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Marketing Dissertation Topics – Selected For Year 2023

Published by at November 30th, 2022 , Revised On June 13, 2024

Marketing is a degree course focusing on commerce, lead generation and sales, so you’ll learn much more than creativity when pursuing a Marketing degree.

You will discover how to create spending plans, locate potential customers, penetrate foreign markets and select prices or revenues as part of your marketing degree programme.

Undergraduate, Master and PhD marketing students must complete their dissertation projects before the university awards them a degree.

Many students need help developing compelling marketing dissertation topics that inspire their creativity. The trick is to be mindful of the changes and the latest trends in the marketing industry.

Consider examining brand-new marketing trends so your dissertation project explores a current issue and helps you advance your professional career according to your expectations.

For example, think about the proliferation of social media and online shopping, but also the changes in customer relationships that need special consideration. Your marketing dissertation should provide readers with new, original and focused information.

To help you get started with your marketing dissertation, we have compiled a list of cutting-edge marketing dissertation topics and titles.

You can confidently use these topics because our PhD marketing experts have conducted in-depth research to ensure sufficient literature material is available on these marketing dissertation ideas.

Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics

With everyone going online, digital marketing is booming at present. With the help of effective digital marketing, even a small retail business can achieve great success. For this reason, digital marketing topics are commonly picked by students who want to become certified experts in this field.

Even though students think they are spending their best time on their thesis, choosing the wrong topic can have unfavourable effects and complicate matters.

For this reason, we have created a list of digital marketing thesis topics that will help you choose the ideal topic;

  1. Discuss the factors involved in selecting a brand ambassador.
  2. Check whether marketers are relying too much on digital material to drive sales.
  3. Are consumers still reading long blog posts for promotional purposes, or do they prefer short, inspirational graphics?
  4. Exploring the emerging idea of micro-moments in the world of online business.
  5. Assessing YouTube direct sales potential for vision brands.
  6. For B2B markets, creative digital marketing management.
  7. The unique characteristics of customers’ analytical buying styles in 2022 when they shop entirely online.
  8. How can businesses use social media to nurture relationships with their customers?
  9. The effectiveness and annoyance of chatbots for customer service: helpful or annoying?
  10. An examination of grocery companies’ Instagram feeds.
  11. What is good digital marketing, and what benefits does it offer for business development?
  12. A study compares Facebook ads with Google ads. Which one makes more money?
  13. To assess the value of video marketing within a company’s digital marketing strategy and how it affects customer satisfaction.
  14. Is it worthwhile to analyze customer psychology in the context of digital marketing?
  15. How to evaluate consumer behaviour in a digital media campaign?
  16. Assessing the human factor system of trust using an online retailer.
  17. How does digital marketing change the dynamics of the marketing period and the sale of goods?
  18. The reach of the company page can be increased through the content that food brands post on Instagram.
  19. What impact do landing pages have on marketing? What should land pages not do?
  20. What part do the company’s influencers play in sales, and how does that affect online marketing?

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Brand Marketing Dissertation Topics

Branding is about giving a product a unique name and image in the eyes of the consumer. It is achieved through imaginative advertising that uses a brand concept that runs through every advertisement. Another aspect of branding is the development of a distinctive logo and name for a particular product.

When developing a dissertation on any topic in brand marketing, you need to be creative and pay close attention to the design, message, objectives, transparency and other crucial elements of the brand.

  1. Using a comparison of food retailers in the UK, explore the relationship between perceived risk and brand equity.
  2. Describe the reasons why a new brand initially attracts more exemplary customers.
  3. Do customers understand the core principles of a brand? Starbucks vs McDonald’s is a legal dispute.
  4. What is the impact of someone advertising multiple brands on TV?
  5. How do different product categories affect the relative weight of tangible and intangible brand equity?
  6. The function of word construction in conveying a brand’s message: a strategic analysis of well-known brands.
  7. A case study approach to increasing brand awareness using digital methods.
  8. Knowing your target demographic and fostering good customer interaction are two ways to develop a successful brand when you have fewer resources.
  9. Does the image of a brand change between different industries? The situation of Virgin Cola in the UK.
  10. How does unethical behavior affect a brand’s reputation? The cases of Shell, Nike and Starbucks.
  11. Why is it essential to apply theoretical concepts to branding?
  12. The impact of branding on sales in public transport.
  13. Targeting customers in ethnic markets: The case of Indian food customers of British supermarkets.
  14. How can companies use CSR to strengthen their brand equity? The example of Body Shop.
  15. How can marketing innovations in social media help companies survive?
  16. Why should companies spend more on marketing and brand building?
  17. Can a supermarket’s brand products convey brand equity in low-price departments?
  18. Using social media marketing to build small business brands.
  19. How can companies use applications on smartphones to strengthen their brand value? The legal situation of Starbucks and Café Nero.
  20. The decision-making process of customers vis-à-vis the rules set by stakeholders is the focus of the case study on the TESCO brand model.

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Direct-Marketing Dissertation Topics

Direct marketing is a form of marketing that sells directly to the customer. The company and the customer are the only parties involved in the product/service cycle.

Direct marketing comes in different shapes and sizes, with internet marketing being the most common. Online marketing allows companies to communicate directly with customers and eliminate mediators. This way, companies can learn more about consumers’ needs, wants and opinions about a good or service.

Below is a list of possible dissertation topics for the research area of direct marketing;

  1. How does the length of a voice message affect the effectiveness of telemarketing? An example from the mobile phone industry.
  2. How do Tesco and Body Shop use loyalty schemes to attract customers to direct sales?
  3. Creating a direct marketing information system and evaluating its performance.
  4. In the UK service sector, how does the weighting of different criteria influence online sales change according to the product type?
  5. How can companies benefit from artificial intelligence and its role in direct marketing?
  6. Targeting different nationalities and social classes with racial bigotry and prejudice.
  7. Evaluating the YouTube direct marketing performance of cosmetics companies.
  8. In an increasingly diversified global market, how does telemarketers’ nationality (accent) affect customer response?
  9. Analyze the efficiency and profitability of internet marketing as a direct marketing strategy.
  10. Do customers understand how to defend themselves against questionable direct marketing strategies of social media marketing companies?
  11. What influence does the message length have on direct marketing messages? A comparison between online and offline media
  12. Assessing the importance of consumer data and privacy in direct marketing strategies.
  13. Can direct internet and social media marketing be used to build customer relationships, or is it just a temporary means to connect with new customers?
  14. Can online marketing be used as a more effective technique for a group than for an individual?
  15. What are the differences between offline and online prospecting techniques? The UK airline sector is an example.
  16. The advantages and disadvantages of direct marketing include the use of SMS and email to communicate with customers.
  17. Social media marketing as a tool to attract high-value customers: Benefits and challenges for small businesses.
  18. How much force can change current consumer behavior patterns that deviate from society?
  19. The impact of cultural differences and foreign influences on decision making.
  20. Why do customers stay with Apple Inc. and adhere to global marketing standards? A case study from the market.

Social Media Marketing Dissertation Topics

In an era where most business transactions and purchases are made online, we cannot undermine the importance and benefits of social media marketing to society. Highlight the use of social media for shopping and influencer marketing. Here is a list of SMM Dissertation topics for your review;

  1. Are we breaking US law using Facebook’s marketplace when working with this digital marketing platform?
  2. The discovery of Twitter: Should microblogs be a basis for customer discounts and exclusive notifications?
  3. Why is Facebook discussed more often than other platforms in the context of social media marketing?
  4. Should large companies use youth-oriented social media such as Instagram and TikTok?
  5. The social media copyright debate: What are the pros and cons of posting online, using memes and graphics that are freely available online?
  6. Why should marketers exercise caution when using various posts and comments on social media due to the risks associated with user-generated content?
  7. What benefits and pleasures make beauty brands’ social media content offer?
  8. An examination of food brands’ Instagram posts.
  9. A review of Facebook’s positive, unfavorable and negative user comments and how they influence future conversation engagement.
  10. Why are practical Facebook apps so much less popular than their amusing counterparts?
  11. How do Facebook applications convert users into customers? The relationship between total installs, daily active users and app ratings.
  12. An evaluation of the effectiveness of banner ads on different social media platforms? Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are three examples.
  13. Is online word-of-mouth more effective than offline word-of-mouth? An investigation of customer comments on the internet.
  14. Do social media users behave in the same way as traditional customers?
  15. What strategies do non-profit organizations use to carry out marketing activities on Facebook and other social media platforms?
  16. What are the main differences/ similarities between the social media presence of the NHS and the CDC in the US?
  17. A study on the impact of social media marketing on the popularity of brand posts on Facebook fan pages.
  18. Use, barriers and measurement of social media marketing: implications for marketing managers.
  19. How can companies use social media marketing to influence their customers’ buying habits?
  20. How can social listening help vegan brands with their marketing strategies?

Marketing and Culture Dissertation Topics

Every culture is unique. What is appropriate in one culture may not be applicable in another. For this reason, companies operating in different cultures need to adopt different strategies. Companies must consider the cultural composition of the market before launching a new product.

There is no question that this marketing-related topic deserves study. The following list contains interesting and current dissertation topics in the field of cultures and marketing;

  1. What is the impact of innovation and culture on SME performance in Chinese markets?
  2. Examining the effectiveness of native advertising in the US, UK and China.
  3. What impact does social media have on the corporate culture of the UK fashion industry?
  4. How has globalization changed Toyota’s organizational culture around the world?
  5. The impact of cross-cultural marketing on businesses, with a particular focus on the FMCG sector.
  6. Do values, beliefs, and convictions have an impact on companies around the world?
  7. Applying the marketing mix in a multi-cultural society: evaluating any two civilizations.
  8. Analyzing the same marketing strategy in different markets can lead to business failure.
  9. The impact of cultural diversity on supermarkets in the UK.
  10. How do cultural differences affect marketing communication? The situation of Coca-Cola in India
  11. How do marketers account for differences in “national” culture between regions? Spanish banks in the Basque and Catalan regions.
  12. Does the language have an impact on a brand’s identity? A case of Coca-Cola.
  13. Integrating and evaluating regional differences within national marketing culture.
  14. How does individuality vs collectivism affect mobile phone sales? The People’s Republic of China is an example.
  15. The influence of individuality and collectivism on the purchase of smartphones
  16. Can car manufacturers afford to treat customers as one big homogeneous group?
  17. How can national culture explain the dominance of Scotch whiskey in the world whiskey market?
  18. Analyzing imports and exports to see how culture affects the trade market in the case of General Motors.
  19. How can nations use their own culture to help promote their key exports? France’s Champagne serves as an example.
  20. Discuss how the marketing environment is analyzed.

Consumer Psychology and Marketing Dissertation Topics

Consumer behaviours, which is a marketing focus, can largely be explained with the help of consumer psychology. It shows how consumers behave in the individual phases of the buying process and what reasons they have for their actions. Marketers can develop and implement communication strategies tailored to specific customer groups based on these psychological profiles.

Below you will find some suggested topics for your marketing dissertation in the fields of marketing and consumer psychology;

  1. How does consumer knowledge affect product purchases and purchasing decisions?
  2. Impact of bad advertising on customer behaviors.
  3. Wall-Mart customers’ perceptions of in-store and online shopping.
  4. What motivates customers to buy from Amazon?
  5. What are the benefits and advantages of customer reviews on websites?
  6. How can companies effectively use Big Data to better understand the psychology of their customers?
  7. What do consumers think about green marketing?
  8. Understanding consumer psychology will help you create marketing plans that work.
  9. What impact do marketing research and planning have on sports marketing?
  10. Assessing consumer attitudes and behaviors concerning luxury goods.
  11. What impact does bad word of mouth have on a company’s performance?
  12. How does gender affect how customers of luxury products process information?
  13. What role does motivation play in the buying process? An overview of the UK market for mobile phone ringtones.
  14. How does the gender of luxury product buyers affect selective bias?
  15. What role does education play in functional internet advertising?
  16. Do attitudes and beliefs’ importance differ for low and high-involvement goods?
  17. How does gender affect the way people buy luxury products online?
  18. What influence does social media have on the buying habits of luxury products in the fashion industry?
  19. An analysis of consumer psychology, attitudes, and the marketing of fashion goods
  20. What do consumers think of Burberry’s digital marketing efforts?

Marketing Ethics Dissertation Topics

A challenging issue in the field of marketing is marketing ethics. Marketers should consider marketing ethics when trying to develop successful and profitable marketing campaigns for their companies.

Businesses must adhere to several ethical principles to successfully operate and run marketing campaigns. Any of the following topics could serve as the basis for a dissertation on marketing ethics;

  1. What elements distinguish a consumer’s choice of the most and least socially responsible companies?
  2. Do marketing campaigns influence customers’ purchasing decisions related to a specific cause?
  3. How do companies use PR to recover from consumer boycotts? The situation of Shell and Nestle.
  4. Gender inequalities and their impact on perceptions of corporate social responsibility.
  5. Building corporate reputation and brand equity through multiple CSR initiatives.
  6. The importance of trust in enhancing brand value and corporate reputation through CSR initiatives.
  7. Corporate social responsibility and firm performance. An examination of the function of the market environment and marketing competence.
  8. The impact of a company’s unethical behaviors on sales: Analysis of ineffective marketing campaigns.
  9. The relationship between corporate social responsibility and marketing ethics.
  10. How do publicly available codes of conduct affect consumer purchasing decisions? The situations of The Body Shop, Levi’s and Marks & Spencer.
  11. How can ethical perceptions and intentions when buying affect consumer behaviors? A comparison of chickens kept in battery cages with those kept outdoors.
  12. What is the impact on consumer purchasing behaviors of marketing activities designed with a specific purpose? Starbucks’ Raise a Cup to a Good Cause initiative.
  13. What do consumers demand from companies in terms of ethics?
  14. How do companies deceive customers into increasing sales of their products, and how does this impact their bottom line?
  15. Examining the relationship between corporate social responsibility and marketing ethics.

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Why is it Important to Select the Best Marketing Dissertation Topics

The marketing field is vast and interconnected with many other academic areas, including civil engineering, construction, law and even healthcare. As a marketing student who wants to achieve good grades, developing new ideas and experimenting with established marketing theories is crucial. For this reason, creating a marketing dissertation topic that is clear, rational, and truly addresses a pressing problem prevalent in the industry is critical.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to find a sensitive topic for the study.

If you fail to choose a correct topic, this will affect the amount of time and effort spent on writing your dissertation, as you risk falling into a rejection loop right at the beginning. To develop a topic, consider previous research, consult your supervisor, and get support at this point in your dissertation.

Therefore, when choosing your dissertation topic, it is advisable to make sure that it is original and relevant to the current problems or issues that are interesting enough to warrant further research. Explore marketing topics usually under-researched and step out of your comfort zone. You will be successful if you keep this in mind when researching and considering our marketing suggestions!

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