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Social Media Essay Topics

Published by at June 22nd, 2022 , Revised On November 3, 2023

Social media evolved rapidly over the past few years. It is an interactive platform that enables users to communicate and exchange content, documents, and other information. Shortly after its invention, social media became a pivotal aspect of our lives.

As social media has now permeated virtually all areas of life, students need to study its influence and explore its advantages and disadvantages. The students may learn about social media a lot by researching and debating their outcomes with their peers.

Though it seems like an easy task, many students struggle to brainstorm appropriate topics for essays on social media. But there is no need to worry! To help students overcome obstacles, we have provided lists of the best argumentative essay ideas about social media.

As a leading free topics service in the UK, we provide unique, intriguing and manageable topics that will enable them to write a captivating essay. We urge students to delve deeper into each topic from the list below to try and maximise their learning opportunities.

Without further ado, here is your free social media essay topics list.

Social Media, Society, and Youth Essay Topics

Writing an essay on social media is undoubtedly an exciting challenge. However, your chosen topic will inevitably make you rethink your social media use and perspective. Here are some great social media essay topics you can choose from;

  1. How social media has influenced society.
  2. Social media and its impact on our youth.
  3. How social media has contributed to the education sector?
  4. Social media and change in social interaction patterns.
  5. Twitter is one of the most important platforms among celebrities. Why?
  6. Why LinkedIn is considered one of the best platforms to search for jobs?
  7. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Facebook?
  8. How does Facebook help in social interactions?
  9. Social media; a source of easiness or problems?
  10. Social media; a source of making relationships or breaking relationships?
  11. Social media; is an addiction! How to get rid of it?
  12. Society; after and before social media.
  13. How social media has developed a modern society?
  14. Regulating social media for a more balanced society
  15. Is social media a source of cyberbullying?
  16. Is social media inflicting harm rather than good?
  17. How on earth would a typical day be without social media; is this even viable?
  18. What would happen to us if all social media platforms became extinct? In their absence, will the world be able to sustain itself?
  19. Kids were engaged in more adventurous activities before the advent of social media.
  20. Is social media helpful to you or just a waste of time?
  21. Have you ever thought about social media’s adverse effects on our youth?
  22. Which is the best way of communication? Virtual or In-person?
  23. Twitter has the latest news than Facebook. Is that true?
  24. Facebook is an excellent source of academic promotion.
  25. The youth is crazy about Instagram.
  26. How safe are the social accounts?
  27. Can we share our info or documents through social media?
  28. How is social media responsible for spreading nudity and sexual content?
  29. Social media use for political purposes by youth to spread hatred content.
  30. Is it reasonable for parents to restrict a child’s social interactions?
  31. Would you say social media is a boon or a bane for our society?
  32. The Liberator tendency of social media: a study on the topic.
  33. In what ways should social media be accepted in the workplace?
  34. Is it safe to make new acquaintances through social media?
  35. Students are distracted from their schoolwork by social media.
  36. Teenagers are encouraged to be lazy through social media.
  37. In today’s world, social media encourages violence.
  38. Since the emergence of social media, the number of frauds has skyrocketed.
  39. Teenagers have a right to unrestricted access to social media.
  40. Rumours and incorrect information are shared more easily on social media sites.
  41. The use of social media necessitates censorship.
  42. Social media encourages young people to dress indecently.
  43. There are a lot of shady people on social media.
  44. Hard effort is discouraged by social media.
  45. Social media has a positive influence on young people.
  46. Without social networks, life is pointless.
  47. Children should not be discouraged from accessing social media by their parents.
  48. People who use social media are more exposed to cyber-attacks.
  49. The risks associated with social networking are essentially non-existent.
  50. Instagram is a better means to entertain people than Facebook.
  51. No other technical advancement will ever be able to replace social media.
  52. Social media acts as a barrier to social interaction.
  53. Social media has increased crime rates around the world.
  54. Social media affects religious communities.
  55. Social Media and Business Community.

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Leveraging social media for your business is more than just an option. Reaching consumers, acquiring useful insights, and expanding your business is mandatory. We’ve compiled a collection of intriguing social media essay topics. After choosing an excellent social media essay topic, you may begin writing the social media argumentative essay or hire one of our expert writers to do the job for you.

  1. Social media is a source of income.
  2. Social media and the business society.
  3. Is YouTube the richest platform to work on?
  4. How social media affects business class?
  5. Transformation of business with social media.
  6. Is social media opening a new path to enhancing your business?
  7. Social media and the world of digital marketing.
  8. The significance of having an online presence on social media for people and companies.
  9. LinkedIn is a great platform for corporate advertising.
  10. Business ads on social media reach a larger audience than commercials on TV.
  11. Social media platforms are ideal for advertising new products and services.
  12. How does Facebook help in promoting your business?

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Social Media and Health Topics

  1. People’s mental health is aided by social networking.
  2. Social media encourages youngsters to live healthy lifestyles.
  3. Social media brings students together to share knowledge. It also helps youngsters deal with loneliness and sadness.
  4. Positive and negative effects of Instagram on the Mental health youth.
  5. Teenagers’ lifestyles have transformed as a result of social media.
  6. People who use social media regularly are more prone to developing an addiction.
  7. Social media addiction is worse than drug addiction; it encourages suicide; it can save lives.

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Social Media Role at Times of Covid-19

Covid-19 forces isolation in quarantine and social segregation. Social media emerged as a potent tool to raise awareness and advocate for public health concerns. With most people around the world using social media regularly, various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram played a key role in raising awareness about the causes, symptoms and effects of Covid-19.

  • The COVID 19 pandemic and the social media: aggravating or averting panic?
  • The negative role of social media at the peak of Covid-19.
  • How did social media emerge as a powerful tool during the time of the Pandemic?
  • The social media market earned a lot of importance after the Covid-19 crisis.

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When writing about social media, it is important to be open to new ideas to avoid a restricted flow of information. The term “social media” refers to online platforms enabling people to interact with each other as if they were in a social context.
If you are writing an argumentative essay on a social media topic, it is important to include both the supporting and opposing arguments because social media topics often have a negative perspective. A narrative social media essay topic will require you to reflect upon your real-life social media experiences and their uses. A descriptive essay will discuss the idea of social media and social media platforms without basis and clearly and concisely.

Frequently Asked Questions About Social Media Essays?

There is no fixed length or structure rule for a social media essay that you need to worry about. Generally, the length or word count of a social media essay depends on your academic level and varies from course to course. For example, a Master’s level essay will be 3000 words or more. On the other hand, undergraduate-level essays are between 1000 and 3000 words.

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You will be provided with the topic for your social media essay by your tutor or school. However, if you don’t have an idea and need to find one for your essay, our list of social media essay topics can be a great starting point. Choose one of the topics to provide or get our experts to deliver a custom title to your email address. We also offer a custom essay writing service. Hire one of our academics today and be confident of your academic success.

If you find the idea you are going to write about interesting and engaging, there is a good chance you will produce a captivating essay that is sure to grab the reader’s attention. An essay that lacks soul and emotion, especially if it is a narrative essay, will not hook the audience, which is what you need as the essay’s author. Write about an idea you have some knowledge about, an idea that is a little silly and controversial, and an idea that will help you stand out from the crowd.

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