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List of Dissertation Topic Ideas

The article contains multiple dissertation topics to give an idea of the work we tend to deliver.

  1. Gender identity. An examination of Europe’s changing cultural norms
  2. Investigating the use of technology to monitor personal health and fitness
  3. The effects of artificial intelligence on customer satisfaction
  4. Exploring the relation between postnatal depression and technology
  5. The contribution of financial accounting to the business development strategy
  6. A comparison of the culture of the LGBTQ community in Asian countries with European countries.
  7. Analysing the difference in the learning abilities of introverted students and extroverts
  8. Examining the modern challenges faced by startups in the UK
  9. How is women’s empowerment leading to a hostile kind of gender discrimination?
  10. Economic and social effects of LGBTQ marriage legalisation
  11. Analysing the effects of capitalism on western fashion and cultural values
  12. The role of society in gender relations
  13. The potential difficulties in teaching dyslexic students
  14. An examination of the effects of globalisation on international law
  15. How does cultural identity affect the creation of art?
  16. The role of social media in setting fashion trends and promoting small fashion houses
  17. The harms of modern technology on public health
  18. The psychological and social impact of Divorce on Children
  19. How is IT influencing the field of biomedicine?
  20. Censorship of Art

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Dissertation Topics by Academic Subject

Education Dissertation Topics

  1. Do preschool children who have received Montessori education perform better in language and mathematics than other preschool children who have not received Montessori education?
  2. A review of the scientific literature on modern language learning methods.
  3. The influence of on-campus education outweighs that of online learning.
  4. What advantages do students who attend preschool have over those who do not?
  5. Is holistic education a myth in today's education system?
  6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling for young children now that the Coronavirus outbreak has made school attendance unsafe?
  7. The impact of bilingual education on children's cognitive development
  8. What is the effect of early education on children's social skills and personal growth?
  9. Does secondary education in the UK emphasize acquiring skills in modern foreign languages?
  10. What methods can be used to teach children who have an auditory processing deficit?
  11. Should children in high school have the opportunity to take courses in asset management and entrepreneurship rather than conventional subjects such as geography and history?
  12. How can the educational attainment of the working class - traditionally considered low in the UK - be raised to a level that deserves more recognition?
  13. How can educators help prevent bullying among children?
  14. Should schools emphasize developing pupils' personalities and moral character rather than just academic training?
  15. Do secondary school graduates in the UK, or Commonwealth countries such as Australia have the necessary IT skills to succeed in the modern workplace?

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Economics Dissertation Topics

  1. Analysis of differences in tax law between Southern African countries and the United Kingdom.
  2. How much does education cost? A case study of the UK education system.
  3. The impact of regional and local cultures on entrepreneurship and economic growth.
  4. To shed light on the impact of coronavirus on banking and the direction banking in the UK will take after the epidemic.
  5. Examine the impact of the coronavirus on banking and how it might change after the pandemic.
  6. A comparison of the factors that facilitate knowledge transfer between the United States of America and the United Kingdom.
  7. Investigate the impact and importance of geography on the UK IT industry economy.
  8. Does local culture affect the way business is done? A case study of the UK fashion industry.
  9. To show how multiculturalism affects a company's economic prospects in the United Kingdom.
  10. An in-depth study of the reliability of employee stock options in the United States.
  11. How globalization affects international economic cooperation and mergers?
  12. An assessment of how corporate governance affects shareholders' perceptions of a company's value.
  13. A comparison of water management and conservation practices in India and the United Kingdom.
  14. Technological advancement and its impact on eco-friendly and green products.
  15. Assessing the significance of introducing a capital asset valuation methodology in a UK IT company.

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Business Dissertation Topics

  1. Testing a model for an intervening procedure to assess the efficiency of international corporate teams in multinational organizations.
  2. How does corporate governance affect globalization, internationalization, and corporate performance?
  3. What issues and images might evoke cross-cultural resonance and dissonance in a global classroom with students from different countries and cultural backgrounds?
  4. How will companies investing in China deal with the political undercurrents as rumors of a possible new Cold War between the West and China increase?
  5. What elements influence the political strategy chosen by multinational companies? Analyze the impact of perceived regulatory pressures on the corporate political system.
  6. Examine how companies entering the Chinese market manage political risk from a legitimacy perspective.
  7. A comparison of mergers and acquisitions in the airline industry using the joint venture between Qatar Airways and International Airlines Group as an example.
  8. A study on the exit strategies of foreign venture capitalists in the global private sector.
  9. What are the business plans and critical factors for the success of financial holding companies in a global environment?
  10. How have business processes changed in the wake of innovation? Are they relying on a single, all-encompassing strategy?
  11. What market difficulties do new mobile companies face in the UK?
  12. What impact will 5G technology have on the expanding digital consumer markets in the UK?
  13. An examination of the consumer electronics sector shows how online branding can give companies a competitive edge in the digital age.
  14. Examining the effects of technology on CRM operations in UK call centers and analyzing the variables affecting employee well-being.
  15. What will happen to economic migrants due to the UK's choice to exit the EU, and how might IHRM practices and policies handle this?

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Management Dissertation Topics

  1. Describe the impact of human resources policies on employee satisfaction.
  2. How to manage customer relations in the banking sector?
  3. Evaluate a manager's performance to ensure a company's sustainable success.
  4. Describe the difficulties multinational companies face in managing their human resources.
  5. Describe the insights from Google Analytics on marketing campaigns.
  6. Examine how marketing tactics and sales are related.
  7. Describe the function of visual merchandising in online shopping.
  8. Investigate how reward systems affect employee performance.
  9. How can the future of a company be dramatically changed through competent leadership? Why is organizational culture influential?
  10. Employees' perceptions of fairness impact their motivation and turnover retention.
  11. The impact of human resource management techniques on employee commitment and intention to leave the organization.
  12. The effectiveness of management actions on employee satisfaction.
  13. The impact of job characteristics on organizational commitment and job satisfaction.
  14. Assessing the impact of employee level and company involvement on stress levels.
  15. Employee recognition of formal and informal education and its impact on growth potential in the banking sector.

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Law Dissertation Topics

  1. A discussion of UK policy on the sale of goods within the European Union.
  2. Does transplanting corporate law systems promote better corporate governance?
  3. A critical review of the Law Commission's reports, guiding concepts, and recommendations on murder law reform.
  4. Protecting the rights of minority shareholders: Requirements for bringing a claim and remedies for unfair prejudice.
  5. Critically examines the issues of foreseeability and causation in the context of the duty of care.
  6. Does criminal rape law prevent the exploitation of its provisions by fictitious 'victims' and yet protect actual victims?
  7. Is the criminal law strategy of We missions sufficient?
  8. Is the way we interpret English criminal law in the present day adequate to the objective?
  9. Should the Law Commission's 2006 Homicide Reform Report be transposed into English law?
  10. Examine the medical debate on stem cell research, particularly concerning work for aesthetic reasons.
  11. Analysis of the contribution of global environmental regulations to the conservation of natural resource use in the context of growth in the worldwide economy.
  12. Investigate significant natural disasters in the UK. How is policy structured to deal with these problems?
  13. A critical assessment of the development of divorce law? Is it a factor or catalyst in the rising divorce rate?
  14. Examine discriminatory policies in light of current labor law.
  15. Has the situation of both employers and employees improved due to the Labor Court?

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Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. Improving the capacity of the NHS to withstand pandemics: A qualitative study of hospital managers' perspectives
  2. Assessing the impact of health promotion initiatives on public health in the UK.
  3. Water pollution in underdeveloped countries and its impact on public health.
  4. Analysis of the impact of natural disasters on public health.
  5. Physical activity habits and their association with the epidemiology of cardiovascular risk.
  6. Assessing the nutritional status of children is an essential component of community nursing.
  7. Integrating ambulatory care services and their impact on population health costs.
  8. Collaboration between GPS, nurses, social workers, and policymakers in an ambulatory care center.
  9. A comparison of community nursing and medical care needs in different cities.
  10. An overview of community nursing services for expectant mothers and newborns.
  11. Discuss and analyze how older people's mobility problems affect their general health and well-being.
  12. What possible impact can Alzheimer's disease have on older people? How can caregivers provide the necessary and timely help to patients?
  13. To what extent have nursing and medicine adapted to the international standards of cancer palliative care?
  14. An investigation into the development, deployment, and success of palliative and hospice care nurses.
  15. Explain how caring for disadvantaged people can help them access community-based care's key benefits and features.

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Sociology Dissertation Topics

  1. What impact do immigrant cultural invasions have on the UK's indigenous values, norms and beliefs?
  2. What kind of culture shock might a visitor from Asia or the USA experience, and to what extent?
  3. Discuss the importance of religion and how it affects marriages in the present day.
  4. In today's world, the social structure of society is in constant flux: Comment.
  5. Religion and politics interact: Discuss from the perspective of a nation or region of your choice.
  6. What influence did sociological politics have on the history of education after the Second World War?
  7. Using public schools as an example, discuss the relationship between teacher motivation and academic achievement.
  8. Examining how cyclical social change affects family formation in the UK.
  9. Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of living in an extended family system with a nuclear family structure.
  10. Analyze the rationalism hypothesis proposed by Max Webber and explain its relationship with social structure.
  11. Critically analyze the social norms in the USA and compare them with the culture that prevailed there decades earlier.
  12. Examine the evolving tenets of the counterculture in light of Canadian society.
  13. Examine the development of the birth rate in the UK and the reasons for any shifts in this trend.
  14. Make a critical assessment of the UK state welfare system and its impact on social trends and facets.
  15. Discuss the impact of political power struggles between social elites on the social well-being of the general public.

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Criminology Dissertation Topics

  1. How can forensic scientists use forensic science to identify a case and track the perpetrator?
  2. What basics of forensic science make it easy for criminologists to catch criminals?
  3. Describe how forensic scientists can locate the perpetrator using biometric characteristics such as fingerprints and hair roots collected from the crime scene.
  4. Examine the various forms of child abuse and the methods of detection, prevention, prosecution, and punishment.
  5. Ecological crime. Natural resource theft includes poaching, illegal fishing, and the illegal trade in wildlife and timber.
  6. Write an essay describing the different types of economic crime and how they are detected, prevented by measures, prosecuted, and punished.
  7. What is the connection between gun ownership and breaking the law?
  8. Discuss the relationship between marital status and lawbreaking.
  9. How can the probability of a crime be determined by using a psychiatrist to analyze criminal behavior?
  10. Is it possible to study the personality of a criminal by focusing on only one component, e.g., his behavior or reaction to certain events?
  11. How is the study of criminal behavior supported by the field of sociology?
  12. What conditions does jurisprudence believe lead people to become criminals most often?
  13. How do a person's gender and cultural conditioning affect their attitudes toward substance abuse?
  14. Examine the different forensic psychological testing methods.
  15. Discuss the possible preventive measures and hidden mechanisms behind the lust killings.

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Psychology Dissertation Topics

  1. How can different life stages of upbringing affect a person's behavioral psychology?
  2. To show how evidence of increasing system integration during development can be reconciled with increasing structural separation.
  3. The importance of social development for a person's healthy psychological development from childhood onwards.
  4. The idea of plasticity in child development helps explain how a child can adapt to positive or negative life situations.
  5. Why we should focus on the different facets of a person's development, e.g., their intellectual, spiritual, and psychological growth?
  6. Assessing the quantity and duration of factors influencing automatic priming effects about social behavior.
  7. How have people's attitudes towards seeking mental health care for problems and issues related to their mental health changed over time?
  8. The impact of automatic priming effects on complex behavior in everyday situations.
  9. How is the cognitive development hypothesis of a child's social development characterized, and how relevant is it in today's setting?
  10. Using the social intuitionist model, assess the role of emotions and reason in moral decision-making.
  11. Determine whether reciprocal altruism is sufficient to explain altruism in different social contexts.
  12. Evaluate the relative importance of averageness, facial symmetry, and secondary sex characteristics as accurate indicators of mate choice.
  13. How has psychology evolved to treat people suffering from mental illness in the technology-driven world?
  14. Compare the emotional attitudes of primary non-biological and primary biological caregivers as a function of parental investment theory.
  15. Recognize the difference between learned and adaptive phobias and anxiety.

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Project Management Dissertation Topics

  1. How can inadequate integration management of a project management system sabotage the entire project?
  2. What obstacles must a project manager overcome to effectively manage the planning of a project cycle?
  3. Analysis of consumer engagement strategies for innovative services.
  4. A case study of young adults: the impact of customer satisfaction on brand success.
  5. The impact of artificial intelligence on project management.
  6. How to establish coordination between the different steps of project management?
  7. The importance of effective integration management to gain stakeholder confidence in project management.
  8. Analyze the impact of system dynamics and project management principles on humanitarian logistics.
  9. Examining the reasons for project delays and the responses of international contractors.
  10. Considering the value of communication in ensuring timely and quality delivery of project activities.
  11. Searching for project selection factors: Is there a significant shift in the project benefits approach towards customer centricity?
  12. Analyzing the impact of the project's lack of alignment with business objectives on overall project performance.
  13. Investigating the critical success factors of project management for global software development.
  14. Analyzing the impact of information asymmetry and cost vulnerability on incentive contracts and project manager profits.
  15. Examine social media users' impact and professional background on project management and communication.

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Finance Dissertation Topics

  1. After the Tax Reform Act of 1986, how employer compensation and benefits have changed?
  2. Acceleration of charitable giving to health systems to increase profitability.
  3. Acceleration and efficient information management techniques for hospitals.
  4. Models to enhance cost accounting efforts by improving current information sources.
  5. A comprehensive assessment of information systems cost accounting and productivity.
  6. A research project to investigate cost accounting methods for the planned payment system.
  7. Increasing the effectiveness of managed care initiatives in health systems.
  8. Methods for achieving economies of scale through shared ancillary and support services.
  9. Viable strategies for financing the purchase of a healthcare company.
  10. How are SMEs in the US changing their tastes and business models in response to customer demand?
  11. The Role of Microfinance in Bangladesh in Reducing Poverty and Promoting Economic Growth: A Case Study.
  12. What are the key elements that influence the success of microfinance institutions?
  13. How does the idea of microfinance empower women everywhere?
  14. Perceptions and attitudes of investors from developed countries towards investment prospects in emerging markets.
  15. An Assessment of Microfinance as the West's Response to Poverty, Third World Women, and Neoliberalism from a Western Perspective of Gender and Development.

Accounting Dissertation Topics

  1. Explain the financial support for the rural population of the UK.
  2. What would be the optimal capital structure for a retail bank?
  3. Retail distribution channels: nature, scope, analysis and possible future applications for UK banks.
  4. The relationship between value, cost, and execution in the UK financial industry.
  5. The nature, scope, analysis, and potential of retail banking delivery channels for UK banks.
  6. What are the fair implications of introducing International Accounting Standards in the UK for all associations?
  7. International accounting standards: What is a mix-up, and is there a chance for the US and EU to unite?
  8. Comparison between strategic management accounting methods in emerging and developed countries.
  9. Applicability of strategic management accounting methods to companies.
  10. Impact of management accounting on organizational sustainability issues.
  11. Performance and role of management accounting in the healthcare industry.
  12. Investigation of management effectiveness in the industrial sector.
  13. Implementing cost accounting in the oil and gas sector: challenges and constraints.
  14. Analysis of the financing of human rights by the state through the levying of taxes.
  15. A review of the corporate governance practices and regulations and their impact on financial performance.

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Computer Science Dissertation Topics

  1. How can the need for an enterprise content management system be determined for a software development company?
  2. How can the many underlying variables that significantly influence the development of information systems to be identified?
  3. Agile project management methods, risk management assessment, and project management tools incorporating risk analysis into project management practices are explored.
  4. How can risk management techniques be used during the software development process to avoid inefficient implementations?
  5. A paradigm for the evaluation of secure routing in structured peer-to-peer networks.
  6. What problems do coordinate transmission methods face in the following 5G mobile networks?
  7. The use of fast methods for one-way hash functions and their evaluation.
  8. An examination of how digital marketing has helped UK-based multichannel businesses increase their sales.
  9. A comparison between companies that use digital marketing and the e-commerce business model. A case study highlights the key differences.
  10. The dynamic nature of digital marketing impacts companies that rely on it.
  11. A case study on why Google is changing its SEO tactics. Is it about improving the technologies used by search engines?
  12. An analysis of the use of black hat SEO instead of white hat. Is the use of black hat strategies unethical?
  13. A link between the development of artificially intelligent robots and religious beliefs in the UK.
  14. A critical analysis of privacy issues and the development of artificial intelligence in the UK.
  15. A comparison between the amount of money earned and the time people spend on websites after seeing pop-up ads.

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HRM Dissertation Topics

  1. Strategic HRM policies are implemented in educational institutions? A comprehensive analysis of the strategic HRM practices used by non-profit organizations.
  2. An assessment of the extent to which Native Americans in the US are protected from exploiting their intellectual property rights.
  3. An examination of proposed legislation to protect intellectual property rights on the Internet.
  4. A review of the innovation and patent system in the UK. Are there approaches to improving the inventiveness of the current system? What impact does strategic SRM policy have on corporate identity?
  5. A description of a world-class management company focusing on strategic planning.
  6. A comparison of value capture theory with conventional strategic management techniques.
  7. Developing HR disaster management skills. Does it contribute to worker safety?
  8. The function of human resources in monitoring worker performance The disadvantages and advantages of this tactic?
  9. The impact of remote working on worker productivity. How does the HR department deal with this problem?
  10. The impact of enterprise management techniques and their influence on the Chinese economy.
  11. A discussion paper on the ethical issues of the organization. What is the role of human resources in their implementation? An examination of the relationship between public sector appraisals and spinal rewards.
  12. Discuss whether there was fairness and satisfaction at the time of appraisal.
  13. The importance of motivating employees to increase company turnover.
  14. Examine the critical elements of expectancy theory.
  15. Describe how motivation can promote originality and innovation.

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