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Racism Essay Topics – Tips & Examples

Published by at November 25th, 2022 , Revised On November 3, 2023

There are several reasons why someone may write an essay about racism. Writing an essay on racism may appear simple at first. However, your paper must be extremely compelling to obtain a good score because racism is such a hot topic in social sciences, topics on politics, and essay topics on history. Whatever topic you pick, keep in mind that your essay must be well-researched and well-written. Make careful to back up your arguments with proof and mention your sources. You can produce an engaging and thought-provoking essay about racism with a little effort.

How Do You Select Racism Essay Topics?

There are several racism essay themes f to choose from. However, choosing just one to write about can be challenging. Here are some pointers to consider while selecting a topic for your essay:

  1. Pick a topic that you are passionate about.
  2. Choose a topic about which you are knowledgeable.
  3. Make certain that the issue is one that you can study.
  4. Make sure to select a contentious topic.
  5. Make sure to pick a topic that interests you.

Best Racism Essay Topics

  1. Racism is a societal construct used to legitimize prejudice and violence towards specific groups of people.
  2. Racism is prejudice in which one race is considered superior to another.
  3. Racism can take the shape of personal prejudice, institutional discrimination, or hate crimes.
  4. Racism is frequently used to justify xenophobic and anti-immigrant prejudice.
  5. Racism in the United States has a long history, stretching back to the colonial era.
  6. Racism is an international issue that affects individuals of all races and nationalities.
  7. The ascent of Donald Trump and the alt-right in the United States has encouraged racists and white supremacists.
  8. Workplace Racism in Government Organizations.
  9. Colourblind Racism: A New Face of Racism in Today’s Society.
  10. Education is critical in eliminating racism and advancing social justice.

Easy Racism Essay Topics

  1. Racism in America: From Slavery to the Present
  2. Racism’s Impact on African Americans
  3. Workplace Racism and Discrimination
  4. The School-to-Prison Pipeline: How Racism Contributes to African Americans’ Mass Incarceration
  5. The Media’s Role in Promoting Racism
  6. Racism’s Influence on Mental Health
  7. The Criminal Justice System and Racism
  8. What changes has racism seen throughout time?
  9. What are the many types of racism?
  10. What is the impact of racism on people?
  11. What are the underlying causes of racism?
  12. How can racism be avoided?
  13. What are the ramifications of racism?
  14. What are the remedies for racism?
  15. Is racism a worldwide issue?

Good Racism Essay Topics

  1. The evolution of racism and its consequences for society.
  2. The many manifestations of racism and its consequences for individuals and society
  3. The impact of race on individual and community identity.
  4. How racism is institutionalized via policies and behaviours.
  5. Racism’s influence on economic, social, and political life.
  6. The difficulties of living in a multicultural society.
  7. The media’s role in sustaining or opposing racism.
  8. Racism’s influence on personal relationships
  9. The significance of education in the fight against racism
  10. The difficulties of confronting racism in the workplace.

Social Racism Essay Topics

  1. What influence has racism had on the lives of people of colour in the United States?
  2. What are the origins of racism in America?
  3. How has racism evolved in the United States throughout time?
  4. What are the most recent examples of racism in the United States?
  5. How do people of colour in the United States deal with racism?
  6. What are the economic consequences of racism in the United States for persons of colour?
  7. What are the educational consequences of racism in the United States for persons of colour?
  8. What are the health consequences of racism in the United States for persons of colour?
  9. What are the societal consequences of racism?
  10. Discuss a racist occurrence in your community.
  11. Significant civil rights activities in your area
  12. An in-depth examination of racial violence in Europe
  13. An in-depth examination of the three most famous examples of racism in 2022.
  14. Discuss hate crimes in North America.
  15. What exactly is a racial hate crime?

Argumentative Racism Essay Topics

  1. The 1960s women’s movement did not bring together black and white women.
  2. Will racism finally fade away by itself?
  3. There isn’t enough evidence to indicate that Mexicans are racists.
  4. Do skin colour differences cause racism in the Western world?
  5. Should racism be considered a heinous crime punishable by death without the chance of parole?
  6. Are racists more principled than non-racists?
  7. Can a person’s upbringing influence them to become racist?
  8. Racists all across the world have psychological issues that require medical care.
  9. Can the government implement effective mechanisms to prevent its citizens from propagating racism?
  10. Can a racist president run a country better than a non-racist president?
  11. Should white people be granted more human rights than black people?
  12. Is the healthcare discrepancy a form of racial discrimination?
  13. In the United States of America, racial prejudice is frequent.
  14. Is racism instilled in our children from a young age?
  15. Do anti-racist movements serve to bring individuals of all races and colours together to fight racism?

Persuasive Racism Essay Topics

  1. Racism is more widespread than we realize.
  2. Racism and nationalism are linked.
  3. Gender and racial prejudice are linked.
  4. The most well-known anti-racism author
  5. Proven racists face mandatory jail sentences.
  6. Racism is a problem in Germany.
  7. White supremacist movements are on the rise increase.
  8. Malcolm X: The racism warrior.
  9. Black writers who were never acknowledged.
  10. The World Conference Against Racism’s Importance.

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Complex Racism Essay Topics

  1. Is there evidence of racism in Ancient Rome?
  2. Do all racists deserve to be imprisoned?
  3. What causes someone to become racist?
  4. How can we battle racism effectively?
  5. Can racist comments ever be deemed innocuous?
  6. North Korean hate speech.
  7. Donald Trump made racist words.
  8. A world founded on racism.
  9. Talk about racism in multinational businesses.
  10. A Case Study of Racism at Apple.
  11. Racism is directed towards Black activists.
  12. Racial discrimination in the US court system.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Racism is the prejudiced belief that certain races are superior or inferior, leading to discrimination and unequal treatment based on race.

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