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Political Dissertation Topics – Latest & Trending

Published by at December 19th, 2022 , Revised On February 2, 2024

A dissertation is a substantial piece of written work, often undertaken by people pursuing higher education, such as a university degree. It is about choosing a dissertation topic and a research question that allows for a productive critical discussion of the relevant issues, provide original insights and analyse and evaluate the significance of the existing literature in your chosen field.

Politics is a captivating yet complicated and broad subject, dealing with a wide range of political and power-related issues both domestically and internationally. It is primarily concerned with political ideas, policies, initiatives, plans, tactics and actions, as well as the relevant laws and constitution.

Choosing a topic is the first and most important step in writing a dissertation. You have a wide choice of topics for your politics dissertation. But how can you find out which topic you would enjoy the most?

The only thing that can make writing this dissertation a piece of cake is your decision. If you make the wrong decision, you will bitterly regret it. Choosing a topic for a political thesis relevant to the current political environment is the only way to overcome this obstacle.

If you are reading this, it means that you are hunting for brilliant ideas for your political dissertation. If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here we have included a selection of unique topics for your political thesis. So, let’s take a look!

General Political Dissertation Topics

  1. Historical reflection on the political ideology of the Soviet Union.
  2. Syria Conflict: Characteristics and Political Implications.
  3. An analysis of the political process in the 21st century that led to the Iraq War.
  4. Discussion on the morality of elections in nations with democratic systems of government.
  5. What influence does regional politics have on the formulation of national policy?
  6. An analysis of the Arctic Circle and the politics of conflicts of interest.
  7. What are the differences between liberalism and civic republicanism?
  8. How is the racial composition of the political scene in the United States changing in the 21st century?
  9. A Case Study of Adam Smith’s “The Wealth of Nations” How Capitalism Changed World Politics Permanently.
  10. How does fake political news plague the country due to media bias?
  11. A comparison between the democratic processes in the US and the UK.
  12. How can digital monopolies influence the electoral process? Understanding Facebook’s involvement in the Cambridge Analytica scandal through a case study.
  13. How vast is the gender gap in UK politics?
  14. The causes and motivations for the insurgency in the Central African Republic.
  15. An examination of the tensions between American and Japanese cultures.
  16. American foreign policy and that of the United Kingdom.
  17. Comparing and contrasting the FDI policies of India and the United States.
  18. Assessing American partisan politics and the impact of public support on judicial power.
  19. An examination of the conflict between black Americans and white Americans in prison throughout history.
  20. Developing countries are examples of the causes that often lead to violent conflict.
  21. The terrorist attack of September 11 2001, and its impact on relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan.
  22. Analysis of the impact of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan on regional economic growth in Asia.
  23. Review of the UK justice system: An analytical argument.
  24. The impact of social media on the growth of local conspiracies.
  25. Study the differences in competence and ideology between foreign political powers.
  26. Review the example of the United Kingdom to analyse how international economic diplomacy affects local financial flows.
  27. Analysis of the nature, extent and benefits of public security for the optimal growth of a country.
  28. Examining the impact of individual and collective control on support for COVID-19 conspiracy theories.
  29. Descriptive political theory and modern political theory are subject to critical scrutiny. Discuss
  30. Comparison of political corruption in different countries of the world.
  1. Analysing presidential and parliamentary democracies side by side.
  2. A case study of the functions of non-state actors in Japanese corporations.
  3. Understanding the thought process of prominent European legislators.
  4. What are the parallels and differences between an armed conflict and a political struggle?
  5. A comparison and analysis of the contrasts between the foreign policies of the USA and India.
  6. Discuss the public law idea that ‘public bodies behave lawfully’.
  7. Assess the impact of political and environmental variables on COVID-19 conspiracy beliefs.
  8. Must all local and national governments comply with the law?
  9. Investigating UK local government: The impact of competition on coalition stability.
  10. British procedural law and private law differ.
  11. Analyzing black women’s political ambition in America’s struggle against marginalisation.
  12. Veto powers: Their meaning and impact on governments and international organisations.
  13. Compromises in environmental management due to private sector innovation in the US.
  14. How has the Ugandan human rights movement changed the Ukrainian political landscape?
  15. Can nationalism be considered a respectable historical school of leadership?
  16. A research project on social movements in Europe after the Second World War.
  17. How well developed are the institutions for free elections due to electoral reforms?
  18. Use the case study of Amnesty International to understand political debates.
  19. Influence of socio-economic factors on interest groups and lobby networks in British society.
  20. How to run a successful political campaign? Two successful political campaigns in the modern era of politics: A case study.
  21. Modern media’s role and responsibility in spreading political hate speech.
  22. The psycho-political component of economic desires in police interrogations.
  23. The role that leaders’ attitudes play in influencing global politics.
  24. The reasons why political censorship is so prevalent in the US.
  25. The function of renewable energy production in changing global politics.
  26. How conservatism and social reform are interrelated?
  27. Analysis of the one-party political system, including disadvantages and advantages.
  28. Comparative analysis of federal versus central political structures.
  29. Comparison of public trust in governments of different political systems worldwide.
  30. An in-depth analysis of the pros and cons of democracy over the 21st century.
  1. Developing countries are examples of the causes that often lead to violent conflict.
  2. An analysis of Pakistan’s policy choices and how they affect environmental management.
  3. Can the world move to globalisation without the risk of conflict? An overview of globalisation and conflict resolution.
  4. A discussion on the shift in global view from the Trump to the Biden administration.
  5. What does China’s investment in Pakistan mean for the future of South Asia?
  6. An examination of ongoing efforts to ensure gender equality at the global level.
  7. Examination of the interactions between democratic and communist nations on the international stage.
  8. Will China’s growing power affect Russia’s dominant position in Eurasian politics?
  9. Understanding the ideological distinctions between right-wing and left-wing parties.
  10. How do the personal goals of political leaders affect the course of the country?
  11. Assess the composition and tasks of the International Monetary Fund.
  12. What are the implications of the relationship between China, Taiwan and Hong Kong for the global economy?
  13. Investigating the trade-offs in environmental management.
  14. Examining the electoral programme. An examination of the electoral process in the United Kingdom.
  15. Identifying the key issues that led Eastern European nations to join the EU.

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9/11 Political Dissertation Topics

  1. How did the events of September 11 2001, affect international relations?
  2. How did September 11 affect international relations between the West and the Arab world?
  3. What critical political lessons have the Western world learned from September 11 and the ongoing war on terror?
  4. How has international trade evolved under the ongoing war on terror?
  5. What does the word “terrorist” mean? Is using force appropriate in response to terrorist acts, e.g., through drone attacks and targeted executions?

UK Foreign Policy Political Dissertation Topics

  1. What impact would Brexit have on security cooperation between the United Kingdom and Europe, especially regarding the exchange of data on suspected criminals and terrorists?
  2. How will the European continent be affected by the UK’s exit from the European Union?
  3. What security strategies should the UK adopt to reduce the possibility of unrest in Northern Ireland after Brexit?
  4. Compare and contrast the foreign policies of the Democratic and Republican Foreign Ministers of the United Kingdom.
  5. How trade and economic priorities are linked with diplomacy and security to reinvigorate UK foreign policy?

European Union Political Dissertation Topics

  1. Is the EU capable of acting alone in the military and security fields?
  2. What impact has the UK’s decision to leave the EU had on other member states’ perceptions of the Union?
  3. How crucial is the EU in maintaining the status quo in Northern Ireland?
  4. To what extent does NATO play a role in Europe in comparison?
  5. What impact do far-right movements have on the stability of the European Union?

Political Economy Dissertation Topics

  1. Does UN Security Council membership influence World Bank decisions?
  2. Investigates how religion and belief systems influence politics in the Middle East and how they affect global peace.
  3. The importance of cooperatives in poverty reduction: a study of network perspectives.
  4. A comparative study to critically analyse colonial rule’s causes and long-term effects.
  5. Focusing on patterns of development and underdevelopment, analysing the origins and persistence of significant divergence.

International Relations Political Dissertation Topics

  1. Do they protect criminals or help them evade the rules of their countries, depending on the interpretation of public law and international politics?
  2. To what extent did the post-war situation in Europe make many nations vulnerable to the Soviet Union and its communist ideals?
  3. What influence do religious beliefs have on a country’s foreign policy and relations with other states?
  4. What do Russia’s power and geopolitical influence mean for US foreign policy?
  5. How can a nation’s relations with other countries be affected by a perceived threat?
  6. How will cryptocurrencies affect international relations and trade?
  7. How would the Affordable Care Act affect the UK healthcare system?
  8. The Black Lives Matter movement’s impact on how racism is seen and discussed.
  9. What role did the United Nations play in ending India’s annexation of Kashmir
  10. What mediating role will Iran play in Afghanistan after the US leaves?

Closing Remarks!

It is time to bring this piece of information to a conclusion. After reading this article, you must know the best political dissertation topics. Depending on your available time, you can choose a topic from the list or come up with your dissertation topic.

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