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Social Work Dissertation Topics

Published by at December 22nd, 2022 , Revised On February 2, 2024

The systematic study of issues relevant to the social work profession is called social work research. It can be described as the use of research techniques to solve daily problems that social workers face.

There is a plethora of topics that you can write about in your dissertation as a social work student. Simply put, social work involves a range of activities that enable you to improve the lives of others. Social workers help adults and children deal with general, interpersonal, personal, and family problems.

It might be difficult to find the best topics for a social work dissertation because there are so many important issues to address, given the span of what a social worker does. We have prepared a list of topics to assist you in beginning your adventure of writing a social work dissertation. Let’s have a look!

Social Work Dissertation Topics

  1. An in-depth analysis of the many strategies to improve the use of social services.
  2. The impact of community violence on the quality of life of LGBT+ people.
  3. How is the criminal justice system failing America’s social culture?
  4. Discuss the impact of sexual trauma and the support social workers can offer.
  5. Describe the systems that have worked best to address workplace violence.
  6. What difficulties do social workers encounter in interprofessional practices?
  7. Analyse how the repressive American healthcare system affects minority populations.
  8. Analyse the prevalence of obesity and its impact on the population.
  9. Young adults who abuse drugs. The function of social workers in management and prevention.
  10. Psychological harm suffered by victims of human trafficking.
  11. Reflect on the difficulties faced by the twenty-first-century social worker that did not exist in the past.
  12. Identify the inequalities in society that can be ameliorated to improve the lives of racial minorities.
  13. A study to determine if children who see or experience domestic violence continue this type of abuse as adults.
  14. The impact of family support and protection on child protection in social work.
  15. Is ensuring restorative justice through the rehabilitation of young offenders the new strategy?
  16. Explores the reasons why women from the South remain in violent situations.
  17. Mental health providers refrain from disproportionately committing and detaining young men in mental health facilities.
  18. Laws that allow the government to represent underprivileged societies.
  19. Research to address the issues of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons and the importance of gender sensitivity.
  20. How does education affect a leader’s ability to shape a country’s social and political system?
  21. The impact of alcoholism on a person’s society, lifestyle and family.
  22. Examine how to deal with social worker fatigue.
  23. Show how sexual health education can help prevent teenage pregnancy.
  24. Incest in families and rising rates of violence against women and children are caused by pornography.
  25. The function of the media in the electoral process of a state or nation and the impact of its influence on the outcome of elections.

Easy Social Work Dissertation Topics

  1. How can victims of domestic violence get better job opportunities?
  2. Is it crucial for children with Down syndrome to integrate socially and academically?
  3. A country’s political and social structure is further enhanced by education as a means of developing strong leaders. Discuss
  4. the reintroduction of the death penalty and its impact on the rising crime rate in society.
  5. Examine the norms or standards of marriage regarding how people involved in illegitimate or unmarried relationships perceive them.
  6. Examine the support programs for victims of domestic abuse in your region or country.
  7. Investigate the public’s perception of the limit on the number of children per household and how this affects the socio-economic structure.
  8. Analyse the likelihood of eviction in light of social and cultural attitudes.
  9. Why does society believe that divorce harms the psyche of children?
  10. Discuss the increasing difficulties faced by people with disabilities in today’s civilised countries.
  11. Should foster children experience the long-term effects of housing and food insecurity?
  12. Name any two presidents and compare their domestic policies to see how they affected or benefited people.
  13. The impact of physical changes during puberty on the psyche of children.
  14. Discover the procedures and effects of migrant parents’ participation in their children’s education: Overcoming cultural barriers.
  15. Family support and social integration play an important role in reducing ex-offenders recidivism.
  16. Social workers face difficulties working with clients who have been sexually exploited and are of the opposite sex.
  17. Comparing and contrasting Bipolar I and Bipolar II.
  18. The impact of communal violence on the LGBT community and their quality of life.
  19. Alcoholism is caused by substance abuse. Critically examine the claim.
  20. Give a qualitative analysis of the risk and resilience of young people.
  21. How does a woman’s health affect her ability to find work?
  22. Young people comment on the care homes they have used in the past.
  23. Does encouraging female travel promote civic leadership?
  24. The link between humanities and citizenship. Discuss
  25. Young people’s and service providers’ views on how housing options affect young adults.

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Child Protection Social Work Dissertation Topics

  1. Provide an overview of research based on actual practice on how authorities influence child protection.
  2. Will children exposed to or witness abuse and violence at home continue this pattern of behaviour?
  3. Impact of family support and safety during social workers involved in child protection.
  4. The role of social workers in implementing successful interventions for victims of child sexual abuse.
  5. Factors that make it more likely for adopted children to seek their birth parents.
  6. The impact of spousal violence on children and how this affects a social worker.
  7. Examine your region’s educational progress in child care.
  8. Review California’s education and childcare literature and identify the lessons the rest of the world can learn from it.
  9. A study of how people recover from traumatic childhood experiences and move on with their lives. Give examples.
  10. Is gender-neutral education outdated, or is it still necessary today?
  11. How is a child’s self-esteem related to the school environment?
  12. A case study to explore the difficulties of children with learning difficulties.
  13. The benefits of studying child development for the enhancement of social services.
  14. The cause of historical ignorance of child development over many years.
  15. Explore the self-development of the different stages of development.
  16. The most effective approaches to reducing behavioural problems in foster children.
  17. The link between a child’s impairment and the likelihood that he or she will enter foster care.
  18. How can group therapy benefit foster children?
  19. The impact of frequent family changes on young orphans.
  20. What is the psychological impact of homelessness on children?

Mental Health Social Work Dissertation Topics

  1. Why do people with obsessive-compulsive problems find it difficult to function in society?
  2. The impact of bipolar parents on children’s health and lifestyles.
  3. Why is it important to socially challenge the stigma attached to mental illness?
  4. The contribution of social workers to improving support for people with mental illness.
  5. The prevalence of suicidal thoughts in military units and the most effective methods for dealing with them.
  6. The best learning supports children with learning problems such as dyslexia, ADHD and others.
  7. An in-depth analysis of programs for people with developmental disabilities that educate about sexuality.
  8. Analyses of how developmental disabilities affect a person’s life events.
  9. A preliminary analysis of the many tools available to primary caregivers of autistic children.
  10. Using the mind-body connection in yoga to increase resilience to traumatic events.
  11. Are mental health problems more stigmatised in women than in men? Make a comparative analysis.
  12. The perspective of a woman who receives support from social services in coping with a mental illness.
  13. Determine whether smoking makes depressed people feel like they belong or are accepted.
  14. Can minorities and other marginalised groups access mental health care equally?
  15. Do mental health service providers refrain from placing young men in psychiatric units?
  16. The link between successful mental health care and public policy.
  17. The psychological and emotional impact of immature parents on adult children.
  18. How can cognitive behavioral therapy in foster care change lives?
  19. Lack of emotional availability at home and codependency.
  20. Leisure activities are important for Alzheimer’s patients. Discuss why?

Here yo will find detailed psychology dissertation topics, if you are interested to write a research paper about psychology.

Miscellaneous Social Work Dissertation Topics

  1. An investigation into the direction of practice with survivors of child sexual abuse.
  2. To examine societal perceptions and their impact on the treatment and prevention of HIV and AIDS in two at-risk groups.
  3. Discuss how environmental issues affect students’ academic performance in classrooms.
  4. Discuss the sociological aspects that affect students’ lifestyles and self-image.
  5. Critically describe the physical, psychological, social and emotional changes a pregnant woman undergoes before and after childbirth.
  6. Critically address the emotional and psychological impact of low self-esteem.
  7. Elaborate on the impact of physical and verbal abuse in school and how this affects the student’s ability to concentrate in class.
  8. Identify the type of sexual and physical violence both parties agree to improve the sexual experience.
  9. Examine in detail how inclusion affects the social lifestyle to improve it.
  10. Discuss the basic problems that arise in interracial relationships.
  11. Examine how religious diversity affects social workers’ efforts to promote religious inclusion.
  12. Resilience in young people who have had a difficult adolescence: a qualitative study.
  13. Exploring youth hostels and the network of young people in difficulty: A place for all seasons.
  14. Discuss the role of cultural diversity in the workplace in achieving cultural inclusion in society.
  15. Analyse the extent to which the average white person exploits members of a minority group.
  16. Examine the stress or anxiety girls experience when they first notice their period.
  17. Critically examine the impact of high housing costs in the UK.
  18. Discuss the impact of teenage pregnancy on teenage mothers’ educational and professional lives.
  19. A study of the relationship between education and self-esteem in girls.
  20. Examine the importance of hypnosis in therapy and discuss whether it should be used during sessions.
  21. Discuss how cognitive therapy helps people become more stable and how it affects the care of children.
  22. Analyse causal models used in the research literature to explore theories about the causes of poverty and unemployment.
  23. Analyse the difficulties of misdiagnosis and how it affects people with mental disorders.
  24. Compare and contrast clinical and undiagnosed depression.
  25. A case study method enables researchers to assess how children with non-verbal difficulties develop socially.

How Can you Research a Leading Social Work Dissertation Topic?

There are numerous ways to search for social work dissertation topics. To get a rough idea of these productive ways, scroll down.

  • Discuss this with your professor, who can best advise you on an under-researched topic in the field.
  • Choose a topic supported by one or more published papers by scholars in the US or abroad. Citations should also be specific, and the majority should appear in reputable peer-reviewed journals.
  • Also, a theoretical approach cannot compete with practical knowledge, so social work research topics should relate to practice. However, the group of students is an exception, as theoretical concepts are appropriate.
  • Overcoming a certain stereotype should be your topic because it is necessary to dispel people’s preconceived ideas.
  • It can be considered significant if a topic offers readers actual benefits, useful arguments and tangible evidence.

Social work is indispensable in our daily lives. Therefore, it would be necessary for social work practitioners and students to put this research into practice. Even though scholars have made significant contributions to the discipline, there is still much room for growth. Since there are so many different research topics in social work that can be explored, it would not be necessary to repeat the previous research topics. Without regard to your level of study, there is a good chance that you will find excellent social work dissertation topics.

Significance of a Good Social Work Dissertation Topic

The social work research has the potential to be transformed by a strong social work dissertation topic. Additionally, but not always, the topics should align with the latest social trends. Since most trends are overrated, you should limit yourself to a few that matter. It will benefit your career if you choose a topic that has recently gained attention. Therefore, it is advisable to identify trends that have the potential to be relevant in the future.

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