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Humanities Dissertation Topics & Research Ideas

Published by at December 19th, 2022 , Revised On February 2, 2024

Dissertation topics in the humanities are fascinating and challenging at the same time. They are about the many facets of culture and human society. It mainly involves the study of anthropology, archaeology, Literature, religion, art and other liberal arts. Overall, the theme illustrates how people think and memorise different experiences.

A humanities dissertation must be presented as a final project if you are pursuing a degree in the humanities. A good topic is a prerequisite for an excellent humanities thesis. It is difficult to find a suitable humanities dissertation topic from the vast field of society.

In the UK, assigning students a subfield on which to write their dissertation is common. The three most common subfields in the humanities are Philosophy, Literature and Religion. Due to the limited options, it becomes difficult for students to find a topic for their dissertation.

Here you will find a list of dissertation topics in the humanities compiled by our PhD experts with experience in the humanities, especially in Philosophy, Literature and Religion. But other areas of the humanities are also covered here;

Philosophy Dissertation Topics for the Students of Humanities

  1. The influence of God and how it affects people’s moral behaviour.
  2. What are the main difficulties associated with using legislation to regulate the environment?
  3. What is the impact of the resistance theory on people, and how do they react to it?
  4. What is the taboo’s rationale, and how does it guide British moral and ethical standards?
  5. An examination of the ideal governments from Aristotle’s perspective.
  6. A study of the arguments against the use of terror tactics in warfare.
  7. An analysis of shame about morally reprehensible behaviour in Britain.
  8. How can society combat corruption? Discuss
  9. A comparison of philosophical thought with artificial intelligence.
  10. Develop a case study of 20th-century Europe based on the introduction of socialism.
  11. Provide an in-depth analysis of corporate social responsibility in the British entertainment industry.
  12. Discuss how scientific realism influences the ability of scientists to make decisions.
  13. An empirical study of William of Occam’s Ethics and Religion.
  14. Examine the primary sources of conflict.
  15. An examination of empathy and how it might lead to a just society.
  16. A discussion of how the study of philosophy affects the development of civilisation.
  17. An evaluation of insanity as a legal defence. A philosophical analysis of the circumstances.
  18. Explore the philosophical basis of the Copenhagen interpretation.
  19. Discuss the idea of free will from the perspective of believers.
  20. Why does the acquisition of wealth not make us as satisfied as we think it would? Analyse.

Literature Dissertation Topics for the Students of Humanities

  1. Analysis of Hamlet through Shakespeare’s symbolic signs.
  2. Comparison of literary genres and how they engage the reader’s interest.
  3. Examination of the most memorable quotations from The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway.
  4. An in-depth analysis of the development of realism in nineteenth-century Literature.
  5. Analysis of the use of savagery in the works of Jack London and Jon Krakauer.
  6. An examination of the influence of social class is reflected in Mark Twain’s writing.
  7. An examination of the portrayal of women in Gothic novels from the United Kingdom.
  8. Which distinctions could be made between romance novels written by men and novels by women?
  9. How objectively are virtue and evil portrayed in British Literature?
  10. How well-known is contemporary feminist Literature?
  11. An analysis of the dynamics of the religious imagination in nineteenth-century Britain.
  12. The main reasons for the extraordinary popularity of the Harry Potter series.
  13. The impact of violence and sexual content in popular novels on reader attitudes.
  14. An exploration of whether homicide crimes are increasing in the UK due to murder novels.
  15. Should the characters in children’s books be gender-neutral?
  16. This article on redefining romance includes a review of the Bronte sisters’ writing techniques and how their works urge readers to keep reading.
  17. Analysinga particular piece of fanfiction from a critic’s viewpoint, is it worthwhile to read?
  18. Examination of how Frankenstein influenced science fiction.
  19. How much of an influence did Victorian Literature have?
  20. An examination of the role that clothes play in Charles Dickens’ writing.

Important Dissertation LinksWe also have compiled a list of dissertation Topics based on the following subjects

Religion Dissertation Topics for the Students of Humanities

  1. An analysis of the approaches in which the culture has influenced religion and the results.
  2. A discussion of the importance of the church to the well-being of society.
  3. A comparison of religious freedom and human rights laws. Which law has proven to be more effective?
  4. Compare the religious concepts of Goddess and God.
  5. The impact of incorporating religious principles into British law.
  6. Analysethe main differences between the funeral rites of two different religions.
  7. A critical assessment of religion and its influence on the emergence of jihadists.
  8. An empirical investigation of the concept of God and the view of other religions.
  9. An investigation of the benefits that religious practices can bring.
  10. An examination of atheism and religious belief side by side. That makes more sense.
  11. Discuss the role of religion in modern culture.
  12. The impact of foreign religion on the attitudes of the British population.
  13. A study compares Islam with other world religions.
  14. Investigate and write about the two oldest religions in society.
  15. A comparison between science and religion to see which is more advanced and predictable.
  16. Analysethe views of different religions on reincarnation.
  17. Explore how religions are similar in the world.
  18. Investigate how mythology and religion relate to the study of the humanities.
  19. Discuss the influence of the sacrificial practices of ancient religions on contemporary culture.
  20. Study the relationship between religion and science.

Digital Humanities Dissertation Topics

  1. Examine the development of printing and the role it played in the spread of ideas.
  2. Discuss the impact of video games on violence in society.
  3. Should we treat the problem of alcoholism scientifically?
  4. Identify the difference between humanities research and the information age.
  5. How do modern technologies affect people’s mental health?
  6. Discuss the historical use of computers by the humanities.
  7. Why do people use social media to feel lonely rather than to connect with others?
  8. Explore the characteristics and scale of the digital revolution.
  9. How might digital technology be used to store archaeological data?
  10. Discuss how modern technology and electronics affect connections between people.
  11. What will digital communication look like in the future?
  12. History of printing presses and their use in information transmission.
  13. Humanities Research and the Information Age.
  14. The influence of video games on violence in modern society.
  15. Is digital technology a blessing, or does it make life better?
  16. The impact of modern technology on people’s mental health
  17. What modern electronics and technology affect relationships.
  18. Discuss how technological advances have affected the way people work.
  19. Investigate the potential of academic digital data.
  20. Identify how data visualisation tools influence public opinion.

Humanities and Arts Dissertation Topics

  1. Compare 20th and 21st-century views on the value of studying the liberal arts.
  2. Discuss the relationship between music and political propaganda in the 20th century.
  3. Describe how the Cultural Revolution influenced Chinese art.
  4. Explore the influence of music on contemporary culture and society.
  5. Compare the music of the Caribbean in the past and present.
  6. Explain how Greek mythology has influenced sculpture.
  7. Describe the impact of social media on disseminating ideas and digital art.
  8. Discuss how letterpress printing influenced the wide dissemination of art.
  9. Look more closely at ancient Greek and Roman themes found in contemporary buildings.
  10. How is American suffering related to modern art?
  11. Discuss how contemporary artistic trends were influenced by ancient art.
  12. Politics and Literature in the 19th century.
  13. The Connection between Stendhal and the Rise of Communism.
  14. An overview and case study of artists and art in wartime.
  15. A study of the impact of racism on the family.

Anthropology Humanities Dissertation Topics

  1. What are the connections between different social science fields and the humanities and biology?
  2. Why do the humanities use detailed descriptions as opposed to general principles?
  3. A critical evaluation of the different sub-fields of anthropology.
  4. Why is it challenging to present a comprehensive analysis of human beings and human nature?
  5. Recognisethe importance of a subject’s biological, linguistic, historical and cultural components.
  6. What has been the impact of anthropology as a science in Western societies?
  7. Discuss the significant commercial trends in anthropological research.
  8. Effectiveness of analytical approaches in studying populations in societies with more superficial social structures.
  9. Application of linguistic, archaeological and biogeographical information in the humanities.
  10. Experiments in human anthropology that are repeatable and verifiable.

Top Rated Humanities Dissertation Topics

  1. Early labour conflicts in England and their impact on national and international politics in the nineteenth century.
  2. An in-depth study of the positive impact of countercultures in society.
  3. A comprehensive examination of the differences between cults and sects.
  4. The effects of man’s separation from the sacred world.
  5. A description of the difficulties that adult graduates have in using learning resources.
  6. Factors that influence how social relationships between communities change.
  7. Discuss the variables that influence social and individual behaviour.
  8. Analysethe 21st-century influences that affect youth.
  9. Examine how different social movements have influenced advocacy for change.
  10. Why is pop music becoming more popular with the general public?
  11. Discuss the main advantages and disadvantages of teaching gender issues in class.
  12. Explain the implications of coronavirus myths and misconceptions.
  13. Is it possible to end health inequalities in the LGBT community?
  14. The contribution of social and cultural interactions to the formation of societies.
  15. Analysehuman behaviour and communication in great detail.
  16. Critically examine the contribution of the justice system to promoting equality.
  17. The current problems of society with measures to prevent the coronavirus.
  18. Examine the ecological foundations necessary for the humanities.
  19. An in-depth analysis of the problems that affect reasoned argumentation.
  20. Why is the study of European history crucial to understand the humanities?

Common Humanity Dissertation Topics

  1. Explore the adverse effects of teenage pregnancy.
  2. Examine the most effective negotiation tactics in wartime: Draw on three example studies from the 20th century.
  3. Discuss how the Internet affects students’ emotional development.
  4. Analysethe relationship between kindergarten children’s learning outcomes and the quality of the classroom.
  5. Discuss the main components of an actual therapy session.
  6. Why are there differences in the similarity between children and their parents?
  7. Describe how adoption affects relationships between parents and children.
  8. Explain how design has political and social implications.
  9. Who is responsible for protecting human rights at the global level? A study on the effectiveness of the International Criminal Court.
  10. Describe the importance of intersectionality and prejudice in all societies.
  11. Why has the importance of marriage been misrepresented through online dating?
  12. The impact of social media on freedom of expression: Facebook as an example.
  13. The role of the International Criminal Court in maintaining law and order worldwide.
  14. Examine the institutional contexts of a novel.
  15. Why do most people find it challenging to adapt to a new culture?
  16. What is the relationship between a student’s performance and a class?
  17. Are unconventional households necessary for a child’s growth and development?
  18. Is a dangerous Third World War imminent as each nation competes to develop and acquire superior weapons, from ballistic missiles to nuclear warheads?
  19. The impact of the Neolithic Revolution on human cognition.
  20. A quantitative analysis of suicide rates by gender in the chosen country.

European Union Political Dissertation Topics

  1. Is the EU capable of acting alone in the military and security fields?
  2. What impact has the UK’s decision to leave the EU had on other member states’ perceptions of the Union?
  3. How crucial is the EU in maintaining the status quo in Northern Ireland?
  4. To what extent does NATO play a role in Europe in comparison?
  5. What impact do far-right movements have on the stability of the European Union?

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