ethics of pop culture consist of? 
  11. Which technical achievements had the greatest influence on pop culture?
  12. What effect do the works of Andy Warhol have on contemporary artists?
  13. What impact does social media have on the way we communicate?
  14. What impact does it have on society when celebrities post pictures of themselves wearing masks?
  15. Is it true that celebrities who make public announcements have more influence?

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Topics about European Culture

  1. What distinguishes European culture from American culture?
  2. What influence has Brexit had on European pop culture?
  3. How has the European Union affected Europe pop culture?
  4. What kind of impact does French cuisine have on the rest of Europe?
  5. What impact has the covid-19 pandemic had on cultural attitudes in Europe?

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Social Issues and Culture Argumentative Essay Topics

Culture and society are inextricably linked. These topics also deal with social issues. They show the importance of culture in society. The pupils can choose these cultural topics to highlight how this important part of society can either cause or alleviate problems.

  1. A cultural contextualization of the youth stupefaction
  2. The relevance of racism and culture has increased in the last century.
  3. The influence of culture on society’s moral compass.
  4. Why do some people in today’s culture perceive free speech as a source of fear?
  5. Discuss the impact of social media on society’s cultural values.
  6. Examine the current state of popular culture and consumerism.
  7. Discuss the changing cultural environment and gender equality.
  8. What role does culture play in the portrayal of terrorism?
  9. Examine how terrorism has been portrayed in recent years.
  10. Discuss how opinions on gender equality are changing.
  11. What is the state of morality?

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American Pop Culture Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Why has online education become so popular as a substitute for traditional classroom instruction?
  2. Why has the Harry Potter series of novels appealed to so many people in the United States?
  3. How do sporting activities bring people together to pursue a common goal?
  4. Is it true that celebrity sexuality has a detrimental effect on how young people view their bodies?
  5. Does American culture influence how we perceive the world?

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Popular Culture and its Impact on Individual Countries Topics

  1. The effect of culture on American culture through language
  2. The significance of Diwali as a depiction of Indian culture
  3. The influence of hip-hop and Japanese culture on indigenous people
  4. Politics, culture and the drug war in Mexico
  5. Male divine aspects in contemporary culture
  6. America’s culture and diversity
  7. American Popular Culture and Teenage Pregnancy
  8. There is a popular culture of television in both the United States and China.
  9. Stereotypes and Culture
  10. Ageing, culture, ethnicity and family care

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Cultural appropriation: Should borrowing elements from other cultures be celebrated or condemned?
2. Cultural preservation vs. globalization: How can societies balance preserving traditional cultures with embracing global influences?
3. Cultural relativism: Is it possible to objectively judge cultural practices or should they be understood within their own context?
4. Gender roles and cultural expectations: How do cultural norms shape societal expectations for gender roles and is change necessary?
5. Cultural assimilation: Should immigrants be encouraged to assimilate into the dominant culture or maintain their own cultural identity?

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