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Research Essay Topics

Published by at December 6th, 2021 , Revised On November 3, 2023

One of the most challenging tasks in school life is writing a research essay. A successful research essay aims to increase the readers’ knowledge about a particular topic. It conveys neutral information in an accurate, concise and thorough manner.

The information you present in the essay should include valid evidence to support the premise. Finding the right topic is one of the most nagging aspects of writing a research essay. The topic of your research essay will need to be relevant to your area of study.

Your research essay topic should be specific, while your research should add value to the existing knowledge. A topic that is too broad or doesn’t address a particular problem usually results in a poor essay lacking focus and structure.

Likewise, you don’t want the topic to be too specific that you cannot find sufficient evidence and supporting material for your arguments.

Make sure to conduct thorough research before you finally decide on a topic and that you have all the necessary supporting information to write your essay.

To make the topic selection process convenient for you, we have classified several topics into sub-categories so that you can pick the right topic based on your areas of interest and level of knowledge.

Research Essay Topics on Education

  1. Fairness to parents who pay twice for education vs. no government help
  2. Religion’s contribution to the public good vs. separation of church and state
  3. Age-based placement vs. academic ability-based placement
  4. Students with disabilities should be mainstreamed rather than placed in special classrooms to meet their unique requirements.
  5. How does the education system in the United States differ from that of other countries?
  6. What effect does student debt have on their future life choices?
  7. What are the health benefits of physical education lessons for students?
  8. Do children who attend preschool perform better in school later on?
  9. Course requirements vs. required standardised tests for advancement
  10. National standardised testing vs. educational regulation at the local level
  11. Discrimination in the educational system
  12. Traditional basics vs. multicultural/bilingual education
  13. Is it true that pupils learn better in mixed-gender classrooms?
  14. Only compare teacher competency assessments to degree requirements.
  15. Needs and demands of teachers vs. teaching as a service profession
  16. School policing
  17. For school violence, the school bears responsibility vs. the parent’s bear duty.
  18. Toughness with flexibility vs. zero tolerance for violence
  19. The impact of technology on research
  20. What influence did the No Child Left Behind Act have?
  21. Who performs better in college: homeschoolers or traditional school?
  22. Exams are frequently used to assess a person’s capacity. Should exams be abolished in favour of a different method of evaluation?

Research Essay Topics on Religion

  1. What happened to our belief in several gods?
  2. Is there a link between religion and spirituality?
  3. Why are youth and elderly people less religious?
  4. What impact do terrorist assaults have on religion?
  5. What are the new philosophies that are gaining traction?
  6. What is the relationship between Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism?
  7. Is there a single true religion?
  8. Give specific arguments why the Bible should be taught as literary rather than for religious purposes.
  9. What impact do religions have on people’s understanding of good and wrong?
  10. Can other religions change the way women are viewed in Arabic cultures?

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Research Essay Topics on Social Media

  1. Is it necessary for newspaper writers to disclose their sources?
  2. Do the media report truthfully? Do they sometimes blur the line between news reporting and news production?
  3. Is there a bias in the media in favour of the white population?
  4. Is social media making us increasingly lonely, empty inside and unsociable?
  5. What can be done to keep young people safe on the internet?
  6. What methods are there to track down paedophiles on social media?
  7. Why do people feel compelled to put everything on the internet?
  8. How can cyberbullying be avoided?
  9. What steps are necessary to produce a film or a TV show?
  10. What measures has the film and music industry taken to combat piracy?
  11. Examine the challenges of accountability in drug advertising in the media by pharmaceutical companies.
  12. Can LinkedIn help people find jobs or further their education?
  13. How can people disconnect from social media?
  14. Why are more and more young people concerned with the number of likes and followers on social media?
  15. What is the extent of addiction to social media?
  16. Who are some of the most famous influencers in the world?

Research Essay Topics on Technology

  1. Examine the history and prospects of self-driving cars.
  2. What has changed since the invention of drones in terms of surveillance and warfare?
  3. Why have individuals become less linked to reality due to social media?
  4. Is Artificial Intelligence on the Rise? Explain
  5. Is it true that cell phones increase or decrease workplace productivity?
  6. What are the best methods to incorporate technology into the classroom?
  7. What impact does text messaging have on teen literacy?
  8. How have cell phones affected our social lives?
  9. Is the Information Age causing us to lose critical historical data?
  10. What are some ways that social media is used to manipulate people and cause depression?
  11. What is the background to the internet of things?
  12. Is it possible to run everything on solar energy?
  13. What is the difference between an open system and a closed system?

Research Essay Topics on Business

  1. What has changed in business manners in the last ten years?
  2. How might a better grasp of culture influence your business practices?
  3. Who are the great business people of the twenty-first century?
  4. Who are the outstanding businesswomen of the twenty-first century?
  5. Human Resource Issues in the Modern Era: Are today’s businesses condescending or more accountable to their workers?
  6. Globalisation’s cultural conflict: Strategies for building a successful presence in a foreign culture
  7. What are the characteristics of a good team leader, and how can you become one?
  8. What is the reason for the surge in stock market popularity?
  9. What are the advantages and disadvantages of working in an all-female environment?
  10. What distinguishes Islamic finance from ordinary banking?
  11. What are the economic implications of gold and diamonds?
  12. How can executives so skillfully criminally exploit firms?
  13. Create a new leadership model for today’s business environment that incorporates previous leadership models and theories.
  14. Examine the influence of social media as a tool for business marketing.
  15. Construct a scenario in which historically unethical commercial activities are justified.

Research Essay Topics on Health

  1. What are the long-term consequences of steroid use on the human body?
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using medical marijuana?
  3. What are the effects of tobacco usage on the human body?
  4. Is it true that the advantages of vaccination outweigh the risks?
  5. What are some of the most frequent sleep disorders, and how do you treat them?
  6. Emotional stress can create a variety of health problems.
  7. What are the most efficient treatments for depression?
  8. What are the benefits and cons of following a Keto diet?
  9. What are the differences between the healthcare policies of different countries?
  10. How can natural herbs be used to lower blood pressure?
  11. Is it acceptable for parents to opt-out of vaccinations?
  12. How much exercise is required every week to produce long-term health benefits?
  13. Websites dedicated to health provide far too much information.
  14. How can you persuade obese people to alter their habits?
  15. What are the advantages and disadvantages of genetically modified foods?

Research Essay Topics on Environment

  1. What can be done to reduce global warming?
  2. How can we avoid wasting paper and help the environment?
  3. Is it possible to control population growth?
  4. Should there be more films made regarding environmental issues?
  5. Impacts of humans on forests
  6. How dangerous has the Earth’s climate change been in recent decades?
  7. What has changed as a result of earlier oil disasters in terms of rules and cleanup methods?
  8. Make a detailed examination of worldwide deforestation rates over a period of time.
  9. Environmental Consequences of the Paris Climate Agreement
  10. How can the best adaptation for hurricane-prone structures be devised?
  11. What can be done to conserve amphibian species threatened with extinction?
  12. What has been the impact of climate change on coral reefs?
  13. Why have natural disasters become more common in recent decades?
  14. Is it feasible to forecast the effects of hurricanes?
  15. Is nuclear power a safe source of energy for humans?

Research Essay Topics for Middle School Students

  1. Is veganism the healthiest option for you?
  2. Is the greenhouse effect an artificial or natural phenomenon?
  3. Earthquakes: their causes, effects, and consequences
  4. How many computer games can a person play before becoming addicted?
  5. Why is human competitiveness so important?
  6. What is the history of poetry?
  7. In children’s books and animations, gender roles are portrayed in a variety of ways.
  8. Who is the finest general the world has ever seen?

Research Essay Topics for High School Students

  1. The best strategies to deal with drug addiction in high school
  2. Communications: physical vs. digital
  3. The importance of body image in K-Pop culture
  4. The significance of volunteerism and social work in schools
  5. Changes in the academic process as a result of Covid-19
  6. The Trail of Tears has left an indelible mark on American history.
  7. How motivation influences a person to become a better student
  8. The importance of printed books and libraries
  9. Methods for enhancing school security
  10. The importance of parental participation in schoolwork

Simple Research Essay Topics

  1. What role does diversity play in the team, and why is it so important?
  2. What distinguishes one sport from another?
  3. What would the world be like if Albert Einstein hadn’t made his discoveries?
  4. What made anime so popular over the world?
  5. Is a country’s traditional music more important than the international music popular all over the world?
  6. What are the realistic boundaries?
  7. How do you balance the rights of abortion doctors, pregnant women, and abortion clinics with the freedom to protest?
  8. What causes people’s leisure hobbies to change as they get older?
  9. What is the most effective method for dealing with procrastination?
  10. What are the most popular hobbies among children and adults in your area?
  11. Are there any pastimes that you enjoy doing in your own country but find difficult in others? Why?
  12. What stereotypes do people in your nation have, and how accurate are they?
  13. Should the use of animals for sports and entertainment be prohibited?
  14. What are the most current methods for stealing identities and money?
  15. What are the methods that computer viruses spread, and how do they harm computers?
  16. Should the state or federal governments enact laws to prohibit bullying?
  17. Is it OK for parents to smack their children?
  18. Should the death penalty be permitted in some circumstances?
  19. The impact of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs on the world
  20. What is the impact of oil spills on the environment, and what actions are being made to prevent them?

Interesting Research Essay Topics

  1. Is it true that older people are wiser and more correct and that their decisions are always correct?
  2. Is it possible for technology to create a generational divide?
  3. What are the differences between male and female friendships, and why?
  4. Is it possible for amusement parks to provide an educational purpose and be entertaining?
  5. How much noise is too much? What should we do, if anything, to put a stop to it?
  6. What makes people happy in your country?
  7. What are the advantages and disadvantages of plastic surgery?
  8. Is it true that a person’s beauty determines how happy and prosperous they will be in life?
  9. What causes people to accumulate such a large number of mismatched socks?
  10. What other common sayings exist in your language, such as “Actions speak louder than words,” and what life lessons do they teach?
  11. What makes the Nordic countries happier and more prosperous than the rest of the world?
  12. How can you communicate more effectively with your family, friends, coworkers, and strangers?

Controversial and Aggressive Research Essay Topics

  1. What is the global context of all terrorist attacks?
  2. How do you deal with a significant influx of newcomers?
  3. How do we keep the number of homeless children from rising?
  4. What should serial murders and rapists be punished for?
  5. Will religion be able to withstand the test of time? Explain
  6. Should the Constitution be changed to allow homosexuals and lesbians to marry legally?
  7. Are video games to blame for the rise in antisocial behaviour?
  8. What makes communism the world’s best political system?
  9. What impact will an increase in the minimum wage have on economic mobility?
  10. Should anabolic steroids be permitted in sports?

According to many people, the most difficult part of writing a paper is its beginning. However, choosing a topic precedes this first step. This amusement requires a considerable amount of time, and your creativity is not always on your side. Before you start writing, you should make sure that you have done some research. You shouldn’t commit the mistake of starting your research essay and then realise that there isn’t enough data to support your findings. Your study may sometimes be at odds with the statements you are trying to make. Before you start writing, complete much of your research. Create an outline to understand your workflow better. It will help you keep your paper organised and lucid and provide you with the clarity you need to write a powerful paper.

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How to Structure your Research Essay Paper?

The writing process may consist of the following steps;

Self-Prospecting: Creating an Outline and a Prospectus

List the following key points:

  • What is the topic of my essay?
  • What is the significance of this topic?
  • What kind of background information is useful?
  • What is the thesis or purpose statement for my paper?
  • What organisational strategy will best serve my goals?

Thesis Statement

Your thesis statement must reflect the central argument or claim you are making in the essay. Make sure you have a list of sources ready to include relevant information in your paragraphs. As usual, you must provide evidence for the premise of the thesis and the aim of the study.

The Introduction

You’ll need to accomplish the following points in the introduction:

  • Provide essential context or background information
  • Explain the subject of the paper and your specific objective wherever necessary by defining terms or concepts.
  • The essay plan outline

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The Main Body

  • As a guide, use your outline and prospectus.
  • Build your essay around the ideas you want to make
  • Include your sources in your argument.
  • Rather than simply reporting published material, summarise, analyse, explain, and assess it.
  • Return to generalisation by ascending and descending the “ladder of abstraction” from generality to various levels of detail and then back to generalisation.
  • Follow the correct paragraph structure.

The Conclusion

  • Present a summary of the points covered in the introduction and the main body.
  • If you haven’t expressed the relevance of your findings yet, or if you’re working inductively, use this last section of the essay to sum up your arguments and explain their significance.
  • In the recommendation sentence, you could advise what aspects of this topic require more inquiry.

Important Points to Consider

  1. Proofread the essay to ensure the format, organisation, language, and length are according to your university’s guidelines. When you create an outline, you carefully arrange your essay, so your arguments and claim make a logical connection. If not, think about how you can make it even better.
  2. If your essay is too long or too short, now is the time to shorten it or bring it to an appropriate length. If your essay is too long, don’t just cut the end.
  3. Don’t waste time experimenting with font sizes and margins to make your article longer. These changes should be made after careful consideration.
  4. Delete irrelevant information and restructure your document if needed to be concise, coherent and to the point.
  5. Check the overall structure, including the coherence of the introductory paragraph, the depth and rigours of discussion in the main body, and the effectiveness of the conclusion.
  6. Sentence structure, word choice, punctuation and spelling are all sentence-level considerations.
  7. Ensure consistent use of a system, citation of all material not in common knowledge, appropriate use of endnotes or footnotes, and accuracy of the bibliography.
  8. After a day or two, read back through your paper for a final time. Once you have reread through the work and checked that it meets all the requirements, now it’s time to submit your essay.

1. Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Job Market
2. Climate Change Mitigation Strategies
3. Ethical Implications of Genetic Engineering
4. Effects of Social Media on Mental Health
5. Role of Renewable Energy in Sustainable Development

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