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Argumentative Essay Topics and Ideas

Published by at October 18th, 2022 , Revised On July 10, 2023

Looking for some unique and workable argumentative essay topics? Need to select a topic for your argumentative essay but unsure where to begin? No need to worry because this article provides intriguing argumentative essay topics in many academic subjects, including history, education, politics, health, society, social media, technology and economics.

But before we look at the topics, let’s briefly look at what is an argumentative essay.

“An argumentative essay is the most common type of academic essay. It makes an original argument in response to the subject matter under discussion. In an argumentative essay, the author supports their stance on the topic by presenting evidence.”

Researching and writing a persuasive or argumentative essay takes a long time. You want to get it right on the first attempt. As a result, selecting a topic that is both engaging and unusual enough to help you stand out is of critical importance.

With further ado, let’s look at the topics that could grab your attention.

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History Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. “You should learn from history” – There are sometimes home patterns in history; do you believe history repeats itself?
  2. Did the American Civil War bring the country together or tear it apart?
  3. Thomas Jefferson made important contributions to the formation of the United States, but he did not live a faultless life – Was he a hero?
  4. Do our present perceptions and beliefs change the reality of what happened during the historical event?
  5. Did immigrants and other lower socioeconomic groups and classes have possibilities in the United States during that time (choose a decade)?
  6. World War I and the United States – The United States was hesitant to enter, and when they did, many US men perished – Was the war necessary?
  7. Native Americans and Their Treatment: How does it reflect poorly on the United States?
  8. Slavery was crucial for American colonies and the United States; how did this injustice affect the country later on?
  9. Reasons for the emergence of Naziism in Germany and the Holocaust: How may these atrocities be avoided in the future?
  10. The European disease and the destruction of the continent’s population: how did it change history, and what was its most significant impact?

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Health Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Alcohol age restrictions: Should they be relaxed?
  2. What is the efficacy of the images on cigarette packs?
  3. The health hazards associated with cosmetic surgery
  4. Are the diets that models adhere to healthy?
  5. Marijuana and science: how does this substance affect our health?
  6. Why do appearances matter more in our culture than health?
  7. Pros and drawbacks of requiring drug tests for school pupils
  8. The unintended consequences of using energy drinks daily.
  9. The phenomenon of binge drinking in the United States.
  10. What are the limits on the quantity of sugar allowed in soft drinks?

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Society & Culture Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Are they a valuable opportunity to explore and contemplate, or are they a break from the busy pace of life?
  2. Is it good for certain states to decriminalize marijuana and other drugs?
  3. Equality for everyone is a fundamental tenet of lawmaking, but does it exist in practice?
  4. The Right to Self-Defense and the Right to be Exploited Under US Gun Law
  5. Can someone with a terminal condition request medically assisted suicide?
  6. Should smoking be outright prohibited?
  7. Is it possible to have “good” stereotypes?
  8. Why would it be imperative to reduce cyberbullying?
  9. Should more be done in schools to avoid bullying?
  10. Practices for promoting constructive conversions on controversial subjects.

Social Media Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Social media benefits and drawbacks for college students
  2. What is the worth of digital images in comparison to film photos?
  3. What causes people to cancel their Facebook accounts?
  4. Is it cultural to have new popular gaming apps?
  5. Should social media platforms consider introducing a “dislike” button?
  6. Screen time is important: what causes individuals to spend so much time staring at their phones?
  7. How to Choose Only Useful Apps for Your Smartphone
  8. Why should employers be cautious with their Facebook content?
  9. They’re monitoring you: how can you protect your internet privacy?
  10. The problem of phone internet profiles.
  11. Is there any deeper significance left in digital photography?
  12. Do influencers like spending hours capturing the ideal shot?
  13. Is there someone that can help with mental health and social media?
  14. The ideal age limit for new social media members.
  15. Dangers of manipulating people’s emotions online.

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Political Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Is it time to abolish the Electoral College?
  2. Should voting be made compulsory in the United States?
  3. Is it time to end gerrymandering?
  4. Is it time for a third party in the two-party system?
  5. Is it time to overhaul the presidential primary system?
  6. Should campaign spending be restricted in politics?
  7. Should lobbyists be subject to harsher regulations?
  8. Should there be more regulation of political campaign advertising?
  9. Super PACs: Are they beneficial to democracy?
  10. Should there be greater openness when it comes to dark money in politics?

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Technology Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Smartphones: A boon or a curse?
  2. Is technology making us more or less productive?
  3. Do Millennials rely on computers more than Baby Boomers?
  4. Should pupils start learning to code in middle school?
  5. Is Watson the Cognitive Computer and similar technology unethical?
  6. How does microwave technology improve our lives, and how does it affect our biology?
  7. Should candidates’ social media presence be considered during the employment process?
  8. Do violent video games influence young people to become more aggressive in real life?
  9. Self-driving cars: a boon or a bane for the future of transportation?
  10. Is excessive social media use linked to depression?

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 Family Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Should moms stay home with their children to provide their best possible upbringing?
  2. Do long-distance relationships succeed?
  3. What can be done to avoid bullying and divorce?
  4. Can children heal from their parent’s divorce?
  5. The communal approach to family formation and child-rearing.
  6. Travelling as a family has advantages for the family members’ relationships.
  7. Are parents infringing on their children’s rights by publishing photos online?
  8. Do children have a say in their parents’ dreams?
  9. The benefits and drawbacks of relocating a family outside of the city.
  10. Is it okay for children to watch scary movies?
  11. Are there Halloween costume limits, and if so, what are they?
  12. Encouraging youngsters without lavishing them with prizes.
  13. How do parents unknowingly shape their children’s behaviours?
  14. Teaching youngsters to be responsible without pressuring them to complete chores.
  15. Is it worth it to buy your children pricey technology?

Education Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Should parents be actively involved in their children’s education?
  2. Grading systems should not be used to assess the ability of any student.
  3. Should high school students be required to wear a uniform?
  4. Technology’s function in the educational system.
  5. Should all pupils be required to programme?
  6. The benefits and drawbacks of studying in a single-sex class vs a mixed one.
  7. Should every student study a foreign language?
  8. Should pupils have access to sex education in school?
  9. Girls should have the same chance to engage in school sports as boys.
  10. Should schools be allowed to drug screen their students?

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Economics Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Is free trade advantageous to developing countries?
  2. What economic penalties are imposed on other nations, and how do they assist local businesses?
  3. The benefits and drawbacks of immigration and the economy
  4. The genuine efficacy of social benefits in poverty elimination.
  5. Should essentials costs be regulated?
  6. The national economic burden of high obesity rates.
  7. Should jobless individuals be given loans to start their businesses?
  8. Market regulation in the twenty-first century.
  9. Is climate change beneficial to the economy?

Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Every individual should have access to a free healthcare system.
  2. Should junk food include warning labels?
  3. How can a person’s bedtime affect their health?
  4. Bookstores should impose various age limitations for different books.
  5. Is HIV linked to homosexuality?
  6. Do you believe that movies in the twenty-first century are more violent than movies in the past?
  7. How do fast meals contribute to obesity?
  8. Artists put their mental health at risk by portraying criminals and psychopaths.
  9. Electronic textbooks are just as good as print textbooks.
  10. Is it possible to erase racism from society?
  11. Should animals have rights as well?
  12. Are social and political movements successful?
  13. Should animal testing be prohibited?
  14. Should children be encouraged to learn new languages?
  15. Is it vital to pay attention to one’s appearance when dating?
  16. It is challenging to come up with a decent and disputed issue. It may be annoying at times. An argumentative essay primarily concerns how you feel about a certain issue.

Here are some pointers to consider while choosing a topic for an argumentative essay.

  • Choose a topic that is currently trending. Pay attention to what others are saying right now.
  • Choose topics that will not elicit an argument.
  • You must select an arguable topic.
  • Avoid issues on which everyone agrees.
  • It is preferable to avoid discussing religion, racism, and other sensitive topics.

Make sure your argumentative essay topics and ideas are neither generic nor overdone. Selecting a topic that will pique the reader’s interest and provide a unique point of view is critical.

These argumentative essay themes will hopefully help you choose the correct topic. Create an outline for a fantastic argumentative essay once you’ve settled on a topic. If you are unsure how to approach the issue, seek assistance from a professional essay writer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To write an argumentative essay:

1) Choose a debatable topic.

2) Conduct thorough research.

3) Develop a clear thesis statement.

4) Present evidence to support your position.

5) Address counterarguments.

6) Structure your essay with an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

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