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We believe in team work and this is precisely why our focus since our establishment has been on building a team that could provide world’s best academic support service. Our IT developers, digital marketing experts, content writers, customer services representatives, quality assurance staff, and freelance experts make up for a one dependable team of people who work in together coherently to deliver your paper that is guaranteed to be according to your needs.

Content marketing team

At Essays.Uk, we believe in creating unique and amazing content that solves real problems. The content created by our internet marketing experts and professional writers is aimed to help students from across the world. In a nutshell, our content marketing team does all that’s needed to ensure that our voice reaches out to you effectively. Essays.Uk considers diversity in team-building of critical importance and that is precisely the reason why we have experts from diverse backgrounds adding value to our team.

Customer services team

Our customer services team works seven days a week and 365 days a year to provide unmatched support in your time of need. We understand that due to nature of our services, you may need to get in contact with our customer services even on weekends and holidays, and so our customer services staff works tirelessly to address any of your urgent concerns. The brilliance and efficiency of our customer services team has enabled Essays.Uk to satisfy thousands of students worldwide, and the sole reason we have experienced a high returning rate of customers.

At Essays.Uk, we believe solving your problems and establishing long term relationships that are mutually beneficial. You are welcome to contact our customer services team if you have any questions or concerns regarding our services or operating procedures. We guarantee to respond to your queries within 30 minutes during our operating hours.

8am-8pm Monday-Friday

10am-4pm Saturday and Sunday

Quality assurance team

Nothing is more critical to Essays.Uk then delivering the quality you paid for. We believe that “Quality is the Best Recipe”. Only by delivering high quality works, we can satisfy the needs of our customers and build a good reputation for our business. We have designed our quality control process to be a 2-stage process where in the first stage our editors perform a critical evaluation of the work completed by the writer to ensure it meets the quality standard you paid for and addresses the question problem and contains the correct number of words. In the second stage, we run a plagiarism check on the completed paper to ensure it is 100% unique. All papers are delivered along with a free anti-plagiarism report.

Writer Relationship Team

Our writer relationship team consists of highly experienced recruiters and HR professionals who know exactly the qualities we need in our writers. The writer management team is responsible for managing a large team of academics. The high-quality benchmarks that we have set for ourselves are a result of the commitment of our writer relationship team and the vision of the company to provide quality solutions to students in need.

Complaint Handling Team

Our management team efficiently handles complaints file by our clients. In the likely event where you unhappy with the quality of the work completed or the writer didn’t follow the instructions, our customer services team will forward your case to the complaint handling team which consists of certified experts and highly experienced professionals who would solve the problem by mediating between you and the writer.

Essays.Uk Writers

Our writers have been the key to our success over the last several years. We take pride to state that our team of writers consist of industry best academics including doctors, lecturers, researchers and professionals. Our strict recruitment process enables us to find writers who can address the question problems and follow the exact school guidelines’ so you can be confident of achieving the grade you desire.

What Makes Our Writers Exceptional

  • All of our writers hold a 2:1 Masters or PhD degree from a UK university
  • They are offered position following a stringent recruitment process in which they undertake interviews and tests. Our recruitment experts have several years of experience in student writing services industry, and they know exactly the expertise and skills our writers must have.
  • All our writers are asked to complete a trial assignment to an acceptable standard before being offered a position. This process costs us time and money but it helps us to deliver top-notch academic writing service.
  • All candidates are required to present their degree certificate in order for us to verify their academic qualification.

    The work completed by our writers is thoroughly proofread and checked by the quality management team before being passed on to our clients.
In short, choose your academic writing partner carefully and after performing the due research. Essays.Uk has been a reliable partner for thousands of students who needed help with their essays, assignments and dissertation. We are a company which believes in long term relationship, unparalleled customer services and loyalty no matter how complex or urgent the situation might be. “Invest your money wisely and choose a brand that has helped thousands of students to achieve high academic grades.”

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