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Top Business Administration Dissertation Topics

Published by at January 4th, 2023 , Revised On January 16, 2023

Choosing a solid topic for your research is one of the essential elements in writing an excellent thesis in business administration. Choosing a research area that interests you is advisable, as your project will take a lot of time to complete. The best ideas for a business administration dissertation deal with your dissertation’s discussion.

When choosing a topic, you should demonstrate your ability to think critically and explore the topic in depth. The main aim of the thesis is to show students that they can solve academic problems independently to obtain a degree. It means that students are not expected to spend a lot of time researching an important topic or trying to create something completely original.

If you find it challenging to come up with a good topic yourself, you can choose from one of the topics given below by our professional experts.

Business Administration Topics for Undergraduate Students

  1. A case analysis of improving corporate strategy to achieve global presence and competence.
  2. An examination of the benefits and risks of an international joint venture through a case study.
  3. An investigation into the difficulties of managing collaboration in the military engine industry.
  4. What elements affect the growth of an organisationin the long term? An examination of the literature.
  5. To investigate the causes of problems within or outside the organisation that impact the workforce.
  6. To investigate how online marketing contributes to developing global supply chain networks.
  7. Investigate the different innovative business ideas and weigh up the pros and cons.
  8. Industrial analysis of the impact of partnerships on business administration.
  9. To examine the issues of business discourse, taking into account creative ideas.
  10. Review the most effective methods for introducing services to the European market.
  11. To examine the corporate responsibility of business administration.
  12. To examine the impact of resource administration on the corporate image in business analytics.
  13. Maintain employee commitment and satisfaction by ensuring equity in the company.
  14. All business functions are necessary; what are they, and how can they be managed well?
  15. Customer service analysis in the banking sector is conducted to identify the best strategies to promote customer reliability.

Business Administration Topics for MS Students

  1. How does the banking industry impact economic expansion?
  2. Analyse the performance of employees as a result of TQM.
  3. Considering the organisation’s response in leadership competencies and Human Resource training, essential communication defects/gaps between senior management and project Investors.
  4. Examining how social media and digital platforms will impact business branding and marketing in the future.
  5. Financial incentives’ role in promoting employee morale.
  6. To research the role of corporate responsibility and accountability in the context of profit-based businesses.
  7. An extensive literature review is performed to determine what causes business administration in the banking sector.
  8. Discuss how to guarantee an impenetrable administrative setup and offer stability and safety.
  9. An examination of social media’s contribution to the development of a favourable business climate.
  10. To research how supply chain vulnerability is managed and how that affects the supply chain’s partners in the food-producing industry.
  11. Analysedifferent modern personal investment techniques.
  12. Does risk-based management boost banking industry profitability?
  13. The impact of administrative leadership on organisational management during covid-19
  14. Business modelling and digital branding using data science: a review of computer-aided metrics, framework, and analytics.
  15. A multi-disciplinary business administration perspective on the use of technology in optimising organisational financial management.

Business Administration Topics for MBA Students

  1. Analysing how innovation influences the creation of successful business models and business strategies.
  2. Use Big Data to Examine the Use of Public Surveys in Business Administration.
  3. AnalysingBusiness Administration’s Impact on Marine Economic Development.
  4. A Case Study of the UK’s Financial Management Systems optimisationfor Multi-Business Corporations.
  5. The Mediating Effect of Self-Efficacy on the Relationship Between Entrepreneurial Passion and Entrepreneurial Behavior.
  6. The Effects of Competence and Leadership Style on Young British Business Leaders.
  7. AnalysingHow Business Knowledge Flows Affect Process Improvements.
  8. The application of AI-based financial technology to the growth of the UK’s corporate sector.
  9. Impact of Modern Workplace Technology on Corporate Manager Performance
  10. Examining the Major Obstacles for Young Entrepreneurs and New Online Businesses.
  11. The Importance of Employee Welfare Management and Its Impact on Their Performance.
  12. Investigating the Effect of “Work-at-Home” Initiatives on the Workplace: Can This Policy Be Maintained?
  13. The importance of influencer business branding and how it enhances the perception of an organisation.
  14. Evaluating the effects of a particular strategic business administration model on organisational performance.
  15. The Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) ‘s role in developing business strategies.

Business Administration Topics for PhD Students

  1. Efficient data analysis techniques for e-governance systems.
  2. The role that human resource management plays in increasing a company’s profitability.
  3. The impact of knowledge management on strategic planning.
  4. The implementation of effective technology management to gain a competitive advantage.
  5. The examination of how environmental conditions affect the successes of small enterprises.
  6. The precise impact of bank recapitalisation on the economy of the country.
  7. The impact of employee relations policies on rural banks’ productivity.
  8. The relationship between innovation management and organisational culture.
  9. The impact of the banking sector on economic expansion.
  10. The most effective strategy to promote employee engagement in human resources.
  11. Comparison of South Asia and Eastern Europe as top locations for IT outsourcing.
  12. Analysing the case of hotels will help understand company administration’s crucial impact on consumer preferences.
  13. To examine how pricing practices affect how competitively a business grows.
  14. A case study investigation of the difficulties businesses have with personal income taxation.
  15. To conduct an industrial analysis of the impact of tax policy on medium-sized firms.

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Importance of a Good Business Administration Dissertation Topic

Students who have decided to study business administration should be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge. When writing a business dissertation, students should be able to combine their practical and academic knowledge to solve demanding issues. Choosing a solid title for a business dissertation is vital regardless of your educational background.


These titles suggest a few areas you might explore during your business administration studies. While some may seem too general or specific, they can serve as a guide. You can modify them by adding one or more detailed case studies, changing the country you study or changing the sector. If you are unsure, seek advice from your supervisor.

Ensure you understand the components your supervisor expects from your business administration dissertation. The suggested topics may need a slight or considerable alteration, but they will help you write an exciting dissertation!

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