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How to Write a Nursing Dissertation Proposal

Published by at November 24th, 2022 , Revised On February 1, 2024

Medicine and nursing have remained popular fields of study for centuries because of their applications. It is no surprise that nursing is one of the most popular professions in the UK today. All nursing students must complete a nursing dissertation proposal at some point during their degree programme.

When to Write a Nursing Dissertation Proposal

Most nursing students either find professional employment or continue their education within six months of graduation. But before graduation, nursing students must submit a dissertation or a thesis paper to complete their degrees successfully.

Before starting research, a student must justify their choice of the research topic. For this purpose, students write a nursing research proposal with all study-related details. A nursing dissertation proposal often resembles a dissertation or thesis outline.

The research proposal presents the topic, the sources, the methodology, the purpose and the individual components of the research. Different standards apply to research proposals in nursing and other subjects depending on the educational institution. Make sure you have read and understood them fully before writing.

Another option is to look at nursing research proposal examples online. Or you can find trustworthy nursing proposal writing services to ensure your success. However, students should refrain from copying texts. Ensure the completed nursing dissertation proposal is free of plagiarism and language mistakes before submission.

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Steps for Writing a Nursing Dissertation Proposal

1. Select the Topic

Topic selection for your nursing dissertation is the first step of the process, which you should never rush. Remember that your topic choice will affect the quality and affectivity of the outcome of your research study.

If you choose your topic hastily, you may find it challenging to work with later. A suitable and exciting nursing research proposal topic will keep you hooked and engaged throughout the process.

Try to recall engaging lectures from mandatory nursing modules. Check your class notes to see which topics you find interesting.

When choosing topics for a nursing dissertation proposal, you can consider the following research topics:

  • Symptoms in the emergency room with no medical explanation
  • Eating disorders and Hollywood
  • Technological development in the production of vaccines
  • Health insurance companies don’t bill for medicines
  • Sexually explicit education
  • Access to public health information by Americans
  • Featured healthcare reform legislation in the media
  • The sharing of health information to prevent diseases
  • The contribution of parents to a healthy lifestyle for children
  • Television depictions of drug use
  • Risks and safety precautions for pregnant overweight women

Your lecturer may also give you a list of recommended topic ideas. Evaluating several options would be beneficial before settling on a topic if this is the case.

The list can also serve as a starting point for you to find other related topics. By discussing your ideas with your instructor, you can ensure that you choose a manageable topic that meets the research requirements.

How should I choose my topic when I haven’t even started studying yet? You might even already know more than you think. Look at your list and select the two or three most important topics. Take some time to explore each of these topics at your leisure. Just thinking about your topic can open up new perspectives for you.

2. Carry Out Preliminary Research

Conducting preliminary research is another method writers can use to narrow their topic of focus. Exploratory reading, like free writing, can reveal exciting perspectives. An excellent place to start is by surfing the internet and reading articles online from a recognised authentic website.

Check out blogs and online nursing discussion forums to find out what people say about your topic. The opinions of others on your topic can also motivate you. Share your thoughts with your teacher, friends or fellow students.

The reliability of online sources varies greatly. You do not need to check the sources as closely now as you will later in the exploratory phase of your research.

3. Formulate your Research Questions or Hypothesis

Based on your free writing exercises and preliminary research, you have selected a targeted and manageable topic for your nursing research proposal. You must decide what you want to learn about your topic and what to teach afterwards to work successfully with it.

Before beginning in-depth research, you clarify your topic by creating research questions or hypotheses. When you formulate a research question, you define your research purpose. The guiding principle of your work should be your primary research topic, which should be broad but narrowly defined to guide your investigation.

You must combine extensive information, interpret and analyse it, and draw conclusions to answer a compelling research topic. Consider whether the issue of the study is too complex or too easy to answer.
Examine the earlier freewriting you did to decide on your research question. Skim through books, articles, and online and note your questions.

For Example:

Topic: Obesity

Who? teenagers

What? intake of high-fat foods

Where? school cafeterias

How is teen obesity impacted by eating high-fat foods in school cafeterias?

4. Write the Literature Review

Briefly discuss the fundamental theories and concepts surrounding your chosen area of study. Authentic and latest evidence must back all your claims in the literature review section. The literature review must provide information against your research questions as set up in the introduction section.

5. Propose the Research Methodology

Developing a sound research methodology is perhaps the most challenging yet significant part of writing a nursing proposal. Here, you must discuss your chosen methods of research and the justification. Quantitative analysis is quite common for nursing projects because of the practicality of the profession. However, you can also choose to select qualitative research.

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6. Expected Results

Briefly highlight the possible results of the research. How will your research contribute to the area of nursing? Will your hypothesis be proven right or wrong?

7. Project Timeline

Develop a Gantt Chart for your readers to see how long you will need to complete the research work. You can use Microsoft Excel or MS Project to create the schedule.

Nursing Research Proposal Structure

Summarise the preliminary work you have done in the form of a small document – no more than two typed pages – called a nursing research proposal. Develop the proposal based on your programme’s structural requirements and submit it to your professor for review.

Generally, your research proposal will include your primary research question, associated sub-questions, literature review, proposal research methodology, expected results, project timeline, and references list. You will also briefly discuss the importance of researching this topic and describe your strategy.

Key Tips to Develop the Perfect Nursing Proposal

  • The first step in writing a research proposal is identifying possible ideas, selecting ideas for further investigation, selecting and refining a topic, formulating a research question or hypothesis and writing a working thesis.
  • An excellent topic for a research proposal interests the author and meets the assignment’s requirements.
  • A topic can be defined and narrowed down to help writers conduct focused in-depth research.
  • To find potential topics and research questions and to create a viable thesis, writers conduct preliminary research.
  • A solid research topic piques readers’ curiosity, is neither too general nor too specific and does not have a unique solution.
  •  A good working proposal formulates a debatable idea or claim that can be verified with data from the literature.

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Writing a dissertation proposal can be easy if you follow certain steps. Following steps are involved in writing an impeccable dissertation proposal. 

  • Select a trending and apt topic. 
  • Carry out preliminary research. 
  • Formulate your research questions and hypothesis.
  • Write the literature review 
  • Propose the research methodology 
  • Highlight the possible results 
  • Develop a Gantt chart to review the project timeline. 

Students must write a dissertation or thesis paper before graduation to earn their degrees effectively. A student must explain their choice of dissertation topic before beginning the investigation. For this, they draft a dissertation proposal, including all information pertinent to the study. 

The dissertation proposal aims to present your topic, sources, methodology and other important elements of the research. It is mostly written to get your topic accepted by your supervisor. 

The structure of a nursing dissertation proposal consists mostly of the same elements as other dissertation proposals. Here are the main chapters that make an excellent nursing dissertation proposal.

  • Introduction 
  • Literature Review 
  • Methodology 
  • Ethical Considerations 
  • Expected Results 
  • Conclusion 
  • References 

To select the best nursing dissertation topic, ensure the research is done properly. Make sure that you find enough content on the topic so that you do not get stuck in the middle. Choose a trending topic. An outdated topic will bore your committee and readers. A good topic will keep you motivated till the end as well. 

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