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100+ Sports Essay Topics Titles & Examples

Published by at September 16th, 2022 , Revised On July 10, 2023

Have you ever been asked to write a sports essay? Are you looking for the best sports essay topics but unsure about how to choose the best sport essay topic? On this page, you will find several interesting essay topics so you can choose an intriguing and manageable topic for your argumentative essay.

It is important to note that writing a sports essay can take many forms, whether discussing a specific sport or its history and psychology. Choosing unique sports research topics will help you express your thoughts freely on a particular subject.

Make sure there are enough sources related to the chosen topic. Outdated sources should not be considered.  Additionally, it is a good idea to brainstorm ideas with friends or look for a free essay topic source online. 

This list of top sports essay topics will assist high school and college students looking for inspiration.

Argumentative Sports Essay Topics

  1. Alcohol and fast-food advertising during sporting events should be prohibited.
  2. Gambling is a major component of any sport’s popularity.
  3. There should be competitions in which performance-enhancing drugs are permitted.
  4. Athletes are constantly under pressure to perform better, which is why they resort to doping.
  5. Transgender athletes should compete in their divisions.
  6. Women’s sports dress codes are intended to objectify the athletes.
  7. Sports coaches can benefit from effective leadership strategies.
  8. Governments should encourage more female college and university athletes to participate in sports.
  9. Student-athletes should be subjected to random drug tests.
  10. There is no single effective strategy for promoting sports and a healthy lifestyle.
  11. Governments should encourage more female college and university athletes to participate in sports.
  12. Student-athletes should submit to random drug tests regularly.
  13. Sports events rely heavily on the media.
  14. More women should appear on magazine covers without attracting sexual attention.
  15. Parents should encourage their children to participate in high-impact sports.
  16. Approaches to effective leadership for sports coaches
  17. Female athletes should be compensated in the same way as male athletes.
  18. Violent sports harm the psychological development of teenagers.
  19. The university should compensate students who win sports competitions.
  20. The government should penalize universities for failing to regulate student-athlete activities.


Persuasive Sports Essay Topics

  1. Many current sports organizations are corrupt and need to be cleaned up.
  2. Why aren’t good athletes also good coaches?
  3. Why should more women participate in male-dominated sports?
  4. Can sports help you live a longer life?
  5. Physical exercises can help you manage your stress levels.
  6. When sports clubs’ fans misbehave, organizers should punish them.
  7. Is it true that physical activity can lower the risk of developing cancer?
  8. Sports should be viewed as a universal language.
  9. Some diseases can be reduced by participating in sports.
  10. Why starting the day with a sports activity is critical for anyone.
  11. Many people in the United States underestimate horse shows.
  12. Boxers are better athletes than the majority of MMA fighters.
  13. Why should more universities in the United States invest in summer sports camp organizations?
  14. Should the NBA Summer League be cancelled?
  15. Why is gymnastics a visually appealing sport?
  16. College basketball players should be paid for every game.
  17. Why is there a connection between hip-hop and basketball?
  18. Working together allows a sports team to become unstoppable.
  19. The government should prohibit alcohol advertising during sporting events.
  20. What is the connection between hip-hop and basketball?

Controversial Sports Essay Topics

  1. Should the media ban instant replay in sports?
  2. Should female tennis players compete in league with male athletes?
  3. Should women compete in bodybuilding?
  4. Women should only coach female athletes.
  5. Should the government regulate sports gambling?
  6. Should governments prohibit tobacco and alcohol advertisements during sporting events?
  7. Is it true that colleges spend too much money on sports?
  8. How does Red Bull affect student-athlete health?
  9. The prevalence of genetically engineered athletes.
  10. Women’s soccer is becoming more popular.
  11. How should schools recognize and reward young athletes?
  12. Should the Olympic Games be abolished?
  13. Why is football so important?
  14. What would the world be like without sports?

History of Sports Essay Topics

  1. What have been the most popular sports and games throughout the years?
  2. Explain the Olympic Games’ history.
  3. Look into the history of ancient sports.
  4. How has history influenced the distinction between American and European sports?
  5. What role has sportswear played in the evolution of sports?
  6. When did sports become a paid profession?
  7. Explain the history of female athletes in sports.
  8. Discuss the establishment of club sports.
  9. Explain the origins and evolution of sports.
  10. What are some well-known sports dynasties?

Top Trending Sports Essay Topics

  1. The clothing required for women’s sports is designed to objectify the athletes.
  2. The constant pressure to perform better is the primary motivator for athletes to use drugs.
  3. Sports and a healthy lifestyle cannot be promoted with a single successful technique.
  4. Professional sports necessitate numerous sacrifices, many of which are often in vain.
  5. Many of today’s sports organizations are dishonest and should be changed.
  6. Participation in school athletics and self-esteem issues may be linked.
  7. Why don’t successful athletes make it as coaches?
  8. What is a basketball’s anatomy and which muscle groups should you focus on?

Yoga Sports Essay Topics

  1. GABA levels in the brain rise due to yoga practice – why and why not?
  2. Yoga’s transition from Eastern to Western practices.
  3. Yoga’s impact on depression and anxiety.
  4. Can yoga aid in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder?

Fitness Sports Essay Topics

  1. Fitness and social media: beneficial or detrimental?
  2. Physical fitness programs that are both competitive and cooperative.
  3. A healthy sleeping pattern is just as important for fitness as physical activity.
  4. Why is it destructive to follow every fitness trend?
  5. Physical fitness has a genetic component.

Best Sports Essay Topics for School Students

  1. Should school sports be specialized, or should they cover a wide range of activities?
  2. Can the sport be used as a form of education?
  3. Describe the gender differences in school sports.
  4. Is there a link between athletic success and academic success?
  5. There could be a link between self-esteem issues and school sports participation.
  6. How can school sports help you develop leadership skills?
  7. Discuss the Western world’s cultural aspects of school sports.
  8. Are certain sports overly violent?
  9. What is the significance of team-based games in the classroom?
  10. Explain the importance of protective equipment in school sports. 


Best Sports Essay Topics for College Students

  1. What is the efficacy of the current methods for detecting PED use in sports?
  2. Should players be allowed to protest peacefully by kneeling?
  3. Should the NCAA do away with the one-and-done rule in collegiate sports?
  4. How can athletes improve their performance by eating the right foods?
  5. Is sports nutrition a legitimate and reputable sub-field of healthy eating?
  6. Should people who aren’t athletes use sports nutrition to gain muscle and lose weight?
  7. What have sports nutrition strategies been most successful in the last 20 years?
  8. What are the benefits and drawbacks of drinking caffeine while exercising?
  9. Why are turf-related injuries among collegiate and professional football players becoming more common?
  10. Should professional sports prohibit instant replay?

 Medicine Sports Essay Topics

  1. Is ultrasonic therapy useful in sports medicine?
  2. Examine the significance of physical therapy in sports medicine.
  3. Explain sports medicine application in athlete burnout.
  4. What are the most effective sports medicine prevention techniques?
  5. Is sports medicine concerned with nutrition?
  6. Write about the use of cryotherapy in sports medicine.
  7. What ethical issues arise in sports medicine research?
  8. Talk about sports medicine and gene therapy.
  9. How can the negative effects of imaging in sports medicine be reduced?
  10. What are the most common sports medicine diagnoses?

Sports Psychology Essay Topics

  1. A practical application of sports psychology in everyday life.
  2. Competitive sports have both positive and negative psychological aspects.
  3. In professional sports, the psychological trauma of a physical injury.
  4. Psychological counselling is a tool for developing a winning attitude.
  5. Marketing psychology at sporting events.
  6. Sports have problem-solving components.
  7. Professional athletes with anxiety disorders.
  8. The relationship between professional athletes’ emotional states and performance.

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