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Argumentative Business Essay Topics

Published by at May 12th, 2022 , Revised On July 10, 2023

Need Argumentative Business Essay Topics?

When you are assigned an argumentative business essay, you should remember that your tutor will evaluate your ability to respond strategically to a particular market situation. Argumentative business essays are generally associated with business students. However, in many cases, marketing, finance, and management students may also be required to produce an argumentative essay on a business topic.

So, what is the first step towards creating a flawless argumentative business essay? You got this right! The process starts with the topic selection. If you are looking for intriguing, exciting and highly focused topics for your argumentative essay, you have come to the right place.

One of the key components of an argumentative business essay is the writing style, making this type of essay unique. Argumentative business essays, in general, do not involve descriptive writing, as they are aimed at gathering the necessary facts and figures on the topic and conducting an analysis based on the objectives of the essay. So to help you get started, we have provided many argumentative business essay topics for you to consider and choose from.

Always choose an argumentative business essay topic in your area of interest. For example, if the business’s marketing side fascinates you, you might want to write an argumentative essay on business marketing.

Argumentative Business Essay Topics

  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of combining businesses?
  2. Is leadership a talent that can be learned or something that comes naturally?
  3. What are the advantages of using the labour market for businesses?
  4. Is a generous pay scale more important than other incentives for motivating employees?
  5. What makes the difference between a leader and a follower when it comes to innovation?
  6. What happens if a firm has financial difficulties or is on the verge of going bankrupt?
  7. Is it possible to use social media platforms to improve a company’s performance?
  8. How can you improve workforce loyalty by reducing labour turnover?
  9. What function does brainstorming play in increasing a company’s efficiency?
  10. What is the cause that virtual companies earn more money nowadays?
  11. Is it better to offer a pleasant working environment than a high salary?
  12. Mergers are preferable to acquisitions as the owner can retain some ownership.
  13. Just-in-time production should be avoided in manufacturing.
  14. Companies can always change their regulations or take a different approach to their product lines.
  15. Companies that focus on goods are more likely to succeed than those that focus on markets.
  16. Every aspect of a marketing plan is critical to the success of a business.
  17. A company should recruit its employees by offering them more value than their previous position.
  18. The social and political environment directly affects labour turnover, making it a poor indicator of business performance.
  19. When working in a service-oriented company, entrepreneurs need to be more democratic.
  20. If working conditions are ideal and management remains cooperative, employees will be satisfied even with a lower wage.
  21. Leadership is a skill that can be learned and improved through self-improvement.
  22. Compared to personal recognition, fringe benefits or other prizes, monetary incentives are the most motivating.
  23. To maximise profits, companies must exploit workers.
  24. Companies that test on animals lose their competitive advantage.
  25. Business studies are beneficial to hardworking persons who want to become excellent leaders.

Argumentative Business Management Essay Topics

In any business, management is vital. From a list of business management topics, you can choose a topic to help you achieve your goal.

  1. Should workers be bound by the time limit rules imposed by their companies?
  2. Describe different methods of assessing employee performance.
  3. How can you empower your employees?
  4. What types of bias can affect promotions?
  5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of ad hoc staff reductions in companies?
  6. Talk about sexual harassment in the workplace (and rules).
  7. Workers should be able to join public unions.
  8. Should workers be treated equally in the workplace, i.e. should companies have an equal opportunities policy?
  9. Is it important to create a welcoming and good company culture, and why?

Argumentative Business Ethics Essay Topics

These topics are relevant to business ethical issues and can help you write an outstanding essay.

  1. Is nepotism affecting the business? Discuss
  2. Is it true that discrimination harms performance and productivity?
  3. What role can companies play in reducing pollution?
  4. Is it acceptable for companies to ignore the negative effects of cigarette smoking to maximise profits?
  5. Are there business agreements based on word of mouth?
  6. Is it acceptable to pay an employee according to their marital status?
  7. Is it legal for a company to consider religious, political, and cultural factors?
  8. What ethical difficulties might arise in a company?
  9. What should be done if a worker is exploited?
  10. What is the role of advertising in a business?
  11. Is it permissible for service providers to charge additional fees?

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Argumentative Business and Business Law Essay Topics

You may opt for any topic related to business law if you have an exhaustive grasp of the relevant field. Look below at some good issues to use in your argumentative business essay.

  1. Is there any approach to dealing with workplace incidents?
  2. What are possible solutions to racial discrimination and gender insensitivity?
  3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of excluding people from antitrust law?
  4. What are the implications of age discrimination in the workplace?
  5. Why is maternity leave so important in every country?
  6. Why do companies want you to sign a contract before you are allowed to join?
  7. What are the causes of sexual harassment, and how can it be prevented?
  8. What are copyright and statutes, and how do they protect organisations?
  9. Explain the terminology of product liability and the legal methods/approaches.
  10. What do you think about paternity leave? Explain your point of view.
  11. Explain the terminology of product liability and the legal methods/approaches.
  12. Is it true that some companies withhold information from their customers? Is this permissible or not permissible?
  13. What procedures are there for legal proceedings, and can companies refuse to follow them?

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Some Winning Argumentative Essay Topics on Business

  1. The base of entrepreneurship and small business management
  2. Shaping business goals with the help of information technology for a better future
  3. Changing trends in business management, from simple information processing to outsourcing knowledge processes
  4. The influence of management and entrepreneurial skills and experience on the success of new enterprises
  5. The importance of initial financial and human resources as factors in the success of a business start-up
  6. The decision-making process and business management in farms with livestock.
  7. The impact of gender bias on SME management.
  8. How can supply chains be strengthened by finding new ways to add value to global and local operations?
  9. The lean management paradigm and its applications in the private sector are assessed.
  10. What does environmentally friendly corporate governance mean in the twenty-first century?
  11. Fail-safe management practices are essential for a company dealing in art and antiques.
  12. Recent developments in family business management and credible expectations.
  13. Managing business productivity in small and medium-sized enterprises
  14. Key management difficulties and skills in bringing the youngest daughter into the family business
  15. Entrepreneurship in the United States vs Entrepreneurship in the United Kingdom

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International Business Related Topics for your Argumentative Essay

  1. The global economic system and its effects in their entirety.
  2. Globalisation of the world today
  3. The growth paths of states under the sign of globalisation.
  4. The development trends of the world economy.
  5. The present state of the world economy.
  6. The world economy and its problems at the beginning of the twenty-first century.
  7. At present, globalisation of world economic interdependencies is taking place.
  8. The potential of natural resources in the world economy.
  9. The EU is the ultimate expression of regional economic integration in today’s world.
  10. The position and involvement of the United States in the global economy.
  11. Characteristics of the Western European integration process.
  12. The economies of the major countries of Western Europe.
  13. The role of innovation in the global economy.

Tips for Writing your Argumentative Business Essay:

  • Before writing a business essay, you must first decide on a specific topic and ensure that you have enough data or sources to collect information and back your claims.
  • It will help to put down your thoughts and sort them out properly before writing. An essay outline will go a long way toward helping you produce a first-class argumentative business essay.
  • Choose an argumentative business essay topic that interests you and motivates you. Your essay should rivet your audience. Make sure that your topic is clear, simple, genuine and succinct.
  • Get help with your argumentative business essay from Essays.UK’s experts. We have delivered thousands of essays to students worldwide.

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How to Structure an Argumentative Essay?

The impressive argumentative essay consists of 4 steps. Read below to learn about these steps;


The introduction’s target is to introduce the topic to its reader. A good introduction should consist of the following elements;

  • It should not be so lengthy but only be a short paragraph.
  • Be appealing to pull in the audience.
  • Mention some important terms (key-terms) related to the topic.
  • Briefly describe important basic theories related to the topic.

Supporting Paragraphs

These intend to prove that the argument is valid and credible. Supporting paragraphs have certain characteristics. The main clause must be included in the subordinate clause, along with a full explanation of the topic. It provides evidence in the form of arguments and examples. By doing this, the body paragraph shows that the reader has a better understanding of the argument.

A supporting paragraph should be no longer than one paragraph of the introduction. It contains an argument, a rationale and a supporting example. A concluding sentence is included in a supporting paragraph. Summarise your explanation in one or two sentences at the end of a supporting paragraph.

Counter Argumentative Paragraphs

To anticipate the audience’s refutation, rendering the argument more objective and rational. The counter-arguments paragraph should not be longer than one or two sentences. Make sure you are aware of the readers’ possible counter-arguments and limitations of the writer’s logic. Refute such objections. By disputing the objections, you reinforce both the supporting and opposing arguments.


Reiterate the argument that has been critically and analytically evaluated. The conclusion should explain why the reader should be interested in the argument. Show the significance of the writer’s claim. Be descriptive, because how the reader ultimately takes the writer’s argument hinges on it. Refrain from launching a new claim that requires new justifications and explanations.

Points to Remember

  • Ensure that your topic is not too broad or too narrow. Pick a topic that can be argued, preferably one that interests, baffles or excites you. Draft a list of your arguments. Specifically, what is your objective? The point you are trying to prove, be it an opinion, a viewpoint or an underlying idea? Before starting to write, you ought to have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish.
  • Make sure to write your argumentative business essay for a certain audience. So who are the readers of your essay? Are they a specific group – uninvolved bystanders, opponents of your point of view, etc.? Perhaps you are addressing your peers with your writing. Approach your lecturer to determine who your target audience should be. If you are unsure who your target audience is, address your arguments to everyone.
  • Powerful essays present arguments that are supported by facts. The arguments that support your claim or argument are called rationales. They are often answers to the question: “How do you derive this argument?” For brevity, reasons can also be referred to as ” because-phrases”. Underpin your arguments with adequate facts to support your justifications and make your arguments effective.
  • Like any other essay, it is recommended to revise your argumentative essay a couple of times. Remember to cover the following points in your essay; “Give plenty of facts, which are presented fairly and factually, and be responsive to your opponent’s point of view. Pay extra attention to the way your essay is structured. Make sure the format is appropriate to your topic and audience. Include appropriate segues that help the reader follow your argument and identify and correct logical errors.”
  • Once you have completed a well-written draft, take off the writer’s hat and replace it with the audience. Proofread your essay attentively and rigorously. To get comments on your essay, share a draft with your friends. Carefully revise your work based on your classmates’ evaluation and feedback. Afterwards, you are all set to hand in your essay.

Frequently Asked Questions

An argumentative essay presents a balanced analysis of a controversial topic, supporting a specific viewpoint with evidence and reasoning. It aims to persuade readers to adopt the author’s perspective.

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