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Top Criminology Dissertation Topics – Select The Best One

Published by at January 4th, 2023 , Revised On February 2, 2024

Criminology students can research any of the several subfields of criminology when writing a dissertation or thesis paper. An excellent criminology dissertation topic will play a crucial role in helping you achieve the desired grades.

If you are a student of criminology pursuing a graduate or postgraduate qualification but have no idea what should be the topic of your dissertation, there is no need to panic because you are not alone on this boat.

To help you start the dissertation writing process, we have compiled a list of focused and clear criminology dissertation topics. See all the lists of topics available on this page and choose a title with which you can work best.

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Criminology Dissertation Topics

  1. Relationship between a child’s abuse and their involvement in criminal activity.
  2. Does prejudice against members of the LGBTQA+ community encourage criminal activity?
  3. Compare youth crime rates in Pakistan and India.
  4. Examine how crime reflects social responses by analysing the social construction of crime.
  5. A review of 10 incidents involving the growing crime of sexual assault of children in schools.
  6. Do you think everyone needs a gun license? If so, would this increase the crime rate?
  7. What are the penalties for animal cruelty? A comparison between emerging countries and industrialised nations.
  8. Examine the increase in corruption cases in Asian marketplaces.
  9. Examining the cases of bullying at school and how it increases the likelihood of young people committing crimes in the future.
  10. What is the punishment for retaliatory pornography under international law? A study of contrasts.
  11. How is the prison lifestyle portrayed in the media? – A study of the US media.
  12. The consequences of police abuse and torture in emerging nations, both now and in the future.
  13. Effective methods for detecting and combating cybercrimes in the modern world.
  14. Is increasing police capacity the only method to lower crime rates in underdeveloped countries? Discuss
  15. What steps may be made to guarantee the safety of the minority community in a nation? Make a judgement based on the criminology literature.
  16. How did illegal immigration affect crime levels in a state? Talk about it using one of your preferred countries as an example.
  17. What effects does political support have on how smoothly criminal activity operates?
  18. Talk about how residential building architecture and community structures contribute to crime prevention.
  19. Discuss the correlation between unemployment and crime using statistical evidence. Conduct the study based on the academic background, personal interests, and length of employment.
  20. Who stands to gain from crime prevention? Make a study of the beneficiaries, both direct and indirect.
  21. Would eradicating poverty result in a drop in crime? Review the qualitative aspects.
  22. What social and economic effects does crime deterrence have? Give a thorough analysis of the literature on any American state.
  23. Is there a connection between childhood events and adolescent criminal activity? Review the qualitative aspects.
  24. The use of biotechnology and digital environments for the prevention and control of crime in the nation of your choice.
  25. Does crime prediction have any chance of success? Discuss the creation of a logical defence.

Top-Notch Criminology Dissertation Topics

  1. What are the determinants that lead to the development of a serial killer? Do either genetics or the effects of civilisation have an impact or both?
  2. Is our educational system falling short of its intended objectives of developing pupils’ solid moral qualities? Discuss
  3. How does political unrest in a country or region relate to internal militia uprisings?
  4. explain the subtle distinction between criminology and law enforcement?
  5. How significant a role does parental supervision play in reducing the number of teenage crimes?
  6. What are the underlying causes of the emergence and growth of youth gangs in a society that is worried in a less developed country?
  7. What part can the community and schools play in successfully reducing child abuse cases?
  8. The development of counterfeiting, along with technological advancement
  9. How can racial abuse of international students damage a nation’s standing in the eyes of the world’s educational community?
  10. How forced labour serve as a deterrent for prisoners and provide a more effective punishment for them?
  11. Discuss instances of honour killings in South Asian countries.
  12. Was the purpose of maintaining justice tainted by violence during Black Lives Matter (BLM) campaigns?
  13. How are police changes necessary to enable law enforcement to combat criminal activity?
  14. How may the regulation of prostitution assist in lessening sex-related crimes?
  15. Describe the evolution of organised crime and how the Russian mafia practised it. Compare it to the actions of the Italian mafia.

Mental Health Criminology Dissertation Topics

  1. Analysing the relationship between mental illness and criminal behaviour.
  2. An international look at the mental health of sex offenders.
  3. Why can mental illnesses such as anxiety and sadness lead someone to consider killing someone?
  4. The negative impact of mental illness on a person’s behaviour.
  5. The link between violent behaviour and mental illness.
  6. How does the media affect a person’s mental health before committing a crime?
  7. Amnesia and what impact can it have on people as they get older?
  8. What impact can trauma and psychological trauma have on people’s long-term health?
  9. What are the benefits of the insanity defence system for the population?
  10. What are some ways to prevent unnecessary depression in childhood?
  11. What effects does religion have on a person’s mental health?
  12. What exactly are post-traumatic stress disorders, and what treatment options are available?
  13. What causes mental trauma, and what remedies are available for it?
  14. What role do mental health nurses have in supporting women who have miscarried?
  15. What potential difficulties might nurses in the UK face?

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Psychology and Criminology Dissertation Topics

  1. Is the strategy used in the fight against terrorism causing a surge in domestic terrorism?
  2. Maximising the advantages of imprisonment as a tool for rehabilitation to reduce the likelihood of repeat offences.
  3. How does drug misuse result in psychological dysfunction, which increases criminality?
  4. Understanding the causes of special needs of individuals becoming criminals
  5. Is the increased focus on mass murder to blame for a rise in the number of incidents?
  6. Why are most employers hesitant to hire applicants with criminal histories?
  7. Could domestic violence against men factor in the increase in social crimes?
  8. The internet and other media resources have played a role in the rise of copycat crimes.
  9. Can social media effectively be used to prevent and detect crime?
  10. Does parenting have any impact on the likelihood of committing crimes?
  11. Are religious scandals to blame for the lowering of morality and the rise in crime?
  12. How do people’s attitudes and emotions drive them to commit crimes?
  13. Domestic abuse’s effects on a child’s violent behaviour.
  14. A psychological analysis of those who always instigate trouble.
  15. How important race in the way that the police evaluate criminal activity?

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Drugs and Criminology Dissertation Topics

  1. The contribution of drug treatment facilities to the reduction of crime.
  2. An assessment of users of cocaine and heroin.
  3. The relationship between drug offending, low-income households and poverty?
  4. The impact of marijuana legalisation on criminal behaviour.
  5. Is there a thin line between violent behaviour and drug abuse?
  6. How can drug and alcohol abuse among students be reduced?
  7. The role of the media in raising public awareness of the adverse effects of drug abuse.
  8. How can doping technology be used to prevent drug and alcohol abuse?
  9. How can drug use contribute to high crime rates in poor countries?
  10. Examine the different forms of crime caused by drug abuse.
  11. What are the ways to counter corruption caused by illegal activities?
  12. What are the adverse effects of heavy drug usage on mental health?
  13. Why is drug and alcohol misuse so common among gangs?
  14. Explore the PTSD-related drug problems that result in criminal behaviour.
  15. Study the most popular drugs teenagers use in the UK and their effect on their life.

Domestic Violence and Criminology Dissertation Topics

  1. Domestic abuse in the 21st century takes many different forms, including verbal and sexual abuse. Discuss the phenomena.
  2. Analyse the effects of domestic violence that result in psychological intimidation.
  3. Discuss the effects of domestic violence on the economy.
  4. Does the word “abuse” minimise how severe domestic violence actions are?
  5. Do acts of domestic abuse qualify as “terrorism”?
  6. Social systems that support the sexism of women
  7. Why are there reports of an increase in male abuse?
  8. The impact of domestic abuse on women’s mental health Makes a comparison of the circumstances in Western and Asian nations.
  9. Take a look at several domestic abuse incidents and compare victimology.
  10. What to look for in the case of domestic abuse as warning indications?
  11. Do domestic violence victims have a place to go where they can communicate without being judged?
  12. Examine the effects of the UK’s Domestic Abuse Bill.
  13. How can the requirements of survivors and their families be met?
  14. Discuss the role of society in prosecuting domestic violence offenders.
  15. Grants and government funding support movements against domestic violence.

Criminology Victimisation Dissertation Topics

  1. How do biological elements relate to breaking the law?
  2. The prevailing view on crime, economics, deterrence, and the logic of choice.
  3. What do former prisoners have to say about the matter?
  4. How can social interactions spread criminal norms?
  5. How can fear of punishment prevent people from committing crimes?
  6. How can committing crimes fit into the criminal’s personal goals?
  7. Illegal behaviour is seen through the prism of the personality of the offender.
  8. How does good socialisation relate to a decline in criminal activity?
  9. How environmental factors in a neighbourhood affect crime rates.
  10. How is the crime committed in line with the offender’s personal goals?

Terrorism and Criminology Dissertation Topics

  1. Analyse the US military’s response to terrorist activity.
  2. Consequences of the 9/11 attack for airline safety.
  3. Describe the connection between terrorism and radicalisation.
  4. How the country’s terrorist actions have advanced thanks to technology.?
  5. Analysethe effect of terrorism on the use of religion to identify people.
  6. Why are metropolitan areas the scene of the majority of terrorist attacks?
  7. Investigating the effect that perceptions play in encouraging terrorist activity in various countries.
  8. Reasons why during terrorist strikes, the media can be a super-spreader of dread.
  9. An examination of the US embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania.
  10. Significant progress has been made in the fight against terrorism in Africa. Discuss

How Can you Find a Top-Rated Criminology Dissertation Topic?

Students generally find criminology dissertation topics online, but one should only select from reliable sources. So, if you are looking for motivational criminology dissertation topics, you should look at the circumstances below.

  • If you want to write an excellent criminology dissertation, you are advised to choose topics that solely focus on contemporary issues.
  • Remember that you are going to have a direct impact on people’s lives. Make sure you understand the close relationship between criminology and law enforcement.
  • You should choose a contentious issue or problem. You might want to build relationships with people. Otherwise, your research might become tedious.

The Importance of Studying Criminology

Study criminology, and you could take on a precious job for society. You could study crime, research the causes of criminal behaviour and improve education, rehabilitation and crime prevention programs. This degree could be right for you if you want to contribute to maintaining public safety.

Criminology students have a wide range of career options available to them. Immigration, education, policing, law enforcement, personal security, community planning, advocacy, counselling, public administration and international development are all exciting fields of work.

Frequently Asked Questions

To write an excellent Criminology Dissertation:

1. Choose a compelling topic.
2. Conduct thorough research.
3. Develop a clear and coherent structure.
4. Analyze data critically.
5. Use appropriate referencing.
6. Edit and proofread meticulously.

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