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Management Topics for your Dissertation or Thesis – With Examples

Published by at December 23rd, 2022 , Revised On February 2, 2024

The first step in writing a management dissertation or thesis is to choose a topic that not only fits the area but is also in line with current concerns and research trends.

Good management dissertation topics help to build a solid research foundation above all else. Finding the best management dissertation topics can sometimes be the biggest challenge for undergraduate, Masters and PhD students.

Fortunately, we have provided a comprehensive list of management dissertation topics in several areas of management for you to research or draw inspiration from.

Organisational behaviour, leadership, management information systems, human resource management, operations management and project management are some of the most notable areas of management you could base your thesis on.

The following is a list of management dissertation topics that you could consider for your research. If you would like to know about how Essays.uk dissertation writing service and dissertation outline writing service can ease your workload, contact us right away.

Organisational Behavior Management Dissertation Topics

  1. Organisational behaviour and the impact of organisational goals.
  2. Improving organisational performance using the concepts of strategic human capital and strategic human resource management.
  3. Will Ryanair be able to maintain its low-cost advantage post-Brexit?
  4. An examination of the impact of innovation, complexity, networks and strategy on organisational adaptability.
  5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of management’s tendency to attract and hire experts based on organisational norms or cultures?
  6. The global financial services sector: assessing the organisational adaptations needed to increase profitability.
  7. A review of organisations’ promotion of moral behaviour, unconventional practices and established norms.
  8. What binds a national culture and corporate culture together? The UK is the case study.
  9. Evaluate the relationship between the manager’s personality and the employees’ motivation.
  10. RBS is used as a case study to illustrate organisational tactics to improve competitive strategy in the UK market.
  11. How does technological innovation contribute to a company’s survival in difficult times? An examination of a case study in the mobile communications sector.
  12. How can companies promote moral and civic behaviour in the organisation?
  13. How can easyJet maintain its financial success and dominant position in the low-cost airline industry?
  14. The impact of talent management, work-life balance and employee retention tactics in the hospitality industry.
  15. The impact of globalisation and diversity on a multinational company’s ability to foster workplace engagement and performance.
  16. Do employees’ feelings of affective commitment depend on organisational support and perceived organisational competence?
  17. How can companies promote moral behaviour and civic engagement within the organisation?
  18. How can Tesco continue to build on the success of its Fresh Easy brand and concept in the US?
  19. What would impact Barclays Group’s organisational impact of adding foreign sovereign wealth funds as new shareholders?
  20. Analysing the business effects of mergers and acquisitions: RB and ABN Amro as a case study.

Global Business Management Dissertation Topics

  1. An assessment of organisational change management: Why do people generally resist change?
  2. How do small businesses adapt their strategies to the changing trends of globalisation?
  3. Impact of corporate governance on globalisation, internationalisation and overall corporate performance.
  4. Gender issues, global gender imbalance and professional responses to these issues.
  5. An analysis of the difficulties of protecting electronically stored personal data in a global business environment. What steps are being taken to promote harmony in data protection?
  6. Discuss the organisational exhaustion of the developed market in light of Starbucks’ plan to expand into India.
  7. How does the global impact of climate change affect the business interests of the tourism industry?
  8. An assessment of financial holding company business plans and key elements of success in the world context.
  9. What is the role of foreign direct investment (FDI) in difficult economic times, and why are developing countries seen as less reliable than emerging economies?
  10. What influence does culture have on the management of global companies? An examination of a particular case in the UK restaurant sector.
  11. An examination of the strategies used by countries to increase the competitiveness of foreign direct investment: a case study of sub-Saharan Africa.
  12. An exploration of why certain supplier relationships are more fruitful than others in the UK fashion industry.
  13. A study of how affiliate marketing on Instagram has helped a small business in the UK increase its international sales.
  14. What motivates companies in non-vegan or non-Muslim countries to obtain halal food certification?
  15. An in-depth analysis of how technological innovations have affected the international management techniques of American companies.

Leadership Management Dissertation Topics

  1. A comprehensive review of the literature on how influential leaders can prevent accidents by managing the environment inside and outside the organisation.
  2. Examine how women have adopted male leadership philosophies in formerly male-dominated companies and the perspective of employees in the UK.
  3. An analysis of the potential of Rentokil’s relatively new management to improve operations and return the company to solid profitability.
  4. What new insights does transformational and charismatic leadership theory bring to the existing body of knowledge about the function of leadership in operational excellence in the care sector?
  5. A study of how culture and globalisation have impacted leadership and management in the UK banking sector.
  6. Evaluating managers’ success in maintaining a company’s success in the aviation sector despite rising fuel prices. Case study British Airways.
  7. A comparison of the management and leadership philosophies of Belarus and the UK.
  8. An exploration of the relationship between organisational culture, creativity and the successful implementation of ideas in the UK.
  9. How can managers ensure that the European joint venture businesses of Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy are appropriately integrated?
  10. How do management behaviours affect the growth of trust and ease of information sharing in a UK business? A comprehensive analysis.
  11. Examining the interaction between national cultures and employee adherence to organisational culture.
  12. The impact of UK leaders in multinational companies on the global organisational culture.
  13. An in-depth analysis of the contribution of transformational leaders to organisational performance: Huawei technologies.
  14. Exploring how management practices and organisational culture in the UK are influenced by gender in leadership positions.
  15. Do organisational leadership paradigms influence how well such organisations perform in the marketplace?

Strategic Management Dissertation Topics

  1. A comparison of mergers and acquisitions and strategic alliances in e-commerce – an analysis of transactions between Amazon and eBay.
  2. Role of non-financial information versus financial information in the process of strategic management.
  3. Describe different models of strategic human resource management and how they affect companies.
  4. Describe how strategic knowledge management has affected the culture of multinational companies and how it affects their subsidiaries.
  5. An examination of the impact of globalisation and competitiveness on the process of strategic management.
  6. A comparative study of strategic management in government and private organisations in X countries.
  7. A quantitative study to investigate scenario analysis as a valuable tool in strategic management.
  8. An assessment of the source and nature of the management strategy in terms of how it affects people’s willingness to connect frequently through social networking sites: a Facebook case study.
  9. An analysis of how top management in the UK retail industry uses the opportunity to improve brand awareness.
  10. Can force, planned or opportunistic decisions be called strategy?
  11. A scientific and essential method for assessing opportunities for strategic planning and people management in a UK organisation.
  12. What has lessons for strategic management been learned and still need to be taught in the age of social media?
  13. Strategic human resource management challenges in low-income schools in developing countries are highlighted.
  14. An examination of the impact of corporate objectives on strategic management practices in UK business.
  15. An in-depth analysis of strategic and stakeholder management in the UK pharmaceutical industry.

Management Information System Dissertation Topics

  1. How can Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy manage their joint venture and use management information systems to gain market share in Europe?
  2. How can Rentokil Initial’s management use management information systems to manage the company’s turnaround and performance?
  3. Evaluate the impact of social media use in online travel information searches.
  4. Application of management information systems in the operational optimisation of Rentokil Initial.
  5. How does the use of management information systems fit into the resource-based perspective of the company?
  6. How organisational culture influences the implementation of management information systems.
  7. What aspects of EasyJet’s use of management information systems could be improved?
  8. What improvements to the management information system could British Airways make to address its organisational weaknesses?
  9. How does British Airways’ use of management information systems compare with its competitors?
  10. What steps should financial services firms take to develop and use management information systems as a source of competitive advantage?
  11. What organisational procedures and methods best suit financial services companies’ management information systems?
  12. Evaluate the information systems management model and whether it can be used to improve Tesco’s business operations.
  13. What are the critical requirements for creating a management information system that is competitively advantageous?
  14. How can Sainsbury’s use management information systems to create a competitive advantage in its rewards card offering?
  15. How can RBS manage the integration of ABN Amro and expand its retail client base using management information systems?

Knowledge Management Dissertation Topics

  1. An analysis of the relationship between knowledge management and sustainable strategic development (SSD) (KM).
  2. The role of management knowledge in promoting organisational effectiveness in the UK retail sector.
  3. An innovative exploration of how knowledge management is used in call centres and how it can improve customer satisfaction.
  4. A study to understand the lessons of knowledge management. A case study of the construction sector.
  5. A review of the best ways for Tesco to use Tesco Club Card data.
  6. Identifying the impact of unequal information sharing between two countries using a unique analysis. How does this affect the rate of change in development?
  7. A study to determine the adoption of knowledge management systems by start-ups and small businesses.
  8. An exploration of the re-use of engineering knowledge. An exploration of different viewpoints on experience-based codified knowledge in incremental product development in UK manufacturing companies.
  9. Sustaining business performance through knowledge management in an era of technological evolution.
  10. A critical review of knowledge management ideas and their impact on organisational learning, decision making and systems thinking.
  11. The difficulties of creating an organisational knowledge management framework in the context of organisational management.
  12. A study of the impact of knowledge management on business integration. An analysis of the merger of ABN Amro and RBS.
  13. Critical assessment of how knowledge has been recognised as an essential resource for companies seeking a competitive advantage in national and international environments.
  14. An innovative study on knowledge management’s effects in developing nations. a Venezuela case study.
  15. An analysis of how knowledge management frameworks can be used by businesses to move towards sustainability by using the sustainable strategic development (SSD) framework as a lens and filter.

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Why is it Essential for Students to Find a Perfect Management Dissertations Topic?

A good dissertation topic can effectively communicate to the audience what the rest of the dissertation will be about, the main points, and what evidence will be used to support those claims. A first-class management dissertation should guarantee a strong beginning that is topical, focused and relevant to the current issues surrounding management questions.

A first-class management dissertation topic is essential because it gives work a primary focus and sets the tone for the rest of the dissertation to be completed. The dissertation topic determines the research questions and the numerous objectives that need to be achieved. A strong thesis will therefore earn you the best grade.

Closing Remarks

When choosing a topic for your management dissertation, you should consider a wide range of topics. Selecting one of the management dissertation topics listed above will help you write an excellent thesis for your degree. The title of the dissertation should be chosen carefully. So, the distinctiveness of formulating a scientific problem should be considered while selecting the topic.

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