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Narrative Essay Topic Examples

Published by at December 7th, 2021 , Revised On November 3, 2023

Let’s start with a brief introduction to the narrative essay before listing the topics. A narrative essay is an academic essay assignment where the writer tells a story about a personal experience to make a point.

The planning of the narrative essay, also known as an essay outline, greatly influences your overall execution and success. Perhaps, topic selection and planning is one of the main reasons professional writers spend a lot of time thinking of and developing a topic for their writing.

When choosing a topic for your narrative essay, you should remember that it should express personal experiences, events, narratives and views. Therefore, it is vital to choose a topic that will allow the writer to present the story in the best possible light.

Ready to choose a topic for your narrative essay? We have compiled a list of narrative essay topics for our readers in this article. In the following collection, you will find ideas on different categories. Let’s get started!

Personal Narrative Essay Topic Examples

A personal narrative is a story about the writer’s own life. Therefore, one can write in the first person. Describe your feelings and thoughts. Make an effort to describe the intricacies of your narrative. This will allow the reader to experience the story along with you. Here you can find a collection of excellent essay topic suggestions:

  1. Your first sports coach brings back memories.
  2. Write about a time when you defied your parents’ wishes.
  3. Consider a time when you quarrelled with your best buddy.
  4. What was the most thrilling adventure you’ve ever had?
  5. A terrible scenario that turned out well.
  6. Write about a moment when you had to put in a lot of effort to prepare for a competition.
  7. Describe a pivotal moment in your life.
  8. What makes you emotionally weak?
  9. A movie character to whom you may most closely identify your characteristics.
  10. How did I deceive my parents into thinking I was going on a trip with my friends?
  11. It was your first breakup.
  12. What makes you believe you are distinct from others?
  13. What is your worst school memory?
  14. When you were bullied as a kid.
  15. When you bullied someone and then felt awful about it
  16. This is your happy place.
  17. Losing a pet is a heartbreaking experience.
  18. Camping with a friend was a memorable experience.
  19. What method did you use to learn to drive?
  20. How did I learn to play the drums?
  21. What if you could travel through time?
  22. An instance in which you had to overcome fear
  23. Write about what drew you and your parents closer together.
  24. Give an example of a remarkable conversation you had with someone.
  25. A terrifying experience of your life
  26. Your recollections of seeing something breathtaking
  27. A time when you felt proud of yourself
  28. Consider a time when you had to teach a child something.
  29. Describe a time when you defended someone.
  30. Write about the most memorable birthday celebration you’ve ever attended.
  31. Tell us about a time when you were lost.
  32. Do you wish you could start your life over?
  33. The terrifying moment in history
  34. Who taught you the most important life lesson?
  35. The happiest moment of my life

Fictional Narrative Essay Topic Examples

Telling a story is a central element of the craft of fiction writing. You have complete freedom to tell a story that has nothing to do with reality in a fictional narrative. We have created a list of some exciting fictional essay topics for you. Have a look;

  1. Write a story about a girl who learns her superpower.
  2. Describe how you see the future.
  3. A fictional story about a person who encounters large city life
  4. Make up a post-apocalyptic tale.
  5. A team of researchers has discovered a new world within the Earth.
  6. Write about a hamster who thwarted a home invasion.
  7. A person who rescues the country from being poisoned by mass-produced food
  8. A group of high school kids is assisting in improving their community.
  9. In a faraway galaxy, a new civilization emerges.
  10. A story about a person who wakes up with a new identity after surgery
  11. Make up a story about an enigmatic musical instrument.
  12. A presidential candidate who is a college student
  13. Make up a story about a picture that changes appearances with each new home.
  14. A wealthy individual sends large sums of money to the underprivileged.
  15. Make up a fictional story about a family with strange inclinations.
  16. A movie celebrity who takes on the role of their character in real life
  17. A UFO is seen by passengers on an airliner.
  18. A story about a farmer who raises unusual plants
  19. Write a story about an orphan who discovers their inheritance.
  20. A story of two siblings who come to an agreement after a long disagreement

Culture-Based Narrative Essay Topic Examples

Cultural narrative essays empower you to show the reader a facet of culture while remaining interesting and educational. Cultural narratives are excellent conversation starters because they allow people to question culture and express biases about a culture or specific components of that society. Below are some topics for cultural narrative essays;

  1. Unique family customs
  2. You were amazed by a tradition.
  3. What is your favourite holiday, and how is it celebrated in your culture?
  4. Why is it necessary to understand your culture?
  5. You were embarrassed because you did not understand a particular facet of a group’s culture,
  6. Changes in culture as a result of circumstances
  7. The influence of the media on culture
  8. How does your family celebrate Easter?
  9. During the Christmas season, something tragic occurred.
  10. A religious gathering in another country
  11. When you had to work during the Christmas season
  12. Spending a holiday alone is a unique experience.
  13. The culinary customs of your family
  14. What does a person’s culture say about them?
  15. I’ll be spending Christmas with a friend this year.
  16. For you, the most significant holiday
  17. An international cultural event
  18. The most terrifying Halloween costumes
  19. This Thanksgiving, what were you grateful for?
  20. The most wonderful Christmas ever

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Argument based Narrative Essay Topic Examples

  1. Choosing to do something decent despite the rules
  2. Choosing to do something evil while adhering to the rules
  3. There was a time when you had to choose between doing what was right and doing what was wrong.
  4. Is it ever appropriate to inform someone?
  5. A time when your doctor appeared to be, or actually was, negligent
  6. Having a laugh at someone’s expense
  7. Taking responsibility for someone else’s mistakes
  8. Putting the blame on someone else is a common tactic.
  9. Ignoring a negative situation
  10. Getting involved in a disagreement
  11. Getting into a physical altercation with a bully
  12. A narrative about a time when you had a disagreement with a buddy
  13. When was the last time you had to deal with bullying?
  14. Someone who has taken their own life.
  15. The day you received your high school diploma.
  16. A difficulty you helped a friend with A day at school when someone was beaten up.
  17. The most priceless life lessons
  18. It was the wrong place at the wrong moment.
  19. Who taught you the difference between right and wrong?
  20. Is it permissible to listen in on conversations?
  21. Once upon a time, someone was found cheating.
  22. You were in a car accident, and you felt humiliated at the moment.
  23. You performed a charitable act.
  24. One wrong decision.
  25. You were once having a dispute with a friend.

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Narrative Essay Topic Examples on Schooling

This section is appropriate for students of all grades! When writing a school essay, you can write about your unique experiences as a student. You can write about memorable moments from your school days, problems you faced, or important people you met. Choose one of the best narrative essay ideas about school from the list below;

  1. A turning point in your trust in humanity
  2. The most memorable class excursion
  3. You discovered how vital it is to learn other languages at some point.
  4. The most humiliating experience of your life
  5. Friendship betrayal
  6. Write a narrative featuring your favourite instructor as the protagonist.
  7. Tell me about your first day in school.
  8. A memorable experience shared with your best friend.
  9. What do you like to do when you have a break?
  10. Tell your reader about anything you recently learnt in class that you found fascinating.
  11. It was one of those days when you had to leave school early.
  12. Reminisce about your favourite class get-together.
  13. What is the significance of television in your life?
  14. A new pastime you’ve recently taken up
  15. How did taking more classes to help you get better grades?
  16. What did you use to form bonds with your classmates?
  17. It’s the last day of school before summer vacation.
  18. Have you ever won a competition in school?
  19. The day you’ve made up your mind on what you want to do with your life.
  20. Write about the teacher who had the most significant influence on you.
  21. The day you got into an argument with the principal.
  22. Consider a class you’ll never forget.
  23. When you failed to bring something to class one time
  24. Describe your approach to a science project.
  25. The most difficult class you ever had in middle school.

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Childhood Narrative Essay Topic Examples

Embark on a journey into the past and develop a whimsical story. You can always make up a story if you have a setting and a concept but no story. People will find your life fascinating if you make it compelling! Write about an experience from your childhood that taught you the value of collaboration.

  1. Tell us about how you got your moniker.
  2. Write about how you like to play with your favourite toys.
  3. What was the most memorable place you visited as a child?
  4. When you were younger, what kind of pals did you have?
  5. It was my first time seeing a football match.
  6. I went to the part first time
  7. It’s your first time visiting Disneyworld.
  8. What is your earliest memory of a birthday celebration?
  9. It’s your first time meeting a family member.
  10. What is your earliest recollection from childhood?
  11. When you were ill
  12. Recall your earliest memories from infancy.
  13. What was the first and most important lesson you acquired as a child?
  14. Tell us about your fondest sports memory from childhood.
  15. Your scariest childhood moment
  16. Which abilities did you possess as a child?
  17. What was it like growing up with your brothers and sisters?
  18. Make up a story about your favourite pet.
  19. Your favourite childhood memory with your family.
  20. Were there any obstacles you had to overcome when you were a kid?
  21. What was your favourite children’s book when you were a kid?
  22. Have you ever gotten lost as a child?
  23. You had an exciting sleepover with your buddies.
  24. Write a tale about an experience you and your pals went on.
  25. A holiday with your family that you will never forget

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Personality based Narrative Essay Topic Examples

  1. When you have to wait for something important, how patient can you be?
  2. What is your level of self-control?
  3. Have you ever had the opportunity to take on a leadership role in your life?
  4. What would your life be like if you had lost your parents when you were young?
  5. Are you a competitive athlete who enjoys playing a variety of sports?
  6. When your best friends are around, do you take more risks?
  7. Make a list of your personal superstitions and talk about them.
  8. Talk about the different pranks, jokes, fairy tales, and hoaxes you’ve fallen for.

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Travelling and Holidays based Personal Narrative Essay Topic Examples

A narrative essay based on a trip or vacation is intended to illustrate what it is like to travel the world. Create a narrative that is based on a real or imaginary place based on some of the fantastic ideas;

  1. It’s your first time taking a vacation overseas.
  2. When you were on the verge of missing a flight
  3. When you were stranded at the airport
  4. On vacation, I’m going to a new city and exploring it.
  5. The most reminiscence-inducing holiday experience
  6. During the holidays, a horrific thing occurred.
  7. During a vacation, there was a scary incident.
  8. Tell us about your visit to a historic location.
  9. Make up a tale about how you got around the airport.
  10. When you were on vacation and got lost in a distant city.
  11. While on vacation, making a new acquaintance
  12. Surprisingly, while on vacation, I ran into a friend.
  13. Tell us about your visit to a historic location.
  14. Make up a tale about how you got around the airport.
  15. What should you do if you become disoriented in a strange country?

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Relationship and Friendship Narrative Essay Topic Examples

  1. On the internet, making a friend
  2. Getting together with a ‘virtual’ pal
  3. Which of your childhood friends do you miss the most?
  4. Describe a family that, no matter what, maintains a loving bond.
  5. A narrative in which you help someone who was once your adversary.
  6. A generational clash exists.
  7. How does it feel to be in love?
  8. Write about how hatred can lead to the abolition of relationships.
  9. Discuss the agony of quitting a relationship.
  10. Getting yourself and your friend into trouble
  11. A time when you had to fill in for a friend.
  12. When you first met the parents of your friend
  13. For the first time, you come face to face with a friend’s pet.
  14. Create a story in which people with polar opposite personalities get together.
  15. The most useful relationship advice you’ve ever received

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Literacy Narrative Essay Topic Examples

The literacy narrative emphasizes the sentiments that are associated with reading and writing. In writing this type of essay, consider yourself both a reader and a writer. Here is the list of a few relevant topics;

  1. Write about a book that had the greatest impact on you.
  2. A news story that shifted your perspective on life
  3. Which character from a novel do you most relate with?
  4. Talk about a work of fiction that piqued your interest.
  5. What was your favourite book as a kid?
  6. Describe the process of writing a poem.
  7. What causes a person to struggle with writing?
  8. You’ve just finished reading the scariest story you’ve ever read.
  9. Recall how you felt after reading a touching social media post.
  10. What’s the most uninteresting book you’ve ever read?
  11. Describe a book you’d want to read again and again.
  12. What drives you to write short stories?
  13. Who do you consider to be an overrated author?
  14. What steps should I take to become a published author?
  15. Literature class that will be remembered
  16. Do you want to be a professional writer someday?
  17. Remember the first time you had to finish a writing assignment?
  18. What does it feel like to share your opinions on social media?
  19. Who would be the main character in your novel if you were to write one?
  20. Discuss the most personal piece of writing you’ve ever done.

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Interesting Narrative Essay Topic Examples

  1. When you take a chance to accomplish something
  2. A wrong decision that changed your life
  3. When you were in trouble on skipping a day in college
  4. You were once envious of someone popular with everyone.
  5. What distinguishes you from others?
  6. You handled a difficult circumstance with patience.
  7. When did you last feel insecure?
  8. When you had to give up your most treasured possession to save a friend
  9. Share a time when you were able to forgive someone who had wronged you.
  10. Your first impression of someone was incorrect.
  11. When was the last time you took advantage of an opportunity?
  12. When was the last time you used a gender card?
  13. A situation that harmed your reputation
  14. A boring evening that became a thrilling evening
  15. When was the last time you went to a haunted house?
  16. Things you do while you’re alone
  17. When was the first time you went to the ER?
  18. Your first run-in with the police

We hope you find some of these suggestions for narrative essay topics useful. Be sure to draw on your own experiences when choosing a topic. This will elevate your essay and leave a lasting impression on all the readers.

Structure of the Narrative Essay

Like all other types of essays, a narrative essay requires a working outline that clearly outlines all the elements of the paper and the main points that must be included. The outline of a narrative essay is structured into three parts. These are the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. The content of these headings include;

The Introduction

  • The catchphrase
  • The thesis assertion
  • A concise explanation of why the topic is important

The Main Body

  • A synopsis of the setting, background, and so on.
  • Everyone important is involved.
  • There’s a glimmer of foreboding here.
  • The beginning of the event
  • The conclusion


  • What was the moral of the topic?
  • What was the significance of the event?
  • Is there a call to action?

Important Points to Consider

  1. It is a story to either educate or entertain the audience. You are not trying to persuade or convince anyone of anything. It is also not about discussing opposing viewpoints on a topic. Therefore, you should focus on writing an entertaining and engaging story to read. Make sure to pay attention to the setting and characters of the story.
  2. Adherence to the essay style of introduction, discussion, and conclusion is not compulsory in a narrative essay, but it does help to organise the body of the essay. The first part of a narrative essay usually includes an introduction to the narrative. Then the problem or conflict is stated. At the end of the essay, a solution is presented. In a narrative essay, you can present any moral or meaning you see through the dilemma and its solution.
  3. An outline provides you with nothing more than scaffolding for the essay, out of which its exact structure can be seen. It simply informs you about what you will write before you begin. With the help of an outline, you can determine the order of each section. When you draft the whole essay, you can also put some words on the sheet. You will get a general idea of how the story will develop.
  4. Writing a narrative about a fictional character from a completely different perspective is conceivable. However, this will make it more challenging to stand out or make the essay seem authentic. However, your essay will be valorised if you can refer to your personal experiences and express them in writing.
  5. Use an energetic voice and dynamic words. Imagine giving a speech: What terms, phrases, slang, and idioms would you use? Keep the syntax simple.
  6. Be aware of proofreading and double-checking your formatting. Dialogue sections, in particular, may use punctuation conventions with which you are not familiar. Be sure to surround all spoken content with quotation marks, match it to a character, and insert line breaks when the speaker’s identity changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

A narrative essay is a form of writing that tells a story, often based on personal experiences. It typically includes characters, a plot, and a descriptive or reflective tone, aiming to engage the reader and convey a specific message or lesson.

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