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Project Management Dissertation Topics – Free Consultation

Published by at December 20th, 2022 , Revised On February 2, 2024

You must submit several academic projects to graduate as a project management student. The dissertation project is essential for completing the degree, and you should base it on a unique and specific research topic according to your interests and preferences.

Here are a variety of project management dissertation topics that you can consider for your dissertation or thesis whether you are an undergraduate, Master or PhD student.

Selecting one of these topics is just the beginning. Once you have a concept, you can start researching and writing about it. Remember that the dissertation topic reflects the essence of the entire dissertation, so select one that enables you to contribute to the body of knowledge.

How to Find a Project Management Dissertation Topic?

A dissertation topic is the heart of your dissertation. But finding a suitable project management dissertation topic is always tricky for students. You have to research for months before settling on the final topic. Many students panic when choosing the topic and are caught in an endless loop of anxiety, confusion and general despair.

How exactly do they find the most relevant and suitable topic? Well, there are many ways to do this, such as researching, sharing your ideas with friends and classmates, discussing ideas with your supervisor, and brainstorming.

To help you get started, our project management experts have compiled a free list of customised topics and ideas. You can customised these topics based on your country of study and academic level.

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Project Management Dissertation Topics

1. Analysis of management practices for innovation and entrepreneurship.
2. Experiences of school leadership teams in managing California elementary schools.
3. Impact of augmented reality on academic achievement of English students.
4. Analyse the use of blockchain with Python to create a project management API.
5. Project managers play a role in making wise decisions in agile software development projects.
6. The impact of teachers’ behaviour in Welsh secondary schools on pupils’ academic achievement.
7. The impact of project management planning and scheduling techniques.
8. Difficulties faced by female teachers in advancing their careers in education due to a lack of diversity in UK school administration.
9. Recycling manufacturing waste: sustainable production in the fashion industry.
10. How Project management and green building are linked with each other?
11. Examination of soft skills as essential success factors of project management.
12. The key differences between the Scrum and Agile approaches to project management.
13. Exploring project managers’ perceptions of the need for governance: the role of governance building blocks to improve the project environment.
14. Exploring the characteristics of effective leadership for project management.
15. Project management analysis: a case study of job satisfaction and retention in UK construction companies.
16. The contribution of project management to the efficient use of resources.
17. An examination of project management in the context of university-industry collaboration.
18. Analysis of the communication business processes of successful multinational/global companies.
19. The benefits of cost-benefit analysis in project management.
20. Draw attention to the importance of the management process within the broad field of project management in the UK.
21. Highlighting the importance of the management process within the broad spectrum of project management in the UK.
22. Case study of the growth and development of project management in the construction sector in South East Asia.
23. Examine the relationship between project management and project success in the UK education sector.
24. A comparative study highlights the similarities and differences in global project management methodologies.
25. What are the potential opportunities for project management to gain a competitive advantage in 2020? A critical examination.
26. A study of the relationship between communication and project management.
27. An investigation of the growth and development of project management during the previous 25 years.
28. A critical strategy for understanding how to improve the effectiveness of project management in a start-up company. A case study of new companies in the UK.
29. An investigation into best practices for managing a sizeable ethnic outsourcing project. A case study of Chinese companies outsourcing.
30. A study to comprehend the difficulties in public procurement for project management in the UK’s IT sector.
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Software Project Management Topics

1. Analyse strategies for visualising databases.
2. The implications of combining software development and debugging.
3. Examine how the Internet of Things is used in project management software.
4. Determine the key behaviors of businesses that influence software development.
5. Difficulties in project escalation and management of software projects.
6. The difficulties of accurately reporting on the status of software projects.
7. The mitigation of risk when bidding for software contracts.
8. The combination of process and structural methods in managing software development.
9. Agile methods and their derivative water scrum fall are used to develop software projects.
10. An exploration of companies’ rationales for using different software development approaches for project management in other genres.
11. Comparison of the relationship between project management systems and information systems management.

Construction Project Management Topics

1. Identify how project planning and scheduling are used on construction projects.
2. A comparison of the different UK procurement strategies for managing risk on construction projects.
3. The healthy workplace in construction: industry best practices to protect workers from work-related musculoskeletal disorders.
4. Expanding the use of contract inspections in the construction industry: a strategy for knowledge sharing between projects?
5. Empirical studies of Swedish construction projects to improve collaborative risk management during a project.
6. Can the built environment impact the sense of community in a neighborhood?
7. Will the integration of renewable energy into the national grid have a negative impact?
8. Impact of multi-organizational projects on project delivery techniques.
9. Towards a low-carbon construction industry: proposing a multi-method framework for project management operations and overall building performance.
10. Analysis of project management practices, needs and benefits of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the construction industry
11. Analysis of the causes and consequences of poor communication in the construction industry.
12. Analysis of risk management in the construction industry Procurement options.
13. As a web-based project management tool, evaluate Girasole.
14. Examine the effects of taking environmental protection into account when planning construction projects.
15. How are quality control procedures handled in building projects in underdeveloped nations?
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Research-Based Project Management Dissertation Topics

1. Examine technical capacity, organisational structure and leadership about project management success in project-oriented organisations.
2. Understanding the role of soft skills in project management to increase project success.
3. A project manager’s positive attitude and stress management impact IT project success.
4. Investigating the critical success factors of project management for global software development.
5. The impact of the strategic roles of the Project Management Office on business ecosystems: An analysis
6. Analysing the impact of information systems on the success of risk management projects.
7. Studying the value of project management in law firms.
8. Analysethe project management practices in private organisations.
9. Analysing the impact of information asymmetry and cost vulnerability on incentive contracts and project manager profits.
10. Examining the impact of social media use and employment backgrounds.
11. What factors do you believe make a quality management policy effective? What elements must you take into account while creating a quality management policy?
12. How much is Six Sigma applied to produce particular industrial hardware? What impact will it have on other businesses in the sector?

MBA Project Management Dissertation Topics

1. An Analysis of the Role of Quality Assurance (QA) in Successful Project Management.
2. A case of efficient energy management and production methodology to evaluate the effectiveness of alternative energy in developing countries.
3. Identifying and assessing the risks associated with managing large public-private construction projects in the UK.
4. An analysis of institutional and technical factors in project management development.
5. Improving safety culture through the use of state-of-the-art project management methods.
6. Aanalysingthe impact of effective project management techniques on organisational performance in the UK automotive industry.
7. Does project management leadership contribute to business expansion in the corporate sector in the UK?
8. A case study of project management companies: A review of HR management in projects using sociometric approaches.
9. What effects has TQM had on the human resources division? What are other developments planned for the human resources department in this regard?
10. Why do you think human resources-related quality management techniques should adopt dynamic capability? How many product developments be aided in its improvement?

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Marketing Project Management Dissertation Topics

1. Examine the impact of system dynamics and project management principles on humanitarian logistics.
2. Assess the factors that contributed to the project delay and give your viewpoint. What impact do you think these factors have on international construction companies?
3. Focus on the role that communication plays in ensuring project timely and quality completion.
4. Examine the impact of system dynamics and project management principles on humanitarian logistics.
5. Identify the selection criteria for projects. Do you think the project benefits strategy is changing drastically to become more client-centreed?
6. Examine the soft skills of project management about the success rate of projects.
7. Assess the impact of the misalignment of a project with business objectives on the performance of the whole project.
8. Analysethe trends in project management research that influence project success.
9. Describe how project management maturity factors influence the success of projects in large companies.
10. What are the hybrid project management techniques? Explore.
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Agile Project Management Dissertation Topics

1. Comparison between traditional and agile project management methods.
2. An evolutionary model to bridge the gap between research and agile practice.
3. How Ericsson software developers and managers acquired skills to implement agile rules      for sustainable service and energy delivery?
4. Agile and waterfall methodologies: both positive and negative aspects.
5. The impact of agile project management on productivity in the IT sector.

Significance of Selecting a Unique and Intriguing Project Management Dissertation Topic

As a project management student seeking academic success, you must develop new concepts and conduct experiments on proven and established project-based theories to enhance your study topic and make it enjoyable.

It cannot be overstated how important it is to choose a logical topic that will be the basis for all your research. Some serious drawbacks of choosing the wrong topic are: Your supervisor may not like working on it, the topic may lack academic credibility, the research may not make logical sense, and there is a risk that the study may not be feasible.

It will affect how much time and effort you spend writing your dissertation, as you risk falling into a rejection loop right at the beginning. We should keep these possibilities in our mind when choosing a dissertation topic. This way, you can select one of the top project management dissertation topics that meet your research needs and contributes to the body of knowledge.

Closing Remarks!

You will find a fantastic selection of project management topics for your upcoming project management dissertation above. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully review the list and pick a topic that suits you best for the dissertation. Remember that changing the project once it has started would be unwise because that would waste much of your precious time.

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