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Tourism Dissertation Topics & Research Ideas

Published by at December 19th, 2022 , Revised On February 2, 2024

The tourism industry has evolved significantly. In recent years, it has grown to the point of attracting several students to this field of study. It is now included in the curricula of many colleges and universities. Students are naturally motivated to research and write their thesis on their chosen topics in tourism.

Finding suitable topics for a tourism dissertation can be difficult for students. Students must first know and define their research question, determine if the sources and tools of the field are readily available, and assess their ability to conduct the study before they can find suitable tourism dissertation topics.

Dissertation topics should incorporate current issues in specific areas to make them exciting and relevant. Students looking for solid travel and tourism dissertation topics can find powerful topics in this blog.

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General Tourism Dissertation Topics

  1. Would Third World countries have greater global resonance if more people travelled there? Discuss
  2. Compare the different tourism strategies implemented in a major capital city. How successful or unsuccessful is the city’s tourism industry compared to other places worldwide?
  3. How can tourism grow in the South Pole or the Canadian wilderness? Describe the steps to be taken.
  4. Why do you think the World Tourism Organization would promote annual holidays?
  5. Critically analyse the growth of tourism in a particular area and compare it thoroughly with other regions.
  6. A comprehensive survey of operational results of tour operators in terms of their destination proposals?
  7. How could innovative technology attract tourists? Give a detailed overview of the challenges and opportunities.
  8. Does a location used for a film affect tourism there? Describe how this affects tourist decision-making.
  9. Provide an overview of the literature on the importance of mobile sensors in a social context for the travel and tourism industry.
  10. What experiences do travellers seek in a specific tourist part of the world?
  11. A comprehensive study of the issues and developments that have taken place in the UK travel and tourism industry over the last 50 years.
  12. How does social media work to bring travellers and places together? An in-depth analysis of the situation in the UK.
  13. A systematic literature review of social media suggestions for destination selection.
  14. Is the quality of hotels in a destination a determining factor in the choice of destination?
  15. A critical analysis of geotagging, traveller mobility and tourist buying behaviour.
  16. Investigate how Trip Advisor influences the behaviour and decisions of tourists.
  17. Does the tourism company benefit from the practical application of the environmental management system? If yes, describe how.
  18. How can countries balance the demand and supply chains in tourism?
  19. Discuss how international education affects the tourism industry in developed countries.
  20. Discuss how regional differences in sustainability criteria can occur. Analyse three developed countries.

Dark Tourism Dissertation Topics

Black tourism or mourning tourism are alternative terms for dark tourism. Black tourism is concerned with the nature of the people involved and tries to understand the reasons for these incidents. Dissertation topics for a tourism dissertation include the following:

  1. Do places explicitly created for dark tourism hold more fascination than those developed as a result of a natural disaster or man-made?
  2. The case of Ground Zero serves as a study of the perceptions and behaviour of British tourists at man-made dark destinations.
  3. How can Beaumaris Prison in Anglesey, Wales, be marketed as a new destination for dark tourism in the UK?
  4. Factors influencing British visitors’ decisions when choosing dark tourism destinations abroad.
  5. Creating a marketing strategy for the London Dungeon.
  6. How to transform the Scottish Mercat Tour into a dark tourism destination?
  7. Can dark tourism be an educational tool to make visitors feel good?
  8. What would it mean to focus on the perpetrators rather than the victims in dark tourism, and how might this influence travellers differently?
  9. Explore the concept of dark tourism and its impact on tour operators worldwide.
  10. Does visiting a place of pain and death help the local community economically or socially?
  11. Opinions and attitudes of tourists to the site of Jack the Ripper.
  12. Influences of dark tourism on British consumers’ willingness to buy.
  13. How can notorious dark tourism destinations in the UK be promoted using marketing communications?
  14. Produce a literature review highlighting the aspects that impact and influence tourism needs, demands and perceptions.
  15. Discuss the perceptions and attitudes of international tourists towards the Edinburgh Dungeon.

Ecotourism Dissertation Topics

  1. Travelling to unexplored areas and getting to know the nature and cultural heritage of the region are the main attractions of ecotourism, which also offers the opportunity to support local people or contribute to the preservation of historical sites or cultural practices. Your tourism dissertation can deal with the following topics:
  2. The conditions must be examined for a hotel to be considered eco-friendly. How can different tourism destinations market themselves as ecotourism hotspots?
  3. An analysis of the relationship between ecotourism and traveller consumer behaviour.
  4. Investigating the impact of integrated marketing communications on ecotourism in the UK?
  5. Is cost an essential factor in UK tourists’ decision to choose ecotourism destinations?
  6. Does Swansea have the potential to become the UK’s next ecotourism hotspot?
  7. Do British tourists like foreign ecotourism more than domestic ecotourism?
  8. Analysis of the influence of the internet on the rise of ecotourism.
  9. What measures can be taken to support the fragile ecosystems of endangered plant and animal species in the Hawaiian Islands?
  10. Perceptions and attitudes of British tourists towards ecotourism in Scotland.
  11. How can Edinburgh become a popular ecotourism destination?
  12. What variables will influence ecotourism in 2023?
  13. Do local people benefit economically from ecotourism?
  14. Is ecotourism in developing countries superior to that in the West?
  15. How has ecotourism changed consumer buying habits worldwide?

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Hospitality Tourism Dissertation Topics

If you are considering a career in hospitality and tourism, for example, in hotels, restaurants or another industry, you might think about writing a dissertation on the subject. The following list, covering a variety of different topics in hospitality and the tourism industry, gives you further ideas:

  1. Factors influencing the choice of a restaurant for a Friday night out.
  2. Factors influencing leisure travellers’ ‘buying decisions’ among British honeymoon couples.
  3. Exploring how British customers view and behave towards Opodo.com and eBooker.com, two online travel agencies.
  4. How have technological advances and the rise of Millennial travellers affected the hotel industry?
  5. What has the hospitality industry done to accommodate and attract additional tourists as more people travel alone?
  6. How will the upcoming royal wedding in 2018 affect the hospitality industry?
  7. How important is the hospitality industry to the country’s economy?
  8. Examine the revenues and profit margins of a particular restaurant or another eatery.
  9. How can hospitality businesses diversify to increase their revenues and profits?
  10. What changes have the hospitality industry undergone in the last three decades?
  11. What impact has the internet had on how customers spend their money in hospitality businesses?
  12. Do bars and clubs have a duty of care to their patrons when selling alcohol? Has enough been done to reduce the health risks associated with alcohol consumption?
  13. What health and safety regulations apply to the various cafés in your area, and how seriously are they enforced?
  14. How do restaurants and other hospitality businesses use the tipping system to reduce labour costs for their staff?
  15. Should independent travel agencies be held responsible for the negative experiences of holidaymakers?

Tourism Management Dissertation Topics

Tourism Management is an area of study that addresses general management issues as well as the entrepreneurial, professional and practical skills and competencies required for successful and efficient outcomes in the recreation and leisure travel field. The topics listed below can help you focus your mind on your management tourism dissertation:

  1. The role of strategic human resource management in creating a lasting competitive advantage for modern hotel chains with affordable prices.
  2. What makes South East Asia a popular winter destination for British tourists?
  3. The London Olympics have played a role in expanding the city’s tourism industry.
  4. British tourists’ opinions and attitudes towards Beijing’s World Heritage Tour.
  5. Analysis of Qatar’s participation in the World Cup and the use of sporting events to create a tourism brand.
  6. What are the drawbacks of the tourism industry, and how could policymakers reduce them?
  7. An analysis of the potential of summer festivals in the UK to boost domestic tourism.
  8. What factors influence British tourists’ preferences for domestic and international travel?
  9. Creating a decision-making framework for British holidaymakers when choosing their summer holiday destinations.
  10. Elements influencing British tourists choosing European city breaks, either explicitly or implicitly.
  11. Analysis of the city branding initiative ‘I Amsterdam’ aims to change Amsterdam’s unfavourable reputation.
  12. Case studies on Egypt and Tunisia shed light on how international terrorism affects destination perceptions.

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Closing Remarks

It’s challenging to ensure that your chosen topic will attract people’s attention and appeal to them. You will have to spend a lot of time on writing a good dissertation, so it should be impactful. The tourism dissertation topics in this blog are all fascinating, but your enthusiasm for the topic will bring your work to life. It’s OK if you want to figure it out for yourself. You have all the powers to do so. BEST OF LUCK!

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