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One of the most challenging steps in pursuing a degree is choosing an essay topic. Some of you may panic just thinking about starting the process, but it’s not as difficult as it seems!

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You can begin by receiving several topic ideas at your email address. If you have chosen a topic that fits your interests and needs, you can order our essay topics with outline service, which includes an introduction to the topic, a body that elaborates the introductory statements, and a conclusion. Before ordering our full essay writing service, you can evaluate the quality of our work with the essay outline.

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The essay topic chosen should be manageable, interesting, and contribute to the field’s knowledge. Essays UK writers have compiled a list of new and current thesis topics (for 2019-2020) that are innovative and relevant to the current body of knowledge and can help students narrow their search.

The super nerds at Essays UK have designed research topics spanning a variety of subjects that are intriguing and fill research gaps in their respective fields. These free essay topics are great for starting the process of writing your essay, thesis, or proposal. Let us handle all your essay writing needs at Essays UK. These free essay topics are great for starting the process of writing your essay, thesis or proposal. So take a breather, Essays UK has got you covered with our dissertation writing services.

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Why You Might Need Essay Topic Help?

The submission of your essay is the pinnacle of your academic life, and it starts with figuring out your essay topic. Don’t create a topic out of thin air because that’s not how it works. You should do a little self-exploration before you begin your journey into the world of research. By this, we do not mean meditating over your essay ideas during your yoga class or your soul cycle if that’s what you’d like to do.

Understanding your academic goals, which may overlap with your professional goals, is essential.
Maybe you’re thinking about becoming a leading expert/scholar in, let’s say…The Beatles (yes, there is an actual degree program, check out Liverpool Hope University) or professionally pursuing a career in the music industry. Then it would be best if you defined that goal before you jump into your dissertation. For some students, a dissertation at the Master’s level lays the foundation for their PhD studies. Perhaps you’re considering pursuing a career as an expert/scholar in, let’s say, The Beatles (yes, there is an actual degree program, check out Liverpool Hope University) or pursuing music professionally. Defining that goal before you begin your essay would be a good idea. Some students use their Master’s essay as the basis for their PhD studies.
In other cases, an essay may be the only thing preventing them from achieving a graduate degree to improve their job prospects. Regardless of what your academic or professional goal is, it is essential to include it in your dissertation proposal since it lays the foundation for achieving it.

Does it Matter?

In the UK, many universities offer graduate degrees to students who have successfully defended their theses. All of us know that the grade we get in the essay module determines whether we end up with a 1st class, a 2:1, or a 2:1 degree. You will have more employment options and a higher average salary with a graduate degree of a higher class.

The ONS (2018), from July to September 2017, graduates were more likely to be employed than those who left education with a lower level qualification. Based on the survey conducted by ONS (2018), 82% of graduates were employed from July to September 2017 compared to those with lower-level qualifications.

Under the same survey, it was found that only 3% of graduates were unemployed from July to September 2017 compared to 8% unemployed of those with no qualifications (ONS, 2018). The ONS (2018) asserted that based on these figures from July to September 2017, “graduates were more likely to be employed, less likely to be searching for work, and much less likely to be out of the labour force than people who left education with lower qualifications or no qualifications.”

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It will depend on the package you choose. However, it includes:

  • Essay topic justification
  • Research aim and objectives (so the readers know what you wish to achieve)
  • • Literature review (reviewing relevant existing literature on the topic)
  • Data collection and data analysis
  • Expected Results
  • References

Delivery is within 72 hours once the topic has been confirmed.

  • Topic and outline service will include unlimited topic suggestions until you select a topic suitable to your needs.
  • The topic ideas will be sent to you within 24-48 hours after your order is confirmed.
  • As for the essay outline, the writer will need just 3-4 days to develop that once you have chosen the topic

A qualified writer who can complete the project within the deadline is our team’s first preference. We only assign the work if we are 100% sure that the writer will complete it to the desired quality standard in time. If, however, we cannot assign the task to any writer after you have made the payment, we will refund you the full amount. However, such an incident rarely occurs.

Our team of writers promises to deliver quality and plagiarism-free work. We guarantee that the job will adhere to our following internal quality standards:

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