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Trending Cryptocurrency Dissertation Topics & Ideas

Published by at December 27th, 2022 , Revised On February 2, 2024

Cryptocurrency is one of the most popular topics in the financial world these days. The value of cryptocurrencies has increased significantly over time. Several elite companies like Amazon and Tesla are now processing transactions through their cryptocurrency wallets.

With trillions of dollars invested in numerous types of crypto by enthusiasts over time, the volume of trading currencies in cryptocurrency is soaring to new heights.

So, you can imagine the amount of material available to students when they write about crypto for their dissertation. There are plenty of opportunities to create exciting cryptocurrency dissertation topics that can capture the interests of your target audience.

If you want to write a dissertation on a topic related to crypto, you can opt for one of the excellent, novel and manageable cryptocurrency dissertation topics we have prepared.

Unique & Focused Dissertation Topics on Cryptocurrency

  1. An assessment of some decentralized peer-to-peer Cryptocurrency and crypto scams.
  2. An analysis of social, technological and economic elements to assess the impact of cryptocurrency and their potential future impact.
  3. An assessment of the impact and problems of anonymity in cybercrime and cryptocurrencies.
  4. A review of the legal standing of cryptocurrency in various global jurisdictions.
  5. An examination of the challenges associated with the introduction of cryptocurrency into established financial markets.
  6. Changes in the use and consumer demand for digital transactions as cryptocurrency evolve.
  7. Assess the role of government regulation in adopting cryptocurrency in global markets.
  8. Investigate the possibility that cryptocurrency will create new investment opportunities.
  9. Investigate the implementation of numerous cryptocurrency projects that aim to connect international medical device providers with healthcare providers.
  10. Assess the difficulties with cryptocurrency and the legal restrictions on their use.
  11. An assessment of the impact and problems of anonymity in cybercrime and cryptocurrencies.
  12. Cybersecurity Blockchain Applications & Innovations Using Cryptocurrency.
  13. What is the relationship between blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies?
  14. What impact could cryptocurrency have in the future?
  15. A review of the blockchain framework for digital forensics in cryptocurrency technology.
  16. Consumer satisfaction and perception of cryptocurrencies: Influencing factors
  17. The Role of Consumer Perception in Cryptocurrency Pricing – Social Media’s Impact on Cryptocurrency Pricing.
  18. Evaluation of the Problems and Consequences of Anonymity in Cybercrime and Cryptocurrency.
  19. Measuring the Performance of Cryptocurrency: A Backup Study on the Costing and Resale of Crypto Funds.
  20. An overview of public blockchain platforms for cryptocurrency consensus algorithms.

Best Cryptocurrency Dissertation Topics

  1. Analysis of the impact of cybercrime on the value and stability of cryptocurrencies.
  2. Analysing the Causes and Consequences of Cryptocurrency Fraud.
  3. Mitigating the risk of cryptocurrency fraud: consumer protection measures.
  4. Regulatory strategies for governments to combat money laundering and terrorist financing through cryptocurrencies: Discuss the difficulty of cryptocurrencies.
  5. The impact of social media on the price of cryptocurrency-analysing the consumer perception function.
  6. A secondary study of crypto pricing and resale: measuring the performance of cryptocurrencies.
  7. An analysis of the impact of economic development on cryptocurrencies.
  8. Factors influencing consumer satisfaction and perceptions of cryptocurrencies: Understanding the motives for choosing cryptocurrencies.
  9. Investigating the impact of investing in cryptocurrency on the UK economy.
  10. An assessment of the impact of cryptocurrency due to technological and regulatory advances.
  11. The impact of social, economic and technological factors on cryptocurrency and their future implications.
  12. Analyse the importance of cryptocurrency and the associated scams that impact businesses.
  13. The use of virtual transactions to launder money: the contribution of cryptocurrency to facilitating criminal activity
  14. Challenges of cryptocurrency and legal control of cryptocurrency transactions.
  15. A systematic literature review of blockchain and cryptocurrency in human-computer interaction.
  16. An assessment of the problems and impact of anonymity in online crime and cryptocurrencies.
  17. Preventive measures by consumers against fraud Risk reduction through cryptocurrency fraud.
  18. Social, economic and technological influences on cryptocurrencies: Impacts and implications for the future.
  19. A Study of the Effects of Cryptocurrency on Economic Growth.
  20. Security of blockchain technology for cryptocurrencies: current status, issues and opportunities.

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Hot Cryptocurrency Dissertation Topics

  1. Analysis of the impact of technological and legal developments on cryptocurrencies.
  2. Cryptocurrency under the influence of social, economic and technological factors: future consequences.
  3. By examining social media forums, find potential causes for phased shifts in cryptocurrency price series.
  4. Implementing machine learning as a predictive technology on digital pricing and cryptocurrency markets.
  5. Information interdependence between significant commodity markets, energy and cryptocurrencies.
  6. 8. Analysis of cybersecurity applications and innovations using cryptocurrencies.
  7. 9. Discuss anonymity in cryptocurrency and cybercrime and how their problems and implications have evolved.
  8. 12. Predicting cryptocurrency returns and volumes using search engines.
  9. 14. Machine learning and prediction of the price of constituents and the index of cryptocurrencies.
  10. 15. Exploring the potential role of blockchain in increasing electoral transparency in developing countries.
  11. 19. The role of government in promoting the widespread use of cryptocurrencies.
  12. The social, economic and political implications of cryptocurrency in the future.
  13. The function of cryptocurrency in ensuring secure financial transactions.
  14. Discuss cryptocurrencies, basic income and artificial intelligence as cutting-edge technological systems.
  15. Overview of current challenges with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Bitcoin Dissertation topics

  1. The limits of Bitcoin – understanding the problems with the currency.
  2. Is Bitcoin a long-term investment or a future medium of exchange?
  3. Looking at how Bitcoin may affect our culture.
  4. Is Bitcoin a product that needs to be regulated? Discuss the impact of dealing with Bitcoin on the currency.
  5. An analysis of Bitcoin’s long-term viability: what lessons can financial institutions learn?
  6. A production cost model for the valuation of Bitcoin is the result of empirical analysis.
  7. The use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for cybercrime.
  8. Is Bitcoin a product that needs to be regulated? Discuss its impact on the currency.
  9. What can financial institutions learn from Bitcoin in terms of its long-term viability?
  10. What comes after ASICs in terms of bitcoin mining hardware limitations?
  11. To Determine Bitcoin’s Dominant Effect on Other Cryptocurrencies?
  12. Is Bitcoin a new method of money laundering or just a cryptocurrency?
  13. A Behavioral Finance Perspective on Market Analysis and the Relationship between the Bitcoin and Stock Markets.
  14. How Do Bitcoin Price Fluctuations Affect Other Blockchain Technologies?
  15. Bitcoin’s black market and cryptocurrencies. An Evaluation of the Issues and Implications of Anonymity.

Ethereum Dissertation Topics

  1. Analysis of attacks on the Ethereum protocol and how secure is the money?
  2. How practical is the new Ethereum economic structure?
  3. Investigating Ethereum protocol assaults How secure is the money?
  4. Understanding the Ethereum trading process, platforms and approaches.
  5. An analysis of Ethereum long-term viability: what lessons can financial institutions learn?
  6. Bitcoin vs. Ethereum – examining both currencies’ block rate restrictions
  7. Is Ethereum a product that needs to be regulated? Discuss the impact of dealing with Ethereum on the currency.
  8. Is it safe to use Ethereum? We examine cryptographic attacks on Ethereum’s security protocols.
  9. An analysis of the security and weaknesses of Ethereum smart contracts.
  10. Authentication, authorisation and settlement are performed on the Ethereum blockchain.
  11. Is it too simple to steal Ethereum? Recognizing the fundamental security issues
  12. Evaluating Ethereum’s development: How is the currency doing right now?
  1. Overview of virtual transactions used for money laundering and cryptocurrencies’ role in enabling criminal activity.
  2. Will cryptocurrency eventually become widely accepted? An examination of the XRP token for the future of Ripple.
  3. Why is Ripple experiencing greater acceptance than other cryptocurrencies?
  4. Is the price of the Ripple coin (XRP) too high or too low?
  5. Does Ripple have a higher volatility than other cryptocurrencies?
  6. Is it conceivable that cryptocurrencies will eventually be broadly accepted? An examination of the XRP token for ripple’s future.
  7. Will ripple have an impact on the world payment market? An investigation.
  8. Examining the market performance of ripple and the elements that affect it.
  9. Bitcoin vs. Ripple: a comparison and contrast of the two digital currencies
  10. How ripple trading has generated enormous gains for investors through XRP trading.

Significance of a Unique Dissertation Topic

Finding a suitable crypto thesis topic is the first step in writing a dissertation. Students may need help choosing original and manageable cryptocurrency dissertation topics. Selecting a distinctive title cryptocurrency dissertation title is the first and most critical step in writing a first-class dissertation. Keep your eye on your goal and win the world!

Closing Remarks

By now, you have a good knowledge of the various cryptocurrency topic ideas & examples you can consider for your thesis project.

Besides the topics provided above, if you need customised suggestions on dissertation topics on cryptocurrency, our experts are ready to help you. We will carefully tailor the list to your preferences.

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Yes, it is possible for cryptocurrency to be legit globally in the future due to its decentralized nature, growing adoption, and advancements in technology enabling secure transactions and regulatory frameworks.

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