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97 Best Law Essay Topics

Published by at June 20th, 2022 , Revised On January 3, 2024


Most students perceive the subject of law as a complex and difficult area of study that would give them nightmares; however, that is far from true.

A law degree programme can be very exciting and rewarding despite the challenges you will need to overcome during the process. It is a far-flung subject that demands extensive in-depth research and write-up.

If you are a law student, you will need to complete several law essays, assignments and a dissertation to complete your law essays degree programme.

However, if conducting research and interpreting information aren’t your favourite suits, writing flawless law essays and assignments can be challenging and you may consider turning to an essay writing service.

Sometimes, you may need to choose a topic for your law essay assignment, but you could be unsure about the issue or area on which you should base your law essay.

This article provides 97 free law essay topics for you to consider. Always choose a topic that interests you and you can write about freely.

Here are the 97 free law essay topics for you without further ado.

Law Essay Topics

If you are struggling to come up with ideas, stop worrying. Here we offer several inspiration ideas for topics that would be suitable. Whether you want to use them or take advantage of them to draw out your ideas is up to you. Let’s start with some common topics for law essays:

  1. What is the nature of hate crimes, and how they are prosecuted under the law?
  2. How different laws can help with the link between crime and drugs
  3. Why is the death penalty still imposed in some countries?
  4. How can Education help prevent people from breaking the law?
  5. How do crooks exploit the insanity defence?
  6. What laws apply to police interrogations?
  7. What rights do citizens of the United States have when they are arrested?
  8. What legal tools can governments use to reduce crime?
  9. How can wrongful convictions be avoided and harms redressed?
  10. What are the reasons for the need for stricter privacy laws?
  11. Regulations to combat cybercrime lag behind the evolution of technology.
  12. Do the rules deter criminal behaviour?
  13. How many people are unaware that they are breaking the law?
  14. The influence of the environment on crime levels
  15. The strangest laws around the world
  16. The impact of ‘stamp culture’ and ‘mob mentality.’
  17. How do the legal systems of different countries deal with terrorism?
  18. The method of jury selection
  19. Should everyone be allowed to own and bear arms?
  20. How should the possession and use of weapons be regulated?
  21. The influence of the constitution on laws and the justice system
  22. Why countries have legalized marijuana.
  23. Why should drunk driving be punished more severely?
  24. How can legislation be used to curb climate change?

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Law Enforcement Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. The tightrope between the appliance of fatal force and the observance of the law
  2. The implications of terrorism for law enforcement
  3. Consequences of police entrapment in the legal system
  4. Is it legal for police officers to ask for your ID and driving license?
  5. The distinction between private and public police
  6. Gender Equality within law enforcement.
  7. The moral code of undercover officers
  8. How to spot police corruption and know your rights?
  9. The threat of terrorism is changing police practice.
  10. Police officers on patrol in uneducated neighbourhoods face a variety of challenges.
  11. When is a police officer authorized to use deadly force?

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Cyber Law Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Under what circumstances is it legal for companies to elicit personal data?
  2. The regulations to combat computer crime have now come into force.
  3. What are the conditions for computer software?
  4. The impact of biometrics on cyber security
  5. After a hack, victims should take some immediate action.
  6. What are the laws and penalties for digital piracy?
  7. People need to be better informed about cybersecurity legislation.
  8. What are the penalties for stealing someone else’s identity?
  9. People commit a variety of crimes online.
  10. Find out why cybercrime legislation is out of date here.

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Law and Medical Related Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. What if abortion is allowed legally all over the world?
  2. Everyone should have access to clean drinking water.
  3. Why is it necessary for organ donation to be governed by law?
  4. Are people allowed to treat their bodies as they wish?
  5. Multiple ways to deal with mentally ill offenders
  6. Advertising cigarettes are banned for various reasons.
  7. What are the public health laws, and who is responsible for enforcing them?
  8. How does the law regulate the use of drugs?
  9. What role do the laws play in holding medical professionals accountable?
  10. Is it illegal or a crime to transmit AIDS to another person?

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International Law Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. The ethical liability of NATO toward Afghanistan
  2. What circumstances must be met for international intervention to take place?
  3. The Role of the International Court of Justice in The Hague
  4. Whose activities are legal in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?
  5. International legislation on drug trafficking
  6. What exactly is Interpol, and how powerful is it?
  7. When can citizens invoke international agreements?
  8. What is the difference between public international law and private law?
  9. What are the norms, treaties and conventions of international law?
  10. How the United Nations rule of law holds countries accountable?
  11. International treaties and their legal implications
  12. Gun control issues in the United States.
  13. International legal treaties to solve a crime are crucial.
  14. There are shortcomings in police behaviour in the United States.
  15. The consequences of the distribution of power in the European Community
  16. Feminist critique on the United States Criminal system of justice.

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Law and Education Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. The relevance of education legislation that allows students to evaluate their teachers.
  2. What if we eradicate political legislation in Education from its roots?

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Some Top-Notch Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. When should a Couple get Married?
  2. Why would the legal drinking age be reduced?
  3. Is the death sentence an effective or invalid option?
  4. Is the electoral process fair?
  5. Is our tax system fair or unfair?
  6. Why are curfews imposed to keep young people out of trouble?
  7. Is the presence of police cameras a threat to privacy?
  8. At what age should young people have legal access to the internet world?
  9. Advertisements are not binding contracts. Is this right?
  10. What is the system of immigration and refugee law?
  11. Write to young people about the criminal justice system.
  12. What is the role of the United Nations in maintaining world peace?
  13. Compare the freedom of the individual with public safety.
  14. What is feminist jurisprudence, and how does it differ from other types of jurisprudence?
  15. Write about the legal aspects of environmental issues.
  16. Is the jury system we have unbiased in every case?
  17. Discuss the rights of victims and offenders.
  18. Aspects of diplomatic immunity.

Criminal Law Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. What are the legal consequences of false confessions?
  2. There are various sanctions for torturing animals.
  3. Why was NATO’s bombing of Yugoslavia not permitted under international law?
  4. How are people’s human rights violated in Uganda?
  5. Is pirating music a crime?
  6. The legal framework to regulate and control cyberstalking.
  7. The limits of confidential informants
  8. How do the national security laws of the United States work?

Once a student tends to write an argumentative essay on any law-related topic, they will have to consider several different factors. We may see its example in our everyday life. When people are dissatisfied that their rights have been infringed, it seems to become the standard because they are from a minority group. Many more matters exist that could be covered in an essay. It all depends upon our perceptions and observations of our surroundings. Nowadays, every circumstance practically has to do with the law and “counts”, so there will always be some counter-evidence, whether affirmative or adverse. We hope that our collection of law essay topics will assist you in finding the perfect solution for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best practice for writing a law essay is to thoroughly research the topic, clearly state your thesis, provide supporting evidence, analyze the relevant laws and cases, structure your arguments logically, and use precise and concise language to convey your ideas effectively.

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