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Law Dissertation Topics & Titles – Free Consultation

Published by at November 30th, 2022 , Revised On April 25, 2024

Law is one of the most widely taught subjects in schools and universities. The study of law involves a system of laws and rules that support establishing law and order in society.

Every law student pursuing a formal university degree or qualification has to write a dissertation at some point. Because of the complexities of writing a first-class law dissertation, many students give up on their dreams of becoming successful lawyers.


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Finding a suitable, unique and specific law dissertation topic can be the first challenge you will come up against as you start working on the project. The field of law is very diverse. There are different categories of law, so you must develop something intelligent to make a great impression.

Therefore, it is not surprising that students often need help choosing a topic for their law dissertation to start. Here are some exciting and focused law dissertation topics and law dissertation titles so you can select a topic that eases the whole process for you.

You can also read our step-by-step guide on how to write a dissertation before you pick the topic. By providing tips and guidelines, we also help students by offering them professional help.

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Law Dissertation Topics

  1. The recognition of the legal protection of the right to practice one’s religion and the right to refuse services on religious grounds.
  2. The justification for the administration of opioids as prescription medicines and its implications.
  3. To what extent is the statement that there is still a rising remuneration culture in England and Wales true compared to the United States of America?
  4. Administration of vaccines, compliance and non-compliance, herd immunity and parental responsibility.
  5. The tension between a person’s right to privacy and public safety.
  6. Government constraints, environmental regulations and financial costs.
  7. The dispute over a fixed minimum wage and its limitations and remedies.
  8. The political ideology is known as ‘white supremacy’ has economic and legal implications.
  9. A study of the meaning of the non-executive director in the contrasting corporate law systems of England and Wales and the United States of America.
  10. Immigration reform and restriction: development opportunities.
  11. Deportation relief and retention of the deferred action for childhood arrivals program.
  12. An analysis of crime theory from a theoretical perspective explores how crime, criminality, and morality are related.
  13. A critical evaluation of policy and predictability’s role in establishing a duty of care.
  14. A critique of the laws governing the recovery of financial losses in tort claims.
  15. A review of English and Welsh legal precedent that restricts what can be recovered when psychiatric harm of any kind is established
  16. Why may the acknowledgement of tortious liability be viewed as going too far with the duty of care given to children?
  17. Examining the requirement to take policy factors into account in tort cases.
  18. A discussion of how well English and Welsh commercial law supports business transactions, intending to assess whether reform is necessary.
  19. How could the procedure for referring cases to the labour courts be improved?
  20. What are the most important elements of EU law that the UK should try to keep after Brexit?

Criminal Law Dissertation Topics

Nowadays, crime is an everyday phenomenon. It is punished by law, and the laws that prescribe how all crimes are to be punished make up criminal law. Below are the best dissertation topics for those who want to write their Law dissertation on Crimes;

  1. An in-depth analysis of the laws relating to the rape of men and women: What are the main differences?
  2. Analyse current information on laws relating to sexual offences in any country of your choosing.
  3. Analyse the differences between a male and female rape victim in detail.
  4. Analyse the variables that may impact a defendant’s court appearances.
  5. An examination of the effectiveness of polygraphs in the criminal justice system.
  6. What are the best strategies to protect victims while assessing the abuse of manslaughter laws in the UK?
  7. What additional measures should rape laws take to distinguish between legitimate cases and demands for retribution?
  8. A case study of the London Inquiry into the difficulties of determining the nature and distribution of offences.
  9. An examination of the death penalty under UK law. Is this punishment appropriate?
  10. Balancing the rights of defendants and victims in the use of anonymity in sexual offence trials.
  11. An in-depth analysis based on a case study addresses the difficulties in determining the nature of the crime and its distribution.
  12. What is the impact of the war on terror? – The impact of law enforcement
  13. A case study from the US shows the impact of the war on terror on the application of criminal law.
  14. Examining the link between human rights and Islamic criminal law.
  15. How has EU legislation affected the application of previous criminal law?
  16. How can a crime suspect prove that he or she was coerced into confessing?
  17. Discuss the legal measures to protect leniency witnesses from reprisals in 2022.
  18. Analysing the rights of the offender and the victim in sexual assault cases: Is anatomy justified?
  19. Thematic analysis of the relationship between morality and criminality.
  20. Examining cases of racial bias among US convicts.

Business Law Dissertation Topics

Business law usually referred to as commercial law, deals with the legal implications of the conduct, rights and interactions of people and organisations involved in trade, commerce and commercial transactions. Below are some excellent business law topics to write your law dissertation about. Have a look;

  1. Effects of international commercial law on the transfer of risk in a business.
  2. The impact of the UK’s tripartite financial system on the state’s economic growth.
  3. How can modern technical developments coexist peacefully with US intellectual property regulations?
  4. Analyse the anti-corruption laws and their impact on a state’s companies.
  5. The effect of strict and lax regulations on a company’s governance is in terms of the directors’ accountability.
  6. Do EU copyright rules adequately balance the requirements of users and inventors?
  7. Regulation of investment services inside the European Union and its effects on the financial services markets.
  8. Regulation of intellectual property in the UK: How EU law affects it.
  9. An evaluation of the US and UK systems for protecting intellectual property.
  10. Global energy projects and international commercial laws.
  11. Analysing the legal measures in place to protect intellectual property rights online.
  12. What connection exists between EU rules and legislation governing intellectual property?
  13. The effectiveness and scope of indigenous peoples’ protection of intellectual property rights in the UK.
  14. How well-supported are transactions in the United States by commercial law?
  15. What should be added to or altered about the UK’s present business laws?
  16. How successful are UK rules governing international business?
  17. How to deal with dishonest managers using commercial law?
  18. A case study from the UK on regulations that prevent corruption.
  19. An analysis of commercial law arbitration based on UK policy and practice.
  20. What impact does corporate social responsibility have on a company’s performance?

International Law Dissertation Topics

If you are writing a Law dissertation, international law is a crucial topic. You can focus on learning about global pandemics, businesses during the war, legal elements of economic trade and other topics. Below are some exciting topics for the international law dissertation;

  1. A comprehensive study of refugee law and protection in all its facets.
  2. An exploration of the importance of international laws and how they support world peace.
  3. An in-depth analysis of the many circumstances in which international intervention in commerce or domestic problems of a country is legal.
  4. The function of international human rights groups in supporting governments in developing countries.
  5. Analysis of the differences between national and international regulation in the UK.
  6. The UK and us working together militarily to combat terrorism: a historical viewpoint and outlook.
  7. How does it affect international peace? An analysis of nations meddles in the internal affairs of other states.
  8. An analysis of international criminal law. Which ones ought to be modified?
  9. A study of how international law has been affected by commercial globalization.
  10. Assessment of the Arab-Israeli peace agreement’s potential to boost tourism in Jerusalem.
  11. The default’s relevance is determined by a systematic study of environmental law focusing on ecological sustainability and international biodiversity law.
  12. International conventions govern the rescue and defence of refugees’ human rights at sea.
  13. A discussion of the united kingdom’s mediation efforts. What actions should the UK government take to stop wars around the world?
  14. The Protection of Civilians from Illegal Communication Influence Activities During Armed Conflict: An International Humanitarian Law and Influence Operations Perspective.
  15. An investigation of the problems associated with applying global minimums. Recognizing those who assert to uphold the law yet do not.
  16. An analysis of how international law has enabled nations to impose trade sanctions on other countries.
  17. The UN’s Peace Operations in Burundi: Promoting Power or Ensuring Peace?
  18. Analye the connection between international and national law critically.
  19. Evaluate the contribution of tradition and overarching principles to the formation of international criminal law.
  20. An analysis of governments’ global legal difficulties while promoting tourism from the sea.

Family Law Dissertation Topics

In addition to marriage, divorce, custody, alimony and child support, your dissertation can also cover several other fascinating aspects of family law. Below are some possible dissertation topics for family law;

  1. The effects of domestic abuse on the household’s mental health.
  2. The success of domestic violence punishment. Is it sufficient to stop this crime?
  3. Assessing the efficiency of the UK’s divorce laws. Is one gender preferred over the other?
  4. The position of UK legislation regarding forced unions. How does the legal system handle situations like this?
  5. Children’s rights to family life in non-marital families.
  6. A thorough analysis of the wealth distribution between stepchildren and biological children.
  7. A review of UK child protection services. A comparison of each state individually.
  8. Covid19’s effects on the prevalence of domestic violence in families.
  9. The US’s non-consensual adoption laws’ legal ramifications.
  10. Evaluation of UK legislation of child labour. A gauge of how successfully the state has eliminated this system.
  11. The impact of divorce law on the number of divorces.
  12. Effects of domestic abuse on males versus women.
  13. Using the consequences of child abuse as a kind of discipline. What reaction does the legal system have to this?
  14. Custody disputes with divorcing parents. Does the youngster have a voice in this situation?
  15. The effects of poverty on child development.
  16. Evaluation of family mental abuse. How does UK law address these situations?
  17. Does Muslim Brits’ adherence to Islamic practices affect their family laws?
  18. The legal definition of a perfect family. What are the metrics used by UK legislation to assess an ideal family?
  19. The success rate of filing an appeal under the matrimonial clause act. Does it have a gender bias?
  20. What factors discourage couples from filing for divorce?

Intellectual Property Law Dissertation Topics

When choosing a topic in intellectual property, there are many different areas you can focus on as a law student. You can focus on copyright, which defends people’s rights to their creative works; patents, which give legal rights to inventors, or trademarks. Plant variety protection, trade dress and industrial designs are just a few. Here are some excellent topics for your intellectual dissertation;

  1. A critical evaluation of the economic effects of intellectual property rights is presented using the UK as a case study.
  2. Evaluating the strength and scope of the US system for protecting the intellectual property rights of indigenous people.
  3. Comparison of the UK and the US’s intellectual property protection laws.
  4. Can the advancing technologies coexist peacefully with the US’s current intellectual property laws?
  5. Netflix’s copyright policy and how it enforces them.
  6. Explaining the connection between EU rules and intellectual property laws?
  7. How are lasting protections for intellectual property rights possible?
  8. assessing legal protections for intellectual property rights online.
  9. A closer look at the UK’s invention and patenting system: Can the present rigorous system spur innovation?
  10. Does EU copyright legislation adequately balance the requirements of users and inventors?
  11. A case study of the US is used to evaluate fair dealing in terms of copyright law.
  12. Are consumers and owners protected and treated fairly under EU intellectual property law?
  13. How to patent protection laws might be made better
  14. What else should be done to increase the efficacy of the US’s current intellectual property laws?
  15. Analysing how Brexit may affect the UK’s protection of intellectual property rights.

Company Law Dissertation Topics

Meeting business leaders to gain insight is the most fantastic method for developing a topic for a dissertation on company law. Use our list of the best company law dissertation topics if you don’t have time for this. Our authors have written several suggestions to support your dissertation while keeping the academic criteria in mind.

  1. What are the UK’s corporate law governance challenges and opportunities?
  2. What should additional rules be established for businesses by environmental legislation?
  3. What effects do the socio-political circumstances have on the corporate governance of international businesses in the UK?
  4. What part do external auditors play in an organisation’s internal governance in the UK?
  5. What modifications to corporate governance practices have been made in light of the increase in electricity prices?
  6. What role does social media play in British corporate governance?
  7. Describe the UK’s corporate governance for blockchains.
  8. What role have corporations had in the 2021 Afghanistan crisis?
  9. The impact of blockchain technology on the UK’s company law.
  10. A review of corporate governance in a multinational company based in the UK.
  11. Shareholder efficiency under UK company law.
  12. An analysis of the accountability mechanisms of UK-based multinationals.
  13. An explanation of how accountability is determined in UK service sector companies.
  14. The impact of corporate governance on country and company level regulation.
  15. A detailed examination of the legal roots of shareholders in UK corporate governance.

Tax Law Dissertation Topics

For many students, tax dissertation topics can be difficult and complex. That’s why UK students can choose from our list of tax topics for their dissertations. Each year, our authors compile a well-researched list that can serve as a resource for students of all disciplines.

  1. A study of the impact of a nation’s budgetary deficit on its economic expansion. What elements play a role in the decline of taxation?
  2. A comparison of our tax system from a legal perspective.
  3. A thorough discussion of the significance of a specific system for controlling fiancée finances in a nation and how tax legislation plays a role.
  4. In 2022, how will taxes affect the freelance industry?
  5. The effect of foreign currencies on a country’s economic and labour growth and their indirect impact on tax collection.
  6. Comparing British tax legislation to EU regulations.
  7. An explanation of the role accounting plays in the taxes division. An example of how accounting aids in the financial regulation of tax legislation.
  8. The study on taxation in the UK and how it contributes significantly to the equitable distribution of the nation’s economic resources
  9. The impact of tax evasion on the national economy. A case study of the effects that trickle down.
  10. A comparison of current taxation and Islamic law’s zakat system Which is more beneficial and successful at reducing poverty?
  11. Tax evasion and measures are taken to catch them.
  12. A detailed examination of the regulatory bodies in the UK that determine the tax rate for various income brackets.
  13. An overview of the literature on the various taxing regimes imposed on UK people.
  14. Compliance with international income taxes. Discuss
  15. What adjustments are essential to implement tax laws in light of the most recent academic studies on taxation?

Medical Law Dissertation Topics

  1. Should judges deciding medical cases receive additional training to make fact-based decisions?
  2. A case study of our legal system for organ transplants.
  3. When should an embryo be considered capable of feeling, and when should abortion be prohibited?
  4. Should more safety measures be added to permission? Assisted suicide and parliamentary law.
  5. Who should be the target of forced sterilization, and how should it be carried out?
  6. What is the best method for determining who is at fault when medical problems arise during an operation?
  7. Examine the legal implications of electronic monitoring of the fetus.
  8. Pro-choice against pro-life: a critical analysis of abortion laws from an objective point of view.
  9. How can medical law and ethics be reconciled?
  10. How do court cases affect doctors’ commitment to providing life-saving treatments?
  11. Changing the abortion act to provide adequate protection for fathers’ rights. Discuss
  12. The application of law in medicine: an examination of its history and current applications.
  13. Analysis of the moral and legal issues surrounding the use of biobanks.
  14. Can a medical practitioner treat a mental illness without taking sides?
  15. Sterilization laws: a critical evaluation of their effectiveness as a population control measure.

Employment Law Dissertation Topics

Here are the best employment law dissertation topics to think about to help you in your dissertation;

  1. A study of the literature on how religion and employment law intersect in the USA.
  2. How did the law regarding workers’ legal status evolve?
  3. Contrasting the legislation of the UK before and after it left the EU.
  4. What are the UK’s trade unions’ achievements and difficulties regarding their work and impact?
  5. What methods are there for tampering with an employment contract, and how do you stop that?
  6. What will be the minimum requirements for employment in 2022?
  7. A comparison of how employment regulations are applied in the US and UK’s automotive industries.
  8. Should we choose employees using AI-based techniques and neuroscience?
  9. Gender disparities in laws governing equal work opportunities in the UK and the US.
  10. A case study of the US and UK evaluating the effectiveness of workplace sexual harassment.
  11. Should refugees be subject to mandatory legal screening?
  12. A legal perspective on cross-border employee mobility within the European Union.
  13. What degree of appropriateness exists in the law governing “restrictive covenants” and garden leave?
  14. Is introducing “fire at will” into English Employment Law appropriate?
  15. How much have the rights of the disabled been improved by the Equality Act 2010?

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You can work on a topic that interests you if you choose a vital dissertation topic. This is your only opportunity to choose what you want to write about.

The choice of topic will affect how easy or difficult it is to write your dissertation. Therefore, you should choose law topics that are both exciting and imaginative. You risk getting bogged down if you choose topics without sources.

Remember that you will have to defend your dissertation at the end of your chosen topic. You should only select an issue you can convincingly defend to obtain the degree, master’s or doctorate you crave.

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