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100 Unique Technology Essay Topics & Examples with a Guide

Published by at November 3rd, 2021 , Revised On November 3, 2023

Technology has evolved at a lightning pace over the last few decades. Advancements in this area and the potential for the future appear to be endless. However, the growth of technology has also created uncertainty and fear among some people.

This article lists the most trending and unique technology essay topics and takes you through the steps of choosing the best topic for your technology essay.

Science and technology is broad topic, and so the scope of research is infinite. Make sure to choose a topic that interests you so you can your essay enjoyable to work on.

If you are struggling to select a technology topic, then this article will act as a powerful guide to help you kick start the work on your essay.

Science and Technology Essay Topic Ideas

Need some exciting yet manageable technology topics for your essay or dissertation? Here are some ideas for you to think over and choose from:

  1. Investigating the relationship between technology and the rules of war.
  2. How has human identity evolved with technological advancements?
  3. Will social media technology replace print media as the primary source of information in the years to come? Discuss with specific examples.
  4. Discuss the merits and demerits of nuclear energy as a source of energy.
  5. Exploring technological advancements in the health sector in the UK.
  6. Examining the effects of technological changes in the field of robotics and the implications for human identity.
  7. A critical analysis of the genetic modification technology.
  8. The war between computers and humans – Who is going to be the ultimate winner?
  9. Discussing the various reproduction technologies emerging from the United States
  10. How technology is expected to pan out in the future – A look at life in 2050.
  11. Can today’s society exist without TV and mass media?
  12. Technology has improved communication but not in the sense of personal contact. Is smart contact over devices the same as face-to-face contact?
  13. The advantages and disadvantages of technology – Are we over-relying on computers for our day to day needs?
  14. The impact of technology on human resource management in large organisations.
  15. Comparing today’s life with the past. Is human life today better or worse?
  16. Does the internet spread hate or bring people closer to each other?
  17. The impact of technology on improving the living standards of people around the world.
  18. How the industrial revolution played a big part in climate change?
  19. Do you agree that the use of smartphones is making people socially less interactive?
  20. Pros and cons of machines doing the work that was once used to be done by humans?
  21. Evaluating Chinese policy to control citizens’ actions on social media through technology applications?
  22. Do people from all countries have access to the same technological advancements?
  23. Can hunger problems in lesser developed countries be solved through genetically modified food?
  24. Evaluating the impact of video games on early childhood development.
  25. Organic food vs processed food – A review of the changing trends in the food industry from a technology point of view.
  26. Is digital marketing more effective than conventional marketing?
  27. Small world – How internet technology making this world a small place?
  28. The implication of E-commerce technology for small and medium-sized enterprises.
  29. Comparing brains and computers – Which is smarter?
  30. Electric cars vs traditional cards – Which is going to be the winner?

Robotics Technology Topics

Here are some interesting robotics topics for you to choose from.

  1. The role of robotics in the health industry
  2. Does the world need a new computer language? Would it be any better than the ones we currently have?
  3. Review of the top five computer languages in the world.
  4. What will humans do if the computers take over the tasks currently being done by humans?
  5. Can the internet be made better? What are some issues with the internet that need fixing going forward?
  6. The importance of virtual reality in the education section.
  7. Virtual reality and current generation – A review of literature
  8. How has virtual reality changed the world around us?
  9. Machine learning and its implications.
  10. With the wide range of applications of open source technology, how are the programmers supposed to protect a device?
  11. Can robots be made more intelligent and smarter through reinforcement learning technology?
  12. Things that used to be done by humans are now taken over by machines – Discuss the pros and cons.

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Information Communication Technology (ICT) Topics

Information Communication Technology (ICT) has changed the way we conduct research and grasp information. Here are some topics in this area.

  1. Is google making us stupid – The pros and cons of search engines
  2. Search engines show results based on their preferences and algorithms – Can we rely on that information?
  3. The benefits of conventional reading and research might have been lost in the age of the internet.
  4. The role and the benefit of computer devices such as iPad, social media, and other smart devices in the schools.
  5. Google and Bing search engines – How have they changed mankind over the last decade?
  6. Is there a way to measure the intelligence of search engines?
  7. Getting answers to health questions in Google – Misconceptions and falsifies
  8. Does the blog format used by most news websites cause readers to skim rather than fully absorb the information?
  9. Search engines and our waning reading abilities.
  10. A comparison between traditional books and blogs.
  11. The differences between reading a book and a digital article.
  12. Should the parent be discouraging their children from using smart devices and social media?
  13. How important is the need to learn the internet and social media technology for your people? – An analysis from the research point of view.
  14. Can search engines affect the attention span of youth?
  15. The importance of teaching conventional skills to young people in the age of the internet.
  16. The need to regulate websites such as Wikipedia where the information may or may not be authentic.

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War Technology Topics

The role of technology in warfare cannot be undermined. With the advancement of technology, the rules of war have also changed. Here are some topics for you to consider in war technology.

  1. An investigation into the impact of Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear explosions on the consciousness of Japanese people
  2. Is the progress in military technology making us safer or more vulnerable?
  3. Does atomic technology make us more or less safe?
  4. What could be the result of a nuclear war in today’s age?
  5. How the united nations should tackle Iran’s and North Korea’s nuclear programmes?
  6. Is it possible to destroy all the nuclear weapons of the world to make it a safer place?
  7. The role of drones in modern warfare?
  8. Nuclear power for renewable energy or warfare – A look at how different countries in Asia are using nuclear technology
  9. Does drone technology breach the privacy of original individuals?

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E-commerce Technology Topics

E-commerce has provided a level playing field to small and medium-sized businesses around the world. Here are some intriguing ideas for you to consider in this domain.

  1. How E-commerce is providing a level playing field to small and medium-sized businesses around the world.
  2. The ease of doing e-commerce in today’s world and its benefits for small businesses in the UK.
  3. The growing importance of mobile commerce technology and its implications for the future.
  4. E-commerce trends that are expected to shape our future.
  5. How tech partnerships can keep the E-commerce boom going?
  6. B2B E-commerce technologies – Discussing the pros and cons
  7. Sizing up the apparel e-commerce industry
  8. E-commerce innovation in the last decade – Expectations vs reality.
  9. How artificial intelligence is being applied in the retail sector.

Technology and Social Wellbeing Topics

Technology and social wellbeing share a deep relationship in today’s world and age. Here are some issues about technology and wellbeing that might capture your interest.

  1. Social media and our relationships – The positive and negative aspects of social media.
  2. Should every individual be limiting their use of social media for their wellbeing?
  3. Young people’s addiction to smartphones – Is it something to worry about?
  4. The declining productivity at the workplace – Is social media playing a role in this regard?
  5. Managing technology and relationships – An in-depth investigation
  6. Sharing your secrets and news on social media – The pros and cons.
  7. The growing suicide rate and the role of social media – Is there a relationship between the two?
  8. A growing number of people are now using social media to meet new people and socialize. Some experts say the technology has brought people closer while others have argued people are lonelier than ever before – Discuss both arguments and provide your opinion.
  9. The use of technology in classrooms – Discuss the pros and cons.
  10. How educators can better use technology for teaching purposes.
  11. Should schools and colleges allow students to carry mobile phones?
  12. Should the use of smartphones during work hours be prohibited – Discuss the merits and demerits.
  13. Are social media websites making family ties stronger or weaker?
  14. Should there be training programmes on how to manage social media profiles in the age of misinformation and hacking?
  15. Is there a need to introduce stricter regulations to ensure social media privacy?

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Health Technology Topics

Health technology innovations have solved several problems in the health sector. However, while technology has its benefits for the health sector, it goes without saying that it also leads to ethical concerns.

  1. If technology results in mental health problems, can it also be the solution?
  2. Should employers be responsible for employee eldercare issues?
  3. Predict and prevent: Time to reevaluate healthcare technology between 2020-2030.
  4. Discuss technology innovations that changed mental health.
  5. An assessment of the Bayesian methods in health technology
  6. A review of the mobile health technology employed in the USA.
  7. The effectiveness of mobile-health technology-based health behaviour change or disease management interventions for health care consumers.
  8. Should organ donors be given pain medications?
  9. How the problem of donors’ shortage can be solved?
  10. Review of health technologies for those who have lost a limb.
  11. Limb reproduction – Idea or reality?
  12. Use of tissue from animals in people – An ethical debate.
  13. Suggestions on how organ donation can be made a better experience for everyone involved?
  14. Treating obesity with advanced technology.

Internet of Things (IoT) Technology Topics

Here are some IoT technology topics for you to choose from.

  1. An analysis of the architecture of the internet of things.
  2. Internet of things application in industries
  3. From the internet of the computer to the internet of things – A look at the journey.
  4. What does the internet of things promise for our future?
  5. What are the research directions for the internet of things?
  6. Security of the internet of things: Perspectives and challenges
  7. What is the internet of things from an economic standpoint?
  8. Unveiling the true potential of IoT – Opportunities and challenges

Space Technology Topics

Space technology has made great advancements over the last century. If this an area of interest to you then you could consider any of the following space technology topics.

  1. Issues surround the implementation of GIS technology in India.
  2. Issues in the philosophy of cosmology
  3. Can mankind inhabit other planets – Challenges and limitations
  4. What is the cosmic triangle?
  5. A look at the space technology of 2050.
  6. Can space technology solve the Earth’s challenges?
  7. Should be spending more on humans on earth instead of space exploration?
  8. Is space technology important for an average individual on earth?
  9. Discuss the role of quantum physics in understanding the laws of nature.

Reproduction Technology Topics

Here are some exciting topics in reproduction technology.

  1. The pros and cons of sperm freezing technology
  2. Should large-scale research organisation have the right to capture data about our health and wellbeing?
  3. Why does the church and mosque object to Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)?
  4. The intertwining effect of mood disorders and infertility.
  5. The “Genetic Information Age” is here. Are we ready to embrace it?
  6. Analysing the regulation of international surrogacy.
  7. Discuss the ethical issues surrounding the idea of a woman carrying someone else’s child.
  8. Should surrogates be allowed to uses for purposes other than health?
  9. Surrogate pregnancy and the rights of the children – A critical review
  10. Does genetic link with your children be a concern for society?
  11. Should there be compensation regulation to protect the sperm donors?
  12. Mechanical reproduction and related ethical issues.

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Technology and Human Identity Crisis Topics

Here are some unique and manageable technology and identity crisis topics. Research in the field of human identity crisis has picked up pace in recent times and it is expected to become of the most trending areas of investigation in the years to come.

  1. Are we giving more importance to animal life over human life – Is there a need to strike a balance?
  2. Should there be a limit to how far medical research can go?
  3. The dignity of human life in the medical sciences – A critical appraisal
  4. What should determine our racial identity? Cultural environment, family, appearance, DNA or choice?
  5. Should ancestry DNA testing be allowed in today’s age?
  6. What does DNA tell about our identity?
  7. Can science and technology ever figure out what consciousness is?
  8. The importance of virtual reality in today’s world.
  9. How far should we go in virtual reality – Should there be an ethics debate over this matter?
  10. Ethical issues surrounding the idea of chip implantation.
  11. Examining the techniques to treat mental illness.
  12. The right to establish identity: Donor offspring technology
  13. Contract tracing and Covid-19 technology best practices.
  14. Can our digital identity be used against us in the event of a great reset?
  15. How effective are herbal remedies in comparison to traditional medical drugs for mental illness treatment?
  16. Examining the ethical concerns surround the control of the brain with scientific technologies?
  17. Discuss the technologies available for drug addiction control.

Genetic Engineering Technology Topics

  1. Discuss the ethical concerns around human cloning.
  2. Examine the genetic engineering projects that change our lives for the better.
  3. How can establish the limits to the use of genetic engineering technology for humans?
  4. What are the methods to solve the problem of genetic diseases?
  5. Where do humans stand in the age of human cloning – A look at 2050.
  6. How cloned humans will be different from real humans?

Steps of How to Choose the Best Technology Topics for your Essay

Choosing a great research topic for your essay, dissertation, or research is the first step towards developing an attention-grabbing piece of writing.

It is vitally important to conduct thorough research at this stage to avoid losing interest in your academic project at a later stage. Here are steps for choosing a topic that would enable you to complete a first-class piece of work.

Understand the requirements of your essay, dissertation or research paper. It is recommended to carefully read the assignment brief and the assessment criteria before starting to work.

Find the research area and topics that interest you. For example, for an exploratory paper, you will need to choose a topic that addresses at least three perspectives. You can find topics of interest by doing some desk-based research.

Review the topics that you have found and choose one that is suitable to your needs. Once you have selected a topic, you can start to find academic sources that explore it.

You can find relevant academic sources in the library and online portals such as Google Scholar, Science Direct, Core, Science Open, and more.

Establish the research question (s) and make a list of the important keywords that would emphasize the focus of your research.

Technology Topics you Should Avoid

The topic idea can either make or break the academic grade whether it is for an essay or a dissertation. You should avoid the following types of topics that;

  1. Are too broad and lack focus.
  2. Are too narrow and there is not enough literature available on them.
  3. Do not interest you.
  4. Fall outside the scope of applications of science and technology.
  5. Your supervisor does not approve.
  6. Cannot be addressed without costly primary research.

How to Write a Technology Essay?

Here are the steps for writing a technology essay.

  • Find relevant information according to your interests.
  • Develop the research question that needs to be addressed.
  • Make an essay outline with a table of contents for your essay so you know exactly what needs to be included in your essay.
  • Start the introduction to provide a background to the topic you are aiming to investigate.
  • Write the main body, and provide arguments and statements to base your opinion on.
  • End with the conclusion.

Frequently Asked Questions

To write an excellent technology essay:

1) Research extensively

2) Structure your essay logically

3) Use clear and concise language

4) Provide examples and evidence

5) Proofread carefully for errors

6) Stay updated on current tech trends.

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