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Argumentative History Essay Topics

Published by at June 7th, 2022 , Revised On November 3, 2023

The challenge of writing an argumentative essay is trickier than many students might imagine. Many people around us believe that sarcastic and offensive content are the foundations of good arguments. Well, that’s not entirely true. A convincing argument is grounded in facts, not emotions. It remains valid and compelling.

A perfect argumentative history essay contends that the idea presented by the author is true and conclusive. In an argumentative history essay, the writer aims to persuade the readers with evidence and facts.

A good persuasive history essay topic grabs the reader’s attention while allowing you to write persuasively. The more contentious the topic, the more it stands out, making it easier to take a firm stand.

You will find that a new opinion, perspective, and admiration for your writing talent will emerge after people read about controversial topics. So, this blog post presents many argumentative history essay topics to help you get started with your history assignment.

History is an intriguing subject fraught with enigmas, mysteries and contradictory opinions. Whilst drafting a history essay may sound challenging, particularly if one does not believe themselves to be a skilled writer, it is not as tough as most people assume.

Indeed, it can be a fun-filled activity to compose an argumentative history essay. However, finding a robust history topic is paramount in ensuring that you thoroughly enjoy the work and produce an excellent piece. Here are some of the best topics for an argumentative history essay that you can use to hook your readers.

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Argumentative History Topics


The Era of Good Feeling


This topic will focus on the history of the Napoleonic Wars and the War of 1812. The United States, under the administration of President Monroe, experienced a period in its political history that epitomised a sense of nationhood and an aspiration for unity among Americans.


A Retrospective of the History of the 1812 War


The French Revolutionary Wars (1792-99) and the Napoleonic Wars (1799-1815) led to the strains that culminated in the War of 1812. Throughout this almost perpetual war between France and Britain, the attempts of both countries to dissuade the United States from trading with the other harmed American interests.


An Analysis of The Factors That Led to The Fall of The Western Roman Empire


This essay will explore the possible factors of the fall of the western roman empire. Irrespective of the actual cause, be it religion, a foreign incursion or the domestic deterioration of the city, the topic still interests academicians and researchers from around the world. The decline and fall of the Western Roman Empire occurred exclusively in the west. The eastern part, which would later become known as the Byzantine Empire, survived the centuries and retained a distinctly Roman character in many ways.


A Glimpse of The Reasons for NATO’s Formation


The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is one of the most important international institutions globally. This essay aims to shed light on NATO’s main objectives, which countries are members of it and how they make their decisions.


A Brief Summary of World War I


Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia on 28 July 1914, which marked the beginning of the First World War. At first glance, it seems to be an insignificant battle between the two countries. Still, it is interesting to note how quickly the conflict got Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom, and France involved due to treaties that pledged them to defend certain other states.

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The Impact of the World War I On the Social Status of Women


Many people believe that World War I was one of the most pivotal incidents changing women’s role and status today. In this topic, we will try to broach all the salient points and conclude whether World War I actually changed the position and status of women and whether it still impacts us today.


Women and World War I


This topic aims to highlight women’s contributions during World War I. Women worked in different industrial and agricultural sectors while millions of men served their country. Many other women served at the front as nurses, doctors, ambulance drivers, translators, and combatants.

American History Argumentative Essay Topics

Are you struggling to find amazing argumentative essay ideas on American history? Take it easy! You are about to discover some great essay topics on American history.

Topics Related to the American Civil War

Several personalities and occurrences precipitate a civil war at the national and international levels. The topics will focus on them and their consequences.

  1. Did women play a significant role in the Civil War?
  2. How did the Civil War improve the United States?
  3. Should the Civil War’s losers be commemorated or mourned?
  4. Is there a difference between Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis, a leader?
  5. Was Britain’s participation in the Civil War insignificant?
  6. Was the Mexican War the Civil War’s first battle?
  7. Was the Civil War primarily motivated by economic or moral concerns?
  8. What were the main points of contention between the North and the South?
  9. Who benefited more from the 1850 Compromise: The North or the South?

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American Industrial Revolution

Industries exert a substantial impact, both economically and socially. Concentrate on this particular connection, as it has remained crucial from the past until the present.

  1. Was it true that the industrial revolution had given birth to urbanisation?
  2. How much impact did the 1830 reform law have on the industrial revolution?
  3. To what extent did the industrial revolution raise living standards?
  4. What sparked the industrial revolution, and why did it happen?
  5. Is it true that the industrial revolution was good for the common person?
  6. What was the darkest aspect of the industrial revolution?
  7. What role did women play throughout the industrial revolution?

Argumentative Religion and History Essay Topics


How Did Religion Change the Modern World?


Religion is inextricably linked to faith. The modern world is very difficult to comprehend if one doesn’t realise the implications of religious belief,” Tony Blair said at a religious foundation. Millions after millions of people are motivated, incentivised, organised, and integrated by this religion. This essay will explore all the effects of faith on the world today.

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Topics Related to Colonisation in History 


An Exploration of The British Domination in The Colonies


This topic is primarily about exploring what British rule was like in the colonies. Even though each colony had its administration, the British king was in charge of all of them. In the 1770s, many colonists were angry because they lacked self-government. They could not govern themselves or make their laws.


Impact of British Colonization on Kenya


Kenya’s religion and culture, education and governance were all affected by British colonisation. In Kenya, British colonialism significantly impacted African religion and culture. The topic will help you to study its detailed history about it.


Understanding the Roots of The Conflict Between the American Colonies and Great Britain


The American Revolution took different stands against English colonisation and other European invaders. In general, the colonies were tired of the impositions and control of the European masters, who changed frequently and were sometimes irrational in implementing the colonialists’ intentions.


Through The British Administration of Colonialism, The United States Has Had a Long History of Taxation.


This topic is the inaugural in a series looking at the colonial roots of America.


The British Aided the Defeat of Nazi Germany During World War II


Let’s discover what the major part played Britain in its victory over Nazi Germany was?


The Proliferation of Populism and Ideology Over the Holocaust


During the Holocaust, populism and ideology were visible in different phases. This discussion aims to define populism and ideology. How did they fare through the Holocaust?

Taxation. It will give an overview of America’s first Century of colonial tax.


Industrial Revolution and World progress during the 18th and 19th Century


Writing an essay on this topic aims to know about the 18th and 19th centuries when the Industrial Revolution positively impacted the world. This included the increase in wealth, the creation of goods and the rise in living standards. People had better meals, nicer homes and cheaper items. In addition, schooling increased greatly during the Industrial Revolution.

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Topics Related to Historical Arts, Culture and Society

  1. The various transformations in the American way of life
  2. The Harlem renaissance people, art and literary movement
  3. The downward trajectory of society in America
  4. White superiority issues in the American society
  5. A look at the changes in the Texan economy, population and culture from 1876 to 1990.
  6. An oversight on the expansion of the society in America

More Argumentative History Essay Topics

Indian Festivals are an integral facet at the heart of the national culture.

The aim is to examine the role of Indian festivals at both local and national levels. How did they contribute to shaping the identity of different cultural groups?

Humans consuming psychedelic drugs can think more creatively

A discussion about the effects of various drugs on the human mind. Probe into some notable cases and experiments with drug testing.

American Revolution and its Presentation in the Movies

Browse the web for a couple of movies based on the American Revolution. Then examine the historical accuracy of their arguments.

Vincent Van Gogh and Bipolar-Disorder

Investigate Vincent Van Gogh’s actions and his medical case notes. Make an argument for or against the above concept.

Topics Related to History of Technology

World War II and the role of technology in the result of the war
The war effort required advances in science and technology that irrevocably changed American lives and paved the way for modern technology. Let’s look at how technology changed the globe after World War II.

  1. Roman Road and the Structure
  2. The era of Bronze and Advanced Farming
  3. Advancement of Technology in the Times of Ancient Rome
  4. The Historical Evolution in the Field of Medical
  5. The Age of Enlightenment brought rapid scientific progress to Europe
  6. The science behind the atomic power
  7. A look at the way China adopted new modes of censorship with the creation of the internet 

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Topics on European History

  1. Which scientific breakthroughs were made in late-nineteenth and early-nineteenth-century Europe?
  2. What triggered the English Reformation, according to Tudor history?
  3. Which economic and political advantages did the formation of the European Union provide for the member states?
  4. Describe the history of the European Union. Argue on the economic and political dimensions of the situation.

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