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EssaysUK ensure quality and commitment through their work. We realise that trusting someone with your academic writing could be risky and haunting. Therefore, we have curated a few examples of our professional academic writings, written by experts in the subjects, to demonstrate the quality of the work that you can expect from us.

These samples cover all major topics and categories, varying from essays to dissertations, literature reviews, etc.


Full Dissertation Sample

Discipline: Content Analysis

Quality: 1st / 78%


Full Dissertation Sample

Discipline: Project Management

Quality: Approved / Passed


Dissertation/Research Proposal Sample

Discipline: Marketing Strategy

Quality: 1st / 76%


Essay Sample

Discipline: Economics

Quality: 1st / 72%

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Experienced Writers

Our academic writing samples are written by professionals and experts.

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Our work is 100% original, with relevant citations to avoid plagiarism.

Quality Work

Our samples of academic writing have been written in high-quality to showcase the kind of work you can expect from us.


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