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15 Chat GPT Dissertation Topics – Free Topic Consultation

Published by at March 1st, 2023 , Revised On February 2, 2024

What is Chat GPT?

“Generative Pre-training Transformer, sometimes called GPT, is an artificial intelligence (AI) that produces text.”

It works by accepting a small amount of text in the form of a question or keywords as input and producing additional text based on that input using its language understanding.

GPT can produce natural and human-like speech because it has been trained on a large text dataset. It is widely used to produce written content such as articles, stories and code and is becoming more adept at understanding and using language. GPT requires human input and instructions to generate text, so it’s important to remember that it’s just a tool.

Chat GPT and Dissertation Topics

Chat GPT fundamentally transforms research. It is developing a new learning method that responds to each student’s needs by providing them with tailored learning and research experiences. However, knowing the dangers of relying too heavily on it is crucial. Chat GPT can continue to change education for the better by finding a balance between these benefits and dangers.

In this article, we propose 15 Chat GPT dissertation topics and ideas for students looking to base their dissertation or thesis on this trending and intriguing technology area. Let’s take a look!

Chat GPT Dissertation Topics & Ideas

  1. Analyse the difference between Chat GPT and Google AI applications.
  2. Why did Google consider Chat GPT its rival? Discuss
  3. How did google Bard will decrease the importance of Chat GPT?
  4. It is assumed that Chat GPT produce similar content (plagiarised) or even inappropriate content. Analyse this statement.
  5. How to use the popular AI chatbot that is causing a buzz?
  6. How could chat GPT use to plugin for your favourite IDE?
  7. Discuss the Chat GPT features that can help with dissertation writing.
  8. What will be the research future with Chat GPT? How is it transforming the research industry?
  9. How does Chat GPT influence a person’s perspective towards the modern world?
  10. Examine the dark sides of Chat GPT. What are the potential risk and dangers of Chat GPT?
  11. What impact would automation have on employment?
  12. How is artificial intelligence reshaping the classroom culture?
  13. How can Chat GPT improve and speed up your dissertation?
  14. The adverse effects and cons of using Chat GPT
  15. Suggestions on how to maximise the use of Chat GPT

Chat GPT is an excellent tool for those looking to generate free content. However, while a tool like Chat GPT has a lot of information to answer all academic questions, one must acknowledge that a professional writer can do more than Chat GPT. Then there is always the risk of getting caught using Chat GPT content in your academic assignments and projects. 

For example, a student can use Chat GPT to create an essay outline, develop ideas or write a rough draft. But can you rely on it when submitting the final draft of a paper or other content? Absolutely not! Because plagiarism tools can easily detect AI-generated content, you might fail the assignment and face penalties. 

Now you can decide whether you should rely on Chat GPT or a human expert writer to meet your academic needs, such as dissertation writing, proposal or essay writing.  

We wish you all the best with your decision!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, it is a well-known fact that plagiarism scanning software such as Turnitin will easily detect AI-generated content, which means you could find yourself in trouble and face penalties for using AI-generated and plagiarised content by your university. 

Avoid using Chat GPT for your projects, essays, and assignments. 

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