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A Guide to the Best Plagiarism-checker Software

Published by at January 30th, 2023 , Revised On June 22, 2023

Plagiarism is the most consuming headache for students when it comes to composing an excellent dissertation. Plagiarism is the intellectual analogues of kidnapping, using ideas or information that does not belong to you fall in the category of plagiarism. It is one of the most malicious practices that can be carried out by an intellectual. As the amount of information increased, the theft of information also increased. A plethora of fake journals and copied research paper surged the market.

How Much Plagiarism is Allowed?

Universities need authenticated research work. Each university allows a limited amount of plagiarized content to be neglected. Typically, 17% of plagiarized content is allowed; however, this percentage changes from institute to institute and journal to journal. Plagiarism checking software is a need for everyone linked with academia, either teacher or a student.  

List of the Top Plagiarism Detection Tools

There are a lot of plagiarism checking software that are currently available to check the originality index of a paper. They can be divided into two categories; paid and free. 

Top Paid Plagiarism Detection Tools

Following are the best-paid software available in the market for checking the originality of dissertation or research articles.

Turnitin: It is an internet-based originality checking tool that checks the document against a huge volume of documents, books, and research papers. Turnitin is a paid software and is extremely popular with professors. It generates a downloadable report highlighted with different colours; each colour represents a source. The matching index of each source is mentioned separately in descending order which is very useful for students to remove similarity. 


IThenticate: This online tool is used by corporate sectors to check plagiarism. It is a paid software and mostly used by medical publishers and newspapers.


PlagScan: In most of the academic institutions, PlagScan is the prime priority, and it checks submitted articles against the web-based document, internal archives, and journals. PlagScan is a paid software that is available in English, Spanish, French and German language. It supports all file formats. 

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List of Free Plagiarism Detection Tools

There are several free plagiarism-checking online tools available. Take a look below at the following top 12 free plagiarism checkers.

Dupli Checker: Dupli Checker is free of cost, easy to use plagiarism detector. Upload a Docx or text file from your computer and check the similarity of your document


CopyLeaks: Support multiple languages and formats. Offer different domains to businesses and educational institutes. Ideal for checking the authenticity of eLearning content


Paper Rater: Free tool that allows multiple options at a single platform including plagiarism check, grammar check, vocabulary enhancer, and proofreader. Offer quick results


Plagiarisma: The biggest plus of this free plagiarism tool is that it supports 190+ languages. It is easy to use and supports multiple file formats. Extensions for Chrome and Firefox available


Plagium: A brilliant, easy to use software that is free of cost up to 5000 characters, and it also offers limited free features.

PlagTracker: PlagTracker caters to different audiences, including teachers, students, site owners, and publishers. It supports English, French, Spanish, German, Romanian, and Italian languages.


This guide briefly covers best online software tools For more info, check top free online plagiarism checker tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several effective plagiarism detection tools available. Popular options include Turnitin, Grammarly and Copyscape. Each tool has its strengths, so it’s best to consider factors like accuracy, pricing, and integration options to determine the best fit for your specific needs.

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