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Step-by-Step Guide to Select a Nursing Dissertation Topic

Published by at November 24th, 2022 , Revised On January 26, 2023

The healthcare industry encompasses many captivating issues you can address as part of your nursing dissertation research.

We witnessed the value of the nursing profession when Covid-19 spread havoc among the human population. Any matter relating to our health and well-being, whether mental or physical, falls under nursing and medicine.

Choosing a topic for a nursing dissertation could be a very frustrating experience. So how do you choose the best topic for your dissertation and research project? Here are some essential suggestions!

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1. Understand the Requirements of your Institute

One of the worst mistakes students make is they choose a research topic without consulting with their university. Always consult your professor’s manuals, dissertation handbook and instructions before taking another step. Start with comprehensive research, as it is crucial to the process.

There are countless concepts related to your needs and your tutor’s area of research. You must have a basic understanding of the techniques for conducting a literature review, proposing a methodology and performing data analysis.

2. Process of Developing Nursing Dissertation Ideas

If you select an idea in haste without thinking of the justification for your choice, you will find yourself in trouble somewhere through the process because you will lose the plot.

As a nursing student, you don’t want to research an idea that is not a speciality or too narrow. Therefore, we recommend choosing a topic for which there is a wealth of research is advisable. Nurses are advised to list one or two topics of particular interest in this line. Before starting the research process, they must confirm that these topics fit into their area of expertise.

3. Where to Find Nursing Dissertation Topic Ideas?

Google scholar, Science direct, and dissertation topic databases can help find inspirational trends and ideas. On the other hand, almost all hospitals subscribe to one or more nursing research databases, each containing articles listed by the relevance and authenticity of the evidence. So, if you do not have access to these databases, you could ask one of our friendly customer services representatives for assistance or find your nursing topic here.

A medical disorder or condition could catch your attention even if you are not a professional nurse yet. You can get inspiration from your friends, family or your own experiences. A suitable topic might come out of your discussions with them.

Students can also focus on a specific health issue if they do not already have a disease or condition that interests them. They can take some time to consider what health problem initially led them to pursue a career in nursing. Since there are not enough literature studies available on ” advanced and latest” topics, you should avoid such issues.

4. Additional Resources to Consider

When choosing topics, in addition to the sources mentioned above, you can look at some of the latest industry news and trends. It would be even better to base your research on a specific location or demographic. You can also read through some electronic journals or textbooks from different courses to find ideas for topics.

Nursing students should remember that combining their interests is always an option. For example, they can narrow their topic or explore broader issues such as the country’s current socio-economic difficulties or health inequalities.

Topics, including cloning, drugs and medical marijuana, may be worth exploring as I write this article.

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5. Review the Literature Before Selecting the Topic for your Nursing Dissertation

Once you have at least a few topics related to your areas of interest, it is time to pick one topic that may be the most challenging and rewarding for your nursing career.

Start reading the literature on your chosen topic (s). Do a quick literature search in databases such as “CINAHL” or “ProQuest Health & Medical”. In doing so, search for research material you can use as reference resources. Select a topic with adequate available literature that fits your and your tutor’s research interests.

Remember that your initial study ideas can drastically change as you write the dissertation proposal or outline. Keep your options flexible until you have the topic and the dissertation proposal approved by your supervisor.

6. Choose an Appropriate Research Methodology

Once you have selected a dissertation topic, you need to propose a workable nursing dissertation research methodology that you will use to address the research questions or the hypothesis. The methodology process determines the approach you take to tackle your dissertation topic. You could opt for a secondary research-based dissertation. However, in most cases, nursing students must perform quantitative and primary research for dissertations.

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