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According to the Academic Council, when the research progresses to the stage where it requires SPSS analysis for completion, more than 92% of students feel constrained. The two most important tools for conducting analysis on gathered data are STATA and SPSS.

Essays UKprovide assistance to students battling SPSS’ brisk wind. Regardless of the level of complexity, we have a team of committed SPSS professionals who can handle the task of performing the analysis. The work our professionals do is of the highest calibre, as evidenced by their long years of experience.

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If you have already provided the writer with the data you have collected, the writer will reformat the data correctly for coding and data entry to perform the statistical analysis with SPSS to get the desired results. The variables will also be checked for accuracy.

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Free consultation with the expert statistician on the selection of the appropriate statistical test to run and interpretation of SPSS output for a better understanding of the analysis. With the expert’s recommendation and opinion on the limitations, you can draw wonderful conclusions from the analysis.

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Our expert statisticians have developed the skills you need to perform the analysis for your academic research using spss and other statistical software. With over 5 years of experience and PhD degrees on their hands, they are dedicated to help you achieve your academic goals. vclick to view some of the samples published by our experts.

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The term “statistical analysis” describes the process of examining data to identify patterns, trends, or other important findings. It makes use of statistical data analysis techniques.

There are numerous statistical analysis software programs that are accessible as subcategories of business intelligence solutions to simplify the analysis process. Examples include SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences), MATLAB, SAS, and Microsoft Excel Analysis ToolPak (Statistical Analysis Software).

In order to draw pertinent findings, the processes typically include examining the data that have been obtained. Among these are:

  • descriptive statistics
  • inferential statistics
  • prescriptive analysis
  • exploratory data analysis (EDA)
  • causal analysis
  • predictive analysis

The five fundamental techniques are as follows:

  • mean
  • standard deviation
  • regression
  • hypothesis testing
  • sample size estimation