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Argumentative Education Essay Topics

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Are you looking for intriguing argumentative education essay topics? This article provides education essay topics for your argumentative essay whether you are a middle school, high school, college or university student. 

When students enter middle school, high school, or college, it is a high probability that they will have written a series of essays and assignments where they have had to develop coherent arguments to persuade their audiences to specific points of view. With the current age of ” fake news” and under-researched online content, it is becoming imperative for students to critically think about the arguments and information they acquire from others. 

Argumentative essay writing has the potential to be highly effective and instructive for learners at all educational levels. Students are challenged to analyse their perspectives and sources, work out their arguments, and apply their knowledge to convince the readers to agree with their position.

As a middle or high school level student, you will need to complete several argumentative essay assignments. Underperforming students are assigned more accessible topics, but bright students are provided with more demanding topics to write about.

If you are looking for good ideas to impress your professors with, consider the list of argumentative education essay topics below.

Argumentative Education Essay Topics for Middle School Students

Children in middle school relish the opportunity to argue persuasively, so argumentative essays require a bit more attention and logic. More importantly, as they research their essays, gather evidence, and formulate their points of view and arguments, they will learn and apply several important writing and critical reasoning techniques.
In researching specific topics, students will be able to discern the potential bias of some sources and how those sources might be interpreted to favour one side of an argument or the other.
In any case, irrespective of whether students are arguing in favour of or against a particular subject, they will be learning a great deal about the ingredients of writing a powerful argumentative essay.
We’ve put together a variety of compelling argumentative education essay topics to help the students of middle school to select a well-researched topic for their essay papers;

  1. Should cigarettes be banned in light of today’s knowledge about the risks of smoking?
  2. Is it essential for students to learn a second language at school?
  3. What is the most pressing issue that legislators should be concerned about?
  4. Would it be needed to ban photographed covers of popular magazines?
  5. Is it better to keep religion out of politics or bring it in?
  6. Do celebrities have a right to privacy, or do they give up some of it when they choose to live in the spotlight?
  7. Is it necessary to keep peanut products and other common allergies out of schools?
  8. Is it wrong to illegally download copyrighted content, or is it just a legal matter with no ethical implications? 
  9. How homework is beneficial for students’ home time?
  10. Providing everyone with free internet. Good or bad?
  11. Is it possible that your violent behaviour stems from violent video games?
  12. Is it necessary to engage in physical activities in order to achieve success in life?
  13. Should students have the option of choosing what they study and whom they learn from?
  14. Do male students and female students in the school confront the same issues?
  15. Does nature play a role in the formation of our personalities?
  16. The value of taking art classes?
  17. Smoking: A habit or a living style of the elite?
  18. Do steroid users need to be banned from all types of sports activities?
  19. Students and parents should collaborate to improve their children’s academic performance. Agreed?
  20. Male students have more opportunities in school than female students. Argue.
  21. Counselling should be a part of every student’s education. Elaborate with arguments. 
  22. Value of Pop culture in today’s society.
  23. Should parents keep an eye on their children’s online activities and check their mobile history?
  24. Which is more critical: individual privacy or national security when it comes to government surveillance?
  25. What effect does a person’s upbringing have on whom they become?
  26. Should students recite the Pledge of Allegiance in school?
  27. Should there be more than two gender options accessible on official forms, documents and schools?
  28. Do participation trophies have any worth or do they undervalue the winners’ accomplishments?
  29. Should youngsters be allowed to spend a certain amount of time in front of a screen?
  30. Is reality television a good representation of actual life?
  31. Is it true that nature or nurture has a more significant influence on who we are?
  32. Do sportsmen, entertainers, and CEOs have a right to make more money than regular people?
  33. What is the most challenging task confronting today’s students?
  34. What are people’s responsibilities in terms of assisting one another?
  35. What is one thing that every home should do to save energy?
  36. With that said, isn’t it true that people who engage in violent video games are more inclined to be violent in real life?
  37. Is it ever fair that minorities are treated differently or given special consideration?
  38. Does the average American eat a balanced diet?
  39. Should students have more say in how they are taught?
  40. Do girls or boys experience more or equal social pressure?
  41. Is enough being done in schools to prevent bullying?

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Argumentative Education Essay Topics for High School Students

Being a high school student, argumentative essay writing allows you to come up with a point of view on a given topic and argue why your standpoint is valid. If you fail to establish a vantage position, your argument appears flimsy and poorly construed.
So when you choose a topic for an education argumentative essay, make sure it’s something you care about and can make a convincing argument for. Ideally, argumentative education essay topics for high school students are meant to concentrate on the problems that are relevant to them.
These problems can be personal or issues that have a more considerable impact on the school community or society in general. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular argumentative education essay topics for high school students;

  1. How to overcome your greatest fears?
  2. Is it justified to rate your teacher’s performance?
  3. Should pupils with better grades be rewarded with more privileges at school?
  4. Is it necessary to attend gym classes at school?
  5. Should the government impose substantial penalties on bullies?
  6. Is a student’s performance influenced by the size of his or her class?
  7. Are stereotypes reinforced by television shows?
  8. Do men and women have the same rights?
  9. Is the United States a viable option to live in?
  10. Is fashion significant in current society?
  11. Is it necessary to examine the literature?
  12. 12. Do you think those who damage rainforests deserve to face prosecution?
  13. Are electric vehicles a viable option for reducing global pollution?
  14. Is globalization genuinely beneficial for the whole world?
  15. Are the policies in schools in favour of the majority of students?
  16. Does your vote have any value?
  17. Does media diversity matter in society in any way?
  18. Is there truly a salary disparity?
  19. Should religion be allowed to play a role in government?
  20. Should kids be able to pick their classes just like college students?
  21. Is it advantageous or harmful for pupils to attend a single-gender school?
  22. What do you think young people should be praised for?
  23. Is the increased use of technology beneficial to young children’s development, or does it impair it?
  24. What academic standards should student-athletes be required to complete in order to remain eligible to compete?
  25. Is the Electoral College still relevant or has it become obsolete?
  26. Is it beneficial for students to homeschool?
  27. 27. what level of education is required to qualify to join the workplace?
  28. Are today’s schools effectively preparing pupils for life in the real world?
  29. What are the most effective ways for an average individual to make a difference?
  30. Do you believe that religion must be practised in schools?

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Argumentative Education Essay Topics for College & University Level Students

Well, we all know that not every student is a born writer. This is already true for school going students, however, this problem gets way more glaring when it comes to attending college or university. Why is this the case? Schools encourage students to write with a more straightforward approach, but colleges and universities require more strenuous effort, study and research. Writing patterns in schools and colleges are entirely different. Taking a bold assertion and arguing for or against it is an easy way to come up with a topic for a college and university level essay. Here you will be able to find some good argumentative education essay topics to argue either in favour of or against specific topics;

  1. Would it be acceptable to give illegal immigrants equal access to education?
  2. Does everyone need a college education?
  3. Do slender female models depict a society in a wholesome manner?
  4. Is sexism toward women about to end?
  5. Is cheerleading considered a sport?
  6. Is the debate over naming rights reasonable?
  7. Is censorship doing its job correctly?
  8. Can animals help cope with emotions?
  9. Is there stereotyping of minorities on television?
  10. Is it a blessing or a curse to live in a nursing home?
  11. Should the death penalty be allowed in every country on earth?
  12. Is it acceptable to smoke in public places?
  13. Is the voting age justified in the US?
  14. Do US courts uphold the rule of law?
  15. Is the working class better off because of the industrial revolution?
  16. The manufacturing and selling of tobacco must be banned.
  17. Every country in the world should introduce the death penalty.
  18. It is necessary to ban smoking in public places.
  19. When is it appropriate to use military force?
  20. Should parents be held liable if their child commits a crime?
  21. Should academic achievement be the primary criterion for college admissions?
  22. The consumption of alcoholic beverages should be restricted.
  23. The consumption of stimulant drinks is dangerous.
  24. Is it necessary for court hearings to be televised?
  25. The best age to vote is 18. Argue!
  26. At what age can citizens drink and smoke?
  27. Is there justice for all in the end?
  28. God exists. Justify this statement with evidence.
  29. It is worth the investment in a college education.
  30. Students are not aware of the importance of protecting privacy on social media.
  31. Helping others should be a priority in one’s life.
  32. Students ought to be gracious to their parents for providing them with the opportunity to attend college.
  33. It is important to marry someone with a similar educational background.
  34. Athletic students should not be prioritized in college classes.
  35. Husbands are supposed to earn more than their wives.
  36. Pornography should be banned.
  37. When it comes to racial issues, America is extremely sensitive.
  38. Grades are not a good indicator of intelligence.
  39. Textbooks must be replaced with electronic books.
  40. Paper books will be obsolete in the next 50 years.
  41. China will soon replace the United States as the leading world power.
  42. Public schools are inferior to private ones.
  43. Athlete students should be appreciated for their sports efforts.
  44. Homeschooling is damaging students’ self-confidence.
  45. Students should try to graduate with as little debt as possible.

Arguments are always presented within a certain framework. If you put yourself in this situation, you may find it easier to justify your argument. We have tried to provide the best ideas for arguments that will help you to initiate your essay.

Whether you are writing an essay for middle school, high school, or college, or trying to capture the interest of a local audience, an exciting and engaging topic combined with a well-structured essay is the key to a successful essay!

How to Structure an Education Argumentative Essay?

An impressive argumentative essay consists of 4 steps. Read below to know about these steps;


The introduction’s target is to introduce the topic to its reader. A good introduction should consist of the following elements;

  • It should not be so lengthy but only be a short paragraph.
  • Be appealing to pull in the audience.
  • Mention some essential terms (key terms) related to the topic.
  • Briefly describe important fundamental theories related to the topic.

Supporting Paragraphs

These are intended to prove that the argument is valid and credible. Supporting paragraphs have certain characteristics. The main clause must be included in the subordinate clause, as well as a full explanation of the topic. It provides evidence in the form of arguments and examples.

By doing this, the body paragraph shows that the reader has a better understanding of the argument. A supporting paragraph should be no longer than one paragraph of the introduction.

It contains an argument, a rationale and a supporting example. A concluding sentence is included in a supporting paragraph. To explain, the explanation must be summarized in one or two sentences at the end of a supporting paragraph. 

Counter Argumentative Paragraphs 

To anticipate the audiences’ refutation; thereby rendering the argument more objective and rational. The counter-arguments paragraph should not be longer than one or two paragraphs. Make sure you are aware of the readers’ possible counter-arguments, as well as some key elements of the writer’s logic. Refute such objections. By disputing the objections, you reinforce both the supporting and opposing arguments. 


Reiterate the argument that has been critically and analytically evaluated. The conclusion should explain why the reader ought to be interested in the argument. Show the significance of the writer’s claim. Be descriptive, because how the reader ultimately takes the writer’s argument hinges on it. Refrain from launching a new claim that requires new justifications and explanations.

Points to Remember

  • Ensure that your topic is not too broad or too narrow. Pick a topic that can be argued, preferably one that interests, baffles or excites you. Draft a list of your arguments. Specifically, what is your objective? The point you are trying to prove, be it an opinion, a viewpoint or an underlying idea? Before starting to write, you ought to have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish.
  • Your essay has to be written for a certain audience. So who are the readers of your essay? Are they a specific group – uninvolved bystanders, opponents of your point of view, etc.? Perhaps you are addressing your peers with your writing. Approach your lecturer to determine who your target audience should be. If you are not sure who your target audience is, address your arguments to everyone.
  • Powerful essays present arguments that are supported by facts. The main arguments that support your claim or argument are called rationales. They are often answers to the question: “How do you derive this argument?” For brevity, reasons can also be referred to as ” because-phrases”. Underpin your arguments with adequate facts to support your justifications and make your arguments effective.
  • Like any other essay, it is recommended to revise your argumentative essay a couple of times. Remember to cover the following points in your essay; “Give plenty of facts, which are presented fairly and factually, and be responsive to your opponent’s point of view. Pay extra attention to the way your essay is structured. Make sure the format is appropriate to your topic and audience. Include appropriate segues that help the reader to follow your argument and to identify and correct logical errors.”
  • Once you have completed a well-written draft, take off the writer’s hat and replace it with the audience. Proofread your essay attentively and rigorously. To get comments on your essay, share a draft with your friends. Carefully revise your work based on your classmates’ evaluation and feedback. Afterwards, you are all set to hand in your essay.

Frequently Asked Questions

An argumentative essay presents a balanced analysis of a controversial topic, supporting a specific viewpoint with evidence and reasoning. It aims to persuade readers to adopt the author’s perspective.

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