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40 Medical Argumentative Essay Topics – Tips & Ideas

Published by at September 16th, 2022 , Revised On July 10, 2023

A good augmentative essay presents opposing viewpoints and allows the reader to decide which perspective is more attractive and powerful. However, the first step for you is to select an exciting topic for your medical essay. In most cases, you will be provided with the title by your tutor, but on rare occasions, you will be asked to come up with your own topic.

If you are finding it difficult to come up with medical argumentative essay topics, you are not alone because many students struggle with this aspect of academic research. Here are some 40 interesting and unique medical essay topics that you can consider for your medical essay. Our advice: choose a topic that motivates and interests you.

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Intriguing Medical Argumentative Essay Topics.

Below are a few intriguing medical argumentative essay topics. The subjects covered in these courses have been thoroughly researched and offer a chance to gain a deeper understanding of the medical field. You can easily get sidetracked by research and fall behind on your writing if you are not aware of the time constraints. So, make sure to take care of that. 

  1. The role of stem cells in reducing mortality, particularly in patients with cardiac problems.
  2. How close are researchers to developing a treatment for cystic fibrosis?
  3. Define inflammation of the bowels and the measures taken to treat it. The function of food in medicine.
  4. Is it true that being obese or overweight increases your risk of developing diabetes or heart attack?
  5. What risk are pet owners posing to the general public by failing to clean up their dog’s waste?
  6. Can your body odour provide health-related information? Examine such smells and debate whether they are a reliable indicator of a patient’s disease or not.
  7. Methods for lowering infant mortality rates in developing nations.
  8. Are health campaigns useful strategies for preventing and controlling disease? Should the use of antibiotics be systematically and carefully regulated?
  9. The biggest threat to American health in the twenty-first century is mental illness. Discuss
  10. Is it possible to suggest that social variables impact how people live?
  11. Should surrogacy be limited to necessary situations due to a medical condition?
  12. Do you concur that hazardous industrial waste poses a threat to human life?
  13. Can it be said that rejecting religions is a mental illness?
  14. Is the disparity in the quality of healthcare services being given in the UK being widened by digital technology?
  15. Should government organisations be the only ones who decide on and control medical research funding?
  16. What impact does the development of health care have on electronic patient data?
  17. How should school health services be set up to properly assist the student?
  18. Why aren’t educational institutions and health care able to offer the support needed in trying circumstances?
  19. How Does Regular Nursing Training Affect Patient Satisfaction?
  20. Should public health initiatives promoting regular checkups and disease prevention be considered a top priority for healthcare funding?
  21. Is the UK’s healthcare system less effective due to the Affordable Care Act?
  22. Would patients have a say in how they pass away?
  23. Should the government’s healthcare programme include alternative therapies?
  24. Which human rights can have an impact on the idea of public health?
  25. What are the medical measures necessary to lower mortality brought on by the heat?
  26. How can health care accept it? What kind of living circumstances should each individual have for their health to be normal?
  27. What measures does health care take to fight chronic diseases?
  28. Do some healthcare providers benefit more from the UK tax overhaul at the expense of others?
  29. The use of 3D printing in medicine is expanding. Discuss how.
  30. What makes Pfizer’s case involving the equipment used to treat arthritis special?
  31. How are medical students prepared to use technology to heal?
  32. Traditional medicine versus smart technology.
  33. How can coronavirus-infected rural hospitals manage without the required tools?
  34. How does technology assist in cancer organ transplants?
  35. Why can’t doctors adapt to modern medical technology?
  36. What must be done by the medical community to provide all hospitals with cutting-edge technology?
  37. Do patients have more choices in selecting between chemical and natural medicines?
  38. How can genetic engineering be permitted as a treatment for terminal illnesses?
  39. Does marijuana be considered a prescribed medication for managing pain?
  40. Should government organisations be the only ones who decide on and control medical research funding?

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How to Write an Essay on a Medical Argumentative Topic?

To write an argumentative essay, you must avoid narrations and lame ideas since argumentative essay writing relies on reasoning.

Don’t forget to include relevant textual information or supporting evidence, and remember to create an outline for the argumentative essay.

A proposal describing your topic choice and its justification should be presented before you begin writing an argumentative piece. In most cases, it refers to the opening paragraph.

The author of the argumentative essay must support his previous proposal with evidence in the subsequent paragraphs. Here, the rationale behind this claim is defended.

It is also important to provide a variety of viewpoints in the argumentative paragraph.

There must be a conclusion to the argument text. Closure refers to the final sentence of an article and should be used until the end.

A writer must be able to communicate clearly, accurately, and concisely. Don’t overuse complex words, and use acceptable phrases. In addition, it is much better to include and properly credit the ideas of reputable authors since they help to keep what is discussed afloat. Readers will then be able to understand the author’s viewpoint and form their conclusions.

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If you have knowledge of the subject, you will not have any difficulty coming up with strong arguments. When it comes to persuading your readers, it is best to prepare yourself in advance with reasons. The best ones may be chosen by making a list of them and analysing them.

Currently, you have access to a wide range of resources for writing argumentative essays. You can even take inspiration and ideas from the list of medical argumentative essay topics mentioned above.

Choose a debatable medical topic, gather evidence from credible sources, present a clear thesis statement, and support your arguments with logical reasoning and persuasive language in your essay.

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