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Mental Health Essay Topics with Outline & Examples

Published by at April 5th, 2022 , Revised On January 3, 2024

Mental health studies are a discipline that looks into various mental illnesses to see how they affect people, their causes, and what we can do about them. On the other hand, selecting the right topic for an argumentative essay is crucial to addressing a specific mental health issue. In other words, mental health essay topics have equal importance as the idea of mental health itself. 

Students who have a real passion for any particular area of mental health should spend considerable time searching and finding the right topic for their essays. 

This article presents many good mental health essay topics for your argumentative essay that you can use right away. These unique ideas will make it easier for students to address unique mental health issues through their arguments. 

Mental Health Essay Topics to Write About

Everyone is affected by a mental illness at some stage in their lives. So how do you explain what other people in the world are going through without feeling their pain, emotions and anxiety? The success of your argumentative essay largely depends on the quality and uniqueness of the topic. Here are some exciting and intriguing mental health essay topics you can consider:

  1. The relationship between obesity and mental health
  2. The relationship between teenagers and self-harm
  3. How does a returning soldier deal with his mental health problems?
  4. The causes of post-traumatic stress disorder in soldiers and its treatment
  5. What does anorexia nervosa mean?
  6. It is recognising and addressing indicators of a loved one’s mental health.
  7. What do you think about people who have “dark” thoughts?
  8. What does ADHD mean, and what factors may play a role in its development?
  9. An analysis of gender with most of the mental health problems
  10. The possible treatment options for obsessive-compulsive disorder
  11. The most common mental disorders in geriatric people
  12. The treatments that are used most frequently in depressed patients
  13. Identifying the main influences on brain screening
  14. The impact of depression on overall mental wellbeing
  15. Differences between anxiety disorders and key protective factors for mental health
  16. Do video games have an impact on a person’s mental health?
  17. How does music affect mental health?
  18. How do graphic images affect mental health?
  19. The effects of obsessive-compulsive disorder on human activity
  20. How to identify mental illness
  21. What makes you feel anxious?
  22. How can stress cause depression?
  23. What are anxieties, and why do people fear everyday objects?
  24. Examine the mental health of Holocaust survivors.
  25. Postpartum depression is a real problem. 
  26. What are the benefits of a cognitive health crisis? 
  27. How does poverty affect mental health? 
  28. The importance of improving psychological and emotional health 
  29. Common mental health problems of women and men
  30. What role do school programs play in addressing mental health?

Grave Mental Health Essay Topics

You may also write about some more serious mental health topics. However, acing a mental health essay on a grave mental health issue will require you to relate your content to people’s real-life experiences and start accumulating arguments to support your claims. Here are some interesting but super specific mental health essay topics. 

  1. Identify and discuss the role of physiotherapy in maintaining mental health.
  2. Sigmund Freud’s contributions to mental health
  3. What role does parenting stress play in depression?
  4. The influence of nightmares on depression
  5. The contribution of insomnia to depression
  6. Is it possible to keep the brain healthy to protect its health?
  7. Is it possible to forget painful memories?
  8. What educational credentials are required to practice psychiatry?
  9. What role do horror films play in anxiety?
  10. Why do people watch scary films?
  11. Discuss the relationship between mental health and therapy
  12. What measures are taken to treat mental health problems in the UK?
  13. Why are so many artists mentally ill?
  14. Do you think that living in the limelight causes mental illness?
  15. Discuss COVID-19 and mental health.
  16. How can you tell if someone is suffering from anxiety?
  17. An unintended consequence of online learning
  18. The impact of divorce on children’s mental health
  19. Why dropping out can harm a student’s mental health
  20. There is a link between physical violence and mental illness. Discuss

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Topics on Mental Illness Argumentative Essay

  1. Writing about a mental illness in your essay will require you to have an in-depth understanding of the illness you will investigate. If you pursue one of those in-depth mental health topics, you can surely impress your professor. TV shows that can benefit people with mental illnesses
  2. In the LGBTQ community, mental illness is common.
  3. Why are the people of the black community facing more mental illness?
  4. How can child abuse lead to mental illness?
  5. How is substance abuse related to mental illness?
  6. What are coping mechanisms most prevalent in mental illness?
  7. What is the impact of trauma on mental health?
  8. School-based programs to support students with mental health problems will be considered.
  9. What is the most common mental illness faced by raped victims? Discuss each of them.
  10. How lack of confidence can affect mental health
  11. Discuss the most recent developments in the field of clinical depression
  12. Anxiety caused by sexual assault in the metaverse
  13. How does anxiety affect the ability to cope with your daily life activities?
  14. Does women’s mental health matter in the nation?
  15. What are the most common mental illnesses faced by children?
  16. How can mental health be promoted at colleges and universities?
  17. How did music come to be associated with mental health?
  18. Mental health and its connection with peer groups
  19. How images of homeless people can affect a person’s mental health
  20. How can people on low incomes receive mental health care?
  21. The value of forgiveness for mental health
  22. Name and explain why one of the countries in the world has the highest rate of mental illness.
  23. The role of society in mental health problems
  24. Can a change of environment improve mental wellbeing?
  25. How can love help people who have a mental illness, and how can it not?

Good Essay Topics on Mental Health

  1. The role of extremists in the deterioration of mental health care in their holy places
  2. What happens when parents ignore their children, and how does it affect their mental health?
  3. The difference between religious counselling and professional counselling
  4. What does it mean to be anti-social, and how can you change or support someone who is?
  5. Recognise and explain the role of chronic stress and anxiety disorders in long-term loneliness. Discuss the impact of remote working on mental health and how to manage it.
  6. Talk about ways to deal with unhappy feelings to avoid slipping into chronic mental health problems.
  7. How can you tell if a person’s mental health is okay?
  8. How can you empower a handicapped person to pursue their goals without becoming depressed because of physical limitations?
  9. How can the general public best respond to someone suffering from a mental illness?

Cause-Effect Essay Topics on Mental Health

  1. What role does physical health play in maintaining mental health?
  2. The effects of post-traumatic stress disorder are severe. Explain why?
  3. Does emotional stress affect the immune system?
  4. How can break-ups help or hurt your mental health?
  5. How does early retirement affect or worsen mental health?
  6. What can a child do if they are diagnosed with schizophrenia, and how can they be helped?
  7. What are some of the potentially harmful behaviours that can exacerbate mental illness?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Mental Health

  1. People who are mentally ill are not religious. Argue on this perception
  2. Religion has both negative and positive influences on an individual’s mental health
  3. Anxiety is influenced by discrimination
  4. Depression can also be caused by self-awareness
  5. There are five reasons why mental illness is so prevalent
  6. Depression is a common problem among young people and is never taken seriously
  7. Suicide is a result of ignoring mental illness at its early stages. Argue

So now, when you have an opportunity to dazzle your teachers by working on these unique mental health essay topics, you must also know about the basic structure of a mental health essay. We have created a brief outline for you guys to understand the structure before delving into the topics. 

Outline of the Essay

It would be best to write down what you want to cover in your essay after conducting your research on a topic. Do not forget to find and review different academic sources when writing a mental health essay. 

Mental Health Essay Introduction

Your essay must have a hook that attracts the reader. Next, you need to establish a thesis statement to show you understand the significance of the topic you are exploring. You can also use your introduction to tell a story or share an experience.

Use proverbs, statistics, or anything that you feel is relevant to your topic in an introduction. Before concluding your introduction, give background information about your essay so that the reader knows what it is about.

Main Body

The body is divided into paragraphs that support your thesis with evidence and arguments. In general, the body should consist of five paragraphs. However, each sentence must contain a topic sentence linked to independent thought on the topic of mental health. You can also write each sentence with a definite purpose, convincing arguments, supporting details, and examples.


The conclusion sums up the content that you have presented in your essay. You can include a statement of your thesis at the end of your conclusion, and you can even ask a rhetorical question about the future of mental health. However, it would help if you did not make any new arguments in conclusion.

Important Tips when Writing Mental Health Essay

  • Present sufficient knowledge of the actual topic
  • Know the difference between mental health/illness and emotions
  • A generalisation of the term “Mentally Ill” should be avoided
  • Use neutral terms, be precise in your arguments/claims
  • Emphasis on the treatment and positive vibes through your content
  • Get professional assistance if you struggle with your medical or nursing essay.

Frequently Asked Questions

To write an excellent essay on mental health, research the topic thoroughly, provide personal insights, use a clear structure, support your arguments with evidence, and offer practical solutions. Prioritize empathy and awareness throughout.

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