Fair Use Policy

Utilising our services responsibly can lower your workload and help you achieve the academic grade you desire. We help students improve their grades and employment prospects by using our services on a regular basis. By placing your order with Essays UK, you can be sure that the Data Protection Act 1998 will be respected when writing your academic papers.

Additionally, all services provided by Essays UK are 100% confidential, which means that your personal information will not be divulged to third parties. We are hundred percent certain you can achieve high academic grades and academic knowledge if you utilise our services fairly. To avoid putting your career at risk, we ask you to be mindful of your responsibility and refrain from misusing our services.

Is It Is It Cheating

When you purchase a dissertation or essay from Essays UK, you are NOT cheating. We often receive customers who have repeatedly been let down by their university support staff, and therefore seek expert help to achieve the 2:1 or 1st class degree.

Possible Reasons to Use Our Services

  • You missed tutorials due to a bereavement or illness.
  • There was no model academic material provided by the university support staff.
  • Your tutor did not respond to your requests.
  • You have not received much help from your university tutor.
  • You aren't fluent in English.

Students are meant to use our model essays and dissertations as 'learning aids' in order to better understand their university materials by utilising them correctly.

Don’t Fall into the Plagiarism Trap.

Submitting a custom model essay, assignment or dissertation delivered by our experts as your own can have undesirable consequences. This is not how our services are meant to be used. You can use our model paper writing services to improve your understanding of the academic concept or idea you are researching, but you should not hand it into your university as your own work.

We love helping students get the most out of their education. However, our services are not designed to encourage plagiarism at any level.

Can I Submit Your Work to My College or University?

Submitting a model essay, dissertation or assignment created by our experts to your university as your own will prevent you from acquiring the knowledge you need to excel in your field of study. Even if you made some changes or minor changes to the paper before submission, it would still be considered plagiarism.

Make sure you write your paper from scratch in a new word document. However, our custom writing services can greatly benefit your ability to write a flawless academic paper.

We advise all students to use our services in a fair manner.

How Do I Use Your Services?

You can use our model papers to understand how to address a particular question you are required to tackle by your university. Of course, there could be other approaches to answering that question. However, our model essays will act as a strong starting point for you to know how to approach the question and structure your answer.

Here are some steps you must take to get the most out of our model answer service.

Read the model paper to see how our researcher answered the question.

Make notes while you read and read different sections of the model answer paper.

Try to develop your own ideas and arguments as you make notes.

Find academic sources relevant to your research question to use them as supporting evidence for your arguments.

Write your own paper in a new word document. Take guidance from the model paper our researcher developed for you. Make sure to include your personal opinion and analysis.

You can see how our researcher structured the answer to structure your own paper correctly.

Finally, ensure the work is 100% plagiarism free and consists of your own ideas.