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Discursive Essay Topics & Ideas 2022

Published by at November 16th, 2022 , Revised On November 3, 2023

A discursive essay is a form of an academic essay in which you express your beliefs or points of view in favour of or against the issue. Even at times, this essay would allow you to impartially offer your points of view on all sides of a debate.

A discursive essay’s ultimate goal is to give readers many perspectives on a specific essay help topic or issue. As a result, when writing a discursive essay, you must think deeply from numerous viewpoints and evaluate all parts of the issue. Additionally, it is also important to come up with unique and appealing discursive essay topics.

A discursive essay, in a nutshell, explores arguments in a balanced manner, taking into account all of the elements for and against the issue.

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Topic Selection!

The first step in the discursive essay writing process you cannot omit is topic selection. In general, if your instructor gives a list of discursive essay topics from which to pick, you won’t have trouble coming up with a topic. However, the true test begins when you are given the option of selecting a topic of your choice.

There are countless themes accessible for writing a discursive essay on diverse issues. You can seek and identify any suitable topic from among them based on your interests. So, to assist you in identifying the best essay subject, we have included some crucial pointers to consider during the discursive essay topic choosing process:

  • Choose a topic on which you have strong feelings or knowledge.
  • Choose a topic that is both intriguing to you and your audience.
  • Pick a contentious issue on which you may provide opposing ideas or opinions.
  • Select a difficult issue with two sides to extract more arguments for and against it.
  • Choose a topic with many credible facts or proof to support your claims.

Only finalize the essay topic if it complies with your instructor’s essay writing criteria if any exist.

Discursive Essay Topics

  1. Social networking sites are to blame for the creeping loss of the reading habit among schoolchildren. Explain.
  2. Should parents reward their children for good behaviour?
  3. Describe the finest type of parenting in your nation.
  4. Should tobacco manufacture be made illegal globally?
  5. Is our greater reliance on technology making us stupider?
  6. Is rock music associated with Satanism?
  7. A child raised by a single parent matures quicker than a youngster raised by both parents.
  8. Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of using mobile phones.
  9. Is blockchain improving trade finance in 2018?
  10. Can virtual reality end up being hazardous to children?
  11. Explain some of our concerns regarding first impressions and their influence on encounters.
  12. Explain why energy drinks are as dangerous as alcoholic beverages.
  13. Explain ways to prevent online students from cheating.
  14. Discuss why children should not have easy access to virtual reality.
  15. Discuss if peacekeeping operations bring peace to countries or if they are simply a pretext for countries to attack one another and cause more violence than before.
  16. Explain the remedies that should be made available to hyperactive children.
  17. Using an entertainment industry case study, discuss how bad PR may help someone become more successful.
  18. What are the benefits and drawbacks of globalization?
  19. Should steroid users be barred from participating in sports?
  20. Are political leaders engaging in illicit activities?
  21. Examine the relationship between diet, fitness, and weight.
  22. What are the benefits and drawbacks of video gaming among teenagers?
  23. Should schools refrain from using physical torture to punish students?
  24. Why are legislators now emphasizing STEM education?
  25. Should the government outlaw same-gender marriage?
  26. Should there be limitations on free speech?
  27. What are the workplace issues that women face?
  28. Will robots improve our efficiency in the future?
  29. Should the death penalty be prohibited in all countries?
  30. Should judicial hearings in the United Kingdom be televised?
  31. Is it true that plastic water bottles harm the environment?
  32. Are athletes good role models for kids?
  33. Is a presence on social media required for a small business to succeed?
  34. Should Muslims in Muslim nations cultivate religious tolerance?
  35. Should public schools be responsible for teaching pupils social and emotional skills?
  36. Is the Internet of Things no longer a technology that compromises privacy and security?
  37. Is Shakespeare still relevant in today’s world?
  38. Is workplace diversity beneficial to productivity?
  39. Are modern people all across the world overly reliant on technology?
  40. Should your country’s average driving age be decreased or increased?
  41. Should mobile phones be permitted in the classroom?
  42. What should the penalty be for trolling or cyberbullying on the internet?
  43. Which is superior, traditional or alternative medicine?
  44. Is texting and messaging applications such as WhatsApp destroying the English language?
  45. Should workplace afternoon naps be permitted?
  46. When should a youngster begin doing domestic chores?
  47. Should cheering be considered a sport and competed in the Olympics?
  48. Discuss the good and bad implications of blockchain technology on energy.
  49. Why should we make it illegal to destroy rainforests?
  50. Do energy drinks endanger the health of teenagers?
  51. Should text messaging abbreviations be included in dictionaries?
  52. Is the game industry responsible for negative gender and racial stereotypes?
  53. Do all people require eight hours of sleep every night?
  54. Is cheerleading a method of objectifying young women?
  55. Do video games teach us anything?
  56. Is it feasible to build a matriarchal society?
  57. Should religion be taught in schools as part of the curriculum?
  58. Should beauty pageants be outlawed?
  59. Do politicians rely on the media to stay in power?
  60. Is social media more important than conventional media these days?

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A discursive essay requires presenting multiple viewpoints on a topic, providing evidence, and forming a balanced argument. Start with an introduction, present arguments with supporting evidence in body paragraphs, and conclude by summarizing the main points.

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