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Human Resource Management Dissertation Topics

Published by at December 22nd, 2022 , Revised On February 2, 2024

The field of human resource management (HRM) is fascinating and ever-evolving. It combines psychological and business perspectives. You could consider completing your research in any of the key areas of human resource management, such as talent management, change management, employee training and motivation, workplace safety and compliance, and more.

If you are worried about finding the latest and relevant human resource management topics for your dissertation, there is no need to panic because we have got you covered here. This article provides some of the most valuable and powerful HRM topics.

If you have been asked to choose a topic for an HRM dissertation or thesis, you can look through our selection of dissertation topics in human resources to find a topic that will earn you your desired grade.

So without further ado, find below the suggested ideas to get started with your dissertation or thesis paper.

Most Common Areas of Human Resources Management Dissertation

  • Human Resources Management
  • Training and Development
  • Strategic Management
  • Organisational Culture
  • Risk Management
  • Rewards and Appraisal
  • Performance Management

Human Resources Management Dissertation Topics

  1. An assessment of the significance of equal employment opportunities at work
  2. Investigating the relationship between workplace diversity and equal employment opportunity
  3. What is the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s function? (EEOC)
  4. An examination of how workplace prejudice affects workers’ well-being
  5. An analysis of employment discrimination that is direct versus indirect
  6. How to implement knowledge transfer in environments that provide professional IT services.
  7. A case study approach to high-value employee retention for competitive advantage.
  8. What can be learned about Google’s human resources advantage?
  9. Are gig economy workers being exploited for quick, inexpensive labour?
  10. Improving HRM and organisational performance by implementing digital solutions.
  11. Why is Patagonia’s HRM strategy so challenging to replicate?
  12. The benefits of an integrated workforce management system for medium, small and micro enterprises.
  13. Why technological innovations give workforce management a competitive edge.
  14. Analyse the factors that influence an employee’s decision to leave a company.
  15. Investigate the workforce management methods that contribute to a company’s success.
  16. Investigating how workforce diversity affects organisational performance.
  17. Examining how equal employment affects organisations.
  18. An overview of the performance management cycle.
  19. Describe the duties of an HR manager in creating employee engagement.
  20. The effectiveness of performance appraisals for employees in multinational corporations.
  21. A comparison of the issues of discrimination and diversity in a company.
  22. An analysis of the phases of performance management from a qualitative perspective.
  23. The link between employee performance and equal opportunities.
  24. An evaluation of high-value employee retention can provide a crucial competitive advantage.
  25. How does Google beat human resources to the punch? What can be learned from this?

Training and Development HRM Dissertation Topics

  1. How can a training programme help a company overcome the economic crisis?
  2. A comparison of hard skills and soft skills
  3. The effectiveness of digital and face-to-face training: considerations for the post-COVID era.
  4. Exploring the relationship between employee engagement, development and retention.
  5. How can training be used to improve ineffective selection processes?
  6. An examination of effective training methods to increase productivity.
  7. A thorough investigation of training to assess bullying.
  8. Training and development managers have specific duties.
  9. A concise discussion of the importance of training and development.
  10. Training and development strategies for outstanding growth.
  11. Are employee engagement and training and development related to temporary or casual employment?
  12. Identify the relationship between individual learning and hierarchical learning.
  13. An overview of real-world education and data for CEOs to improve hierarchical execution. Create a contextual analysis for your essay.
  14. Does a representative’s decision to leave a position suggest lack of learning and improvement?
  15. An exploration of the pathway to learning and growth for a human resource in the open sector in the UK.
  16. Describe the impact of different learning and preparation exercises on reps’ profitability.
  17. Do training and development have a tangible impact on turnover?
  18. What skills are needed in today’s turbulent environment?
  19. Who trains the trainers?
  20. Who needs soft skills? An examination of the professional IT services sector.
  21. Use promotion and preparation as valuable tools to improve staff presentation.
  22. Do planning and improvement impact the main issue?
  23. The relationship between human resource management and employee turnover. The role that growth and learning play.
  24. Increasing the competitive advantage of companies through thoughtful ICT training of employees.
  25. The impact of various training and development initiatives on worker productivity.

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Strategic Management HRM Dissertation Topics

  1. Using UK SMEs as an example, the relationship between strategic HRM and organisational performance.
  2. A qualitative study of the implementation of strategic HRMS in Singapore.
  3. How organisational support programs influence employee behaviour and job performance.
  4. Identifying critical SHRM elements for small and medium-sized enterprises in the UK to strengthen competitive advantage.
  5. Demonstrate the importance of the link between organisational success and strategic human resource management.
  6. Describe the importance of leaders within an organisation as the most critical human resource.
  7. Explain in detail the link between core HRM and business methodology.
  8. Explain the relationship between essential HRM and a development mindset system.
  9. Describe the limitations of essential HRM using relevant models.
  10. A critical review of whether human resources managers must conduct job interviews in banks.
  11. What is the relationship between organisational performance and employee satisfaction with pay and benefits?
  12. Does paying for charity days promote employee engagement in the organisation?
  13. Employee training on corporate goals and achievements: Discuss the Risk and benefits.
  14. Contradictions between corporate and HRM strategy: A case study approach.
  15. Designing effective recruitment and selection campaigns for teacher training programs is part of a successful strategy.
  16. Effectiveness of employee involvement in increasing employee commitment to achieving organisational goals.
  17. Application of SHRM theory in call centres. A case study of a call centre in the UK.
  18. International car manufacturers. Parallels and divergences between SHRM tactics.
  19. SHRM strategy support systems. A perspective assessment based on resources.
  20. Understanding and evaluating SHRM systems used by UK SMEs.

Organisational Culture HRM Dissertation Topics

  1. The impact of a hierarchical culture on the way progression is arranged
  2. The relationship between the traditional culture of human service organisations and the practice of programme evaluation.
  3. Describe the impact of traditional culture and structures on board information gathering.
  4. What is the impact of the Six Sigma philosophy on the culture of authority?
  5. Assess how a hierarchical culture affects job satisfaction.
  6. The impact of representative engagement on authority culture.
  7. Do we have a hierarchical culture in our administration? Support your assertions with credible evidence.
  8. How intercultural competence affects new businesses.
  9. Using the University of Cambridge as an example, human resource management strategies and organisational culture.
  10. The interdependence of organisational culture and HRM practices in promoting organisational commitment.
  11. Culture-based differences in work values and the implications for management.
  12. Managing cultural change without compromising workplace effectiveness.
  13. Introducing new employees to organisational culture and its impact on the organisation.
  14. Changing organisational culture through new hires and the impact on organisation profitability.
  15. Organisational management is improved through effective leadership, human resource management and culture.
  16. Differentiation and standardisation between the HRM system. An in-depth study of multinational companies operating in the EU.
  17. Investigate the value of taking different perspectives in diversity training.
  18. What specific cases of workplace discrimination have vegans experienced?
  19. Can flexible working arrangements promote greater diversity in teams?
  20. What is the relationship between organisational effectiveness and diversity in Chinese SMEs?

Risk Management HRM Dissertation Topics

  1. Risk management in companies and the function of human resource management.
  2. Risk mitigation and its relationship to employee motivation and productivity.
  3. The link between leadership, training and employee protection.
  4. Employee morale is improved through employee protection and risk management.
  5. How HRM can efficiently identify and prevent harmful situations in the workplace.
  6. How Covid-19 testing drastically reduces risk situations in organisations.
  7. Working with firearms, an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages for workplace safety.
  8. How to protect workers’ health in the post-coronavirus era?
  9. Conducting a company-wide HR audit.
  10. Safe work environments and how they affect employee productivity.
  11. An assessment of security risks for the prevention of natural disasters
  12. Financial risk management: How can a company increase its profits?
  13. An overview of operational risk control (concerning the UK).
  14. The value of hazard prevention training in an organisation
  15. Studies on the level of risk in online transactions.
  16. An examination of risk control in supply contracts.
  17. Risk management strategies and the impact of the supply chain initiative.
  18. How do social and environmental elements directly or indirectly affect risk management?
  19. How well are risk management techniques suited to starting a business?
  20. How financial growth affects or advances a proposed enterprise?

Rewards and Appraisal HRM Dissertation Topics

  1. What is the relationship between staff autonomy and motivation? An analysis of UK administrations.
  2. Why do some people who receive a significant cash windfall continue to work while others do not? A qualitative method based on interviews.
  3. How important is workplace flexibility for retaining talent? A comparison of attitudes before and after COVID-19.
  4. How to help workers find meaning in their work: a method using the healthcare industry as an example.
  5. Are extrinsic rewards a good motivator in compassionate industries?
  6. Extrinsic rewards for the twenty-first century: Exploring British workers’ attitudes and expectations regarding extrinsic rewards.
  7. Do British and Chinese workers differ in terms of motivation?
  8. A study on the driving forces behind the motivation of potential business leaders.
  9. A study on the importance of motivation in HRM.
  10. The relationship between happiness and motivation in the workplace.
  11. The contribution of employee motivation to increased productivity.
  12. Large, diverse companies and employee motivation.
  13. The impact that motivational speeches can have on the overall productivity of workers in the workplace.
  14. Low staff turnover and its relationship to employee motivation.
  15. The relationship between incentives and rewards.
  16. The impact of motivational talks and programs on workplace productivity.
  17. The importance of employee motivation programs and how they affect high employee retention rates.
  18. Contemporary and classical conceptions of motivation are compared and contrasted.
  19. Analysis of the reward system in countries with growing economies.
  20. Comparative study on the influence of rewards on workers’ motivation.

Performance Management HRM Dissertation Topics

  1. An overview of the performance management methods of the leading international brands.
  2. The goals of performance management in practice
  3. Performance management techniques every HR manager needs to know.
  4. The effectiveness of performance management in a technologically advanced world
  5. How does performance analysis help retain employees?
  6. The importance of performance management in the UK retail sector.
  7. Major brands are using the latest trends to improve the performance of every employee.
  8. An analysis of the phases of performance management from a qualitative perspective.
  9. Evaluating the efficiency of call centre performance management systems.
  10. What do Indian employees think about the banking industry’s performance management systems?
  11. Investigating how performance management systems are ineffective.
  12. Can performance management systems increase motivation among employees?
  13. A new iteration of Taylorism, are performance management systems?
  14. An example of a successful performance management system: balancing control with motivation.
  15. Analyse the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects on remote teams’ use of performance management systems.

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