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100+ Fashion Dissertation Topics and Ideas – Free Consultation

Published by at November 29th, 2022 , Revised On April 25, 2024

Fashion is an expression of style and dress that changes according to region and time. Unlike Muslim countries, where women must cover their faces with a Naqab, Chador, Burqa or a Hijab, Western women can wear jeans, tops and skirts as a fashion statement. Similarly, women in Japan wear Kimonos, which have long sleeves and reach from the shoulders all the way down to one’s heels.

The field of fashion and the industry that runs it could be an exciting area of research for many fashion students because of how fashion and culture depict people’s different aesthetic preferences around the globe.

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Students who choose a fashion dissertation topic must have up-to-date knowledge and understanding of the trending fashion styles to make a solid impression on the readers.

To write an engaging fashion dissertation, fashion design students must keep a close eye on the latest developments and changes in the fashion industry.

You will need to gather all the relevant data and break it into specific, focused, and clear titles that match your research interests and preferences.

Choosing a compelling topic for a fashion dissertation will enable you to make a first good impression on the readers. You are at significant risk of underperforming your research if your chosen topic needs to be clarified and better defined.

Therefore, pick a topic you are passionate about and make a valuable academic contribution. If you have been looking for a unique and manageable fashion dissertation title, you have come to the right place.

Our fashion dissertation writing experts have compiled a list of the best topics to give you the head start you need.

This article lists 100 fashion dissertation topics to assist you in making a choice that will attract your examining committee. Here you go;

Topics for Dissertation on Fashion Entrepreneurship

  1. Variables that influence the performance of small and medium-sized enterprises in the UK fashion and culture sector. Explain with a case study of any five companies.
  2. The most successful marketing strategy for luxury fashion businesses is social media marketing –  A critical investigation.
  3. Describe the steps a woman takes to become an entrepreneur in the fashion industry.
  4. Explain the difficulties or problems faced by entrepreneurs in the fashion industry.
  5. Discuss the elements that determine the success and failure of the apparel industry.
  6. What aspects should a new fashion business in the US or UK consider?
  7. To what extent has co-creation in the global fashion industry been supported by digital technology?
  8. What is the future of the “culture of co-creation” in the fashion industry?
  9. What is the function of the culture of co-creation in small and medium fashion brands that engage in co-creation?
  10. An exploration of premium brand co-creation and brand equity.
  11. Collaborations between nations and across borders in the fashion sector.
  12. Examining the relationship between consumer behaviour and organisational sustainability reputation: The case of the UK’s luxury fashion industry.
  13. How has the development of digital marketing benefited the global fashion industry is discussed?
  14. The role of digital media and entrepreneurship in developing new-age fashion.
  15. Fashion industry case study: Analysing the factors affecting employee engagement and how it affects organisational outcomes.

Fashion and Culture Dissertation Topics

  1. How are western cultural values changing through fashion? Could you explain your thoughts on this?
  2. What is the cause of the increased demand for natural fabrics in 2022?
  3. There is a difference between occasional and compulsive shopping.
  4. A comparison of the wardrobe of royal families from other countries.
  5. Fashion’s contribution to the coronavirus epidemic.
  6. An exploration of the meaning of body piercings and tattoos in Western societies.
  7. The habit of a lifetime: The dress of nuns and monks throughout history.
  8. Have transgender models influenced the popular fashion industry?
  9. Exploring the link between fashion and nudists.
  10. The representation of gender in men’s and women’s fashion since the 1950s.
  11. How eastern countries are adopting western fashion.
  12. The changing fashion trends in eastern countries.
  13. Examining fashion’s contribution to cultural sustainability.
  14. The choices and standard of living of Asian consumers are under the influence of Western culture.
  15. Presented by representatives of well-known brands, Those Fab Four.
  16. Examining how public aesthetics, cultural connotations, and artistic aesthetics influence clothing design.
  17. Examining the influence of western fashion on developing Asia.
  18. How fashion influences students’ daily lives and helps them develop positive attitudes.
  19. Modernist political and cultural beliefs are heavily influenced by Western civilization.
  20. Examine the fashion of modernity in the twenty-first century by tracing fashion’s social and cultural history.
  21. Determining the link between identity, culture, and fashion.
  22. Young people’s exposure to celebrity culture and fashion through movies and television
  23. What led to the development of the 90s world stage?

Fashion Marketing Dissertation Topics

  1. The impact of fashion marketing on the brains of young people in the UK.
  2. The Beatles had an impact on fashion marketing in the UK.
  3. The impact of culturally influenced fashion marketing on consumer behaviour in Muslim countries.
  4. How has the global fashion industry evolved thanks to the development of digital marketing?
  5. A comparison between British fashion today and fashion marketing in the 1990s.
  6. The impact of sleepers on the sales success of a high-end fashion company in the UK.
  7. The impact of fashion marketing on the environment. How are our lakes being polluted by chemical waste from UK clothing factories?
  8. The impact of supply chain logistics on brand identity and brand perception in the UK fashion industry.
  9. Exploring the link between sport and fashion. A case study of Nike and its sportswear trends.
  10. The function of social media marketing in the UK fashion sector is to change consumer preferences.
  11. The evolution of ball gowns and how they disappeared from the British fashion scene.
  12. What clothes did musicians wear in the 1970s? The most influential bands are examined.
  13. Customers in the UK are influenced by colour when making purchases. Discuss
  14. There are links between fashion, culture, and religion. How fashion marketing has destroyed religious and cultural beliefs.
  15. The relationship between the fashion and beauty industries. The interaction between these two different spheres.

Best Fashion Dissertation Topics

  1. What fashion phenomenon did the members of the famous band The Beatles bring into the world?
  2. The social impact of fashion blogs and publications.
  3. The position of women in society in the light of evolving fashion trends over time.
  4. How useful are a fashion brand’s brand identity and image to business owners in today’s market?
  5. How has the history of leather jackets evolved?
  6. Do animals play an important role in the fashion industry? To what extent is this acceptable?
  7. Lady Diana’s choice of dress and its impact on society at the time.
  8. Is Justin Bieber the new teenage superstar and fashion icon of youth?
  9. Which old and new films have had a major influence on society’s sense of style?
  10. The centuries-old fashion trends that fools have worn
  11. Analysis and study of the hat’s origins and evolution over time in terms of new designs.
  12. Does today’s environment require good social media marketing for quality clothing?
  13. Critically examine children’s fashion trends in the mid-1990s.
  14. Over the years, wizards’ fashion tastes and traditional dress have evolved.
  15. Historical analysis and study of men’s and women’s fashion have been conducted since the early 1800s.

Most Famous Fashion Dissertation Topics

  1. The impact of counterfeit luxury goods on the high-end fashion sector.
  2. Investigating the new fashionable lifestyle of working from home: What is the cost-benefit analysis of working from home?
  3. Examining the recent growth of the wig fashion industry.
  4. How big is the booming cosmetics sector, and what impact does it have on the economy?
  5. A case study of Serena William illustrates how clothing reflects the empowerment of the modern woman.
  6. How does fashion influence consumer mentality?
  7. A case study on Taylor illustrates how teenagers’ musical tastes are influenced by style.
  8. Examining the link between royalty and fashion during the reign of Queen Elizabeth.
  9. How tyrants and monopolists controlled the fashion industry after the Second World War?
  10. Examining the meaning of clothing as a symbol of culture, prestige, and aspiration.
  11. The function of creativity and innovation in the functioning of the fashion industry.
  12. A comprehensive guide to buying upmarket, stylish textiles.
  13. The effect of clothing choice on the thought process.
  14. A comparison and contrast of European and African fashion.
  15. Examining the effects of fashion trends on the operation of a business.

Custom Fashion Dissertation Topics

  1. Exploring the links between culture, identity, and fashion
  2. What connection can be made between religion and fashion?
  3. A list of famous people who have influenced fashion trends and are considered fashion icons.
  4. The link between the promotion of fashion brands and plastic surgery.
  5. An investigation into how fashion trends affect the mental health of a community.
  6. The contribution of nylon to innovation in the fashion industry.
  7. Examining the disappearance of some fashionable garments. The case study of the tie.
  8. The idea of collaborating on fashion for expensive school uniforms.
  9. The difficulties faced by an entrepreneur in the fashion industry.
  10. The comparison of how men and women promote fashion designs.
  11. Learn the skills you need to succeed in your fashion business.
  12. Why choosing a style for a wedding ceremony is crucial.
  13. How has the fashion industry generated jobs for the youth?
  14. How is the attire influenced by the seasons of the year 2022?
  15. Why has the use of formal attire decreased at work?

Fashion Design Dissertation Topics

  1. The role of fashion writers in promoting fashion trends.
  2. The contribution of festivities to the American fashion industry.
  3. The influence of ethnicity on fashion trends.
  4. A link between poverty and style.
  5. An examination of the dress trends of royal families worldwide in comparison.
  6. The influence of royal families on fashion trends.
  7. Madonna as a case study in costume culture.
  8. Does the fashion industry’s future look promising, given the growth of the internet?
  9. Examining the socio-cultural history of fashion to understand its evolution.
  10. Why is American and European clothing so different from Asian fashion?
  11. The impact of fast fashion on workers in Chinese garment factories.
  12. The contribution of politicians to the growth of fashion.
  13. The fetishization of black people by modern fashion
  14. The impact of fashion on the mental health of adolescents
  15. Why is there such a strong dislike of Zara and Bershka?

Fashion Dissertation Topics about Fashion Industry

  1. Who has the greatest influence on contemporary fashion?
  2. How do famous people influence fashion?
  3. The influence of feminism on fashion and fashion brands.
  4. Which period in fashion was the worst? And why?
  5. Why do certain clothes last for decades while others never sell out?
  6. Clothes from the past that are currently in fashion.
  7. How the music industry influences fashion.
  8. How should you dress for your body type?
  9. Why are fashion shows necessary?
  10. An examination of the contributions made by the fashion icons of the
  11. The different identities of the kings of the world and their royal
  12. Material unions: The origins and development of the English wedding
  13. A discussion of how vintage trends have influenced the modern fashion
  14. The use of jewellery in the upmarket fashion industry.
  15. The influence of capitalism on fashion.
  16. How does TikTok influence fashion trends?
  17. How does fashion factor into the political discussion?
  18. The fashion industry’s response to Coco Chanel.
  19. Why is Jean Paul Gaultier frequently referred to as the fashion
    world’s “enfant terrible”?

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Why is it Important to Choose the Right Fashion Dissertation Topic?

The title of your dissertation is of great importance as it informs the reader about what you aim to achieve with your research project. The goal orientation of the research, i.e., the type of goals it is intended to pursue, should be evident from the choice of topic.

Thus, from the perspective of the topic, the status of problem research and possible trends in development can be gleaned. If the choice of topic merely states a fact and does not indicate the goal orientation of the study, the research may not be worthwhile.

Similarly, if previous researchers have done more thorough research on your selected topic, and when there are limited to no reliable and authentic sources to use as evidence for your claims, you should avoid such a topic.

In a nutshell, the first thought explosion after an accumulation of thoughts is the topic selection. Good topic selection is a prerequisite for the work’s success and can increase the effectiveness of the research.

Need help with your dissertation project? Have no idea where to start? Our expert dissertation writers can provide you with several unique and intriguing fashion research ideas, research proposal writing service, work on your dissertation, and help you achieve your desired grade doing the things you love the most.

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    People get bored by fashion over time due to human nature’s tendency for novelty and variety. Once a trend becomes common and loses its initial excitement, people seek new experiences and trends to satisfy their desire for change and individuality.

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