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100s of Nursing Dissertation Topics For Students

Published by at November 28th, 2022 , Revised On February 5, 2024

How you approach and complete your nursing dissertation depends on the chosen research topic. With a suitable nursing dissertation topic to work on, you can justify all the reference points adequately.

Nursing is one of the noblest yet most demanding professions and is concerned with maintaining the well-being of those unable to care for themselves. Writing a nursing dissertation is undoubtedly tricky but choosing the ideal topic can be even more challenging.

This article provides you with a list of the most appropriate nursing dissertation topics so that you can brainstorm and pick a topic that you think is worthy of your nursing thesis and adds value to the nursing field.

When discussing the selection of nursing dissertation topics, it is essential to remember that you can base your research project on qualitative or quantitative data. You will also need to determine whether there is sufficient literature available on the chosen nursing topic or if you need to use primary research tools to gather the data.

The choice of the dissertation topic can determine the likelihood of the success of your research project. Choosing the right topic will convince the defence committees, get you the best grades, help you reach financial support and steer your academic career in the right direction.

Top Nursing Dissertation Topics for Undergraduate, Masters & PhD Students

Here is the list of the best nursing dissertation ideas to help you get started with your dissertation project. These nursing dissertation titles have been carefully selected to help you write the most captivating dissertations. Feel free to choose any of these ideas for your nursing thesis or contact EssaysUK experts to order a unique custom nursing dissertation topic and a plan.

  1. Investigating the methods UK nurses use to help patients struggling with immobility or reduced mobility following fractures.
  2. An investigation into the appropriate care of patients with severe communication difficulties in the UK.
  3. The impact of service provision on the mental health of UK school-aged children.
  4. Analysis of the relationship between lack of dementia education and the difficulties faced by student nurses in the United States.
  5. An in-depth examination of the impact of the global coronavirus pandemic on the shortage of nurses and doctors.
  6. A case study of a patient who has post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to illustrate treatment options.
  7. Discuss work pressure and occupational health issues in a clinical setting.
  8. Review the treatment plans of patients with cerebral palsy.
  9. Examine the conceptual paradigm of critical care nursing.
  10. Describe the most significant obstacle nurses face when returning to work after a break.
  11. Consider how community nursing can be used to promote health in emerging countries.
  12. An exploration of the care and management techniques used in the UK for people with chronic and acute pain.
  13. Investigating and highlighting the resources and training nurses in the UK need to combat coronavirus.
  14. An analysis of health care requirements in Ireland and the UK about community nursing
  15. A case study of drop-out rates at Swansea University in the UK highlights the strategies that need to be implemented to improve student retention.
  16. Examine the methods for assigning nurses in an emergency department.
  17. How can nurses caring for patients in epidemic-affected areas be managed?
  18. Discuss the best strategies for managing patients who require psychological treatment.
  19. What are the responsibilities of a nurse practitioner in the role of a physician assistant?
  20. What are the clinical controls and management strategies for infectious diseases?

Mental Health Nursing Dissertation Topics

Mental health is a very controversial and fascinating subject at the same time. Our society currently places great emphasis on it, and the study of mental health care can be truly fascinating. Despite their deep passion for this topic, many students need help finding excellent mental health dissertation ideas.

You can find the best dissertation topics below;

  1. An exploration of the difficulties nurses in the UK face when working with female victims of sexual abuse.
  2. An exploration of how psychological therapy can help British men with post-operative anxiety.
  3. The importance of mental health nurses in promoting happiness and positivity in the lives of sad young adults.
  4. An in-depth exploration of the methods used in the UK to care for young suicidal people.
  5. How would you introduce students to care ethics when caring for depressed or mentally ill patients?
  6. Detailed analysis of mental health nursing needs of UK young people in school.
  7. What pain management techniques can nurses use with patients with mental health problems?
  8. Exploring the function of knowledge of standard pain management techniques in palliative care for HIV patients in the UK.
  9. Exploring the value of family therapy in the UK following the death of a young family member.
  10. Analyse the availability of mental health services for young people in rural areas.
  11. What mental health conditions most commonly affect high school students and are caused by the UK education system?
  12. Examine the actions of UK psychiatric nurses caring for patients with schizophrenia.
  13. Analyse the US approach’s success in caring for older dementia patients.
  14. Critical analysis of the psychological needs of British men who have been sexually and physically abused by their partners.
  15. A case study of British athletes who developed eating disorders due to insecurities and peer pressure.

Child-Care Nursing Dissertation Topics

Finding an appealing idea for a custom dissertation on childcare nursing may take days or even months. If you only have a little time, you can choose as many topics as you like from the list below. So don’t wait any longer and start getting the best pediatric nursing dissertation ideas immediately.

  1. Critical evaluation of play therapy’s impact, benefits and relevance for children with autism spectrum disorders in the UK.
  2. Discussions on auditory processing disorders in children and treatment options.
  3. An in-depth examination of the factors contributing to child mortality in the United States.
  4. The contribution of poverty to the spread of disease in developing countries. Case study of sub-Saharan Africa.
  5. Describe how the leadership style of child care nursing teams influences the care nurses provide to parents.
  6. Explore how childcare nurses in UK hospitals are affected by the death of young people.
  7. Determine whether American hospitals have sufficient nursing resources to provide adequate child care.
  8. Examine the incidence of misdiagnosis and other nursing difficulties in childcare wards.
  9. Compare the ability of childcare nursing staff in private and public hospitals to manage rare conditions.
  10. Investigate the incidence of respiratory problems in neonatal patients.
  11. A comparison of Brazilian and UK neonatal nursing staffing levels.
  12. What communication problems do nurses face in childcare wards?
  13. Describe the primary problems that obese patients present to the childcare nursing team.
  14. How effective are school-based childcare nursing services in America?
  15. Highlight the importance of emotional and mental health support for children under five in the United States of America.

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How Can These Nursing Dissertation Topics Help You?

Finding a good dissertation topic is the first step in writing a captivating nursing dissertation. Your tutor can give you instructions on writing a thesis or dissertation, but you must choose the topic yourself in most cases. A solid idea could make your writing process more manageable, regardless of your level of study.

Choosing a topic is the key to a compelling study. Therefore, your chances of success depend on your willingness to work on trending and hot nursing research ideas. Our nursing dissertation experts have carefully prepared the topics suggested in this article and will give you a thorough understanding of the underlying research.

A good nursing research title should be easy to read and understand. Clarity of ideas contributes to the overall clarity of the research. By choosing topics from our exclusive collection, you enable your audience to quickly understand the subject of the dissertation as they read it.

Public Health Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. Analyse the relationship between environmental toxins and a baby’s birth weight.
  2. What is the role of the state government in organising disaster management training?
  3. Discuss the implications of updating the curricula of public health institutions to better prepare students for service.
  4. Explain why allowing designated smoking areas would encourage excessive and careless smoking.
  5. Describe the reasons why maintaining good public health is everyone’s duty.
  6. Describe the quality of life of various immigrants and stateless people worldwide. Explain how forced sex increases the risk of suicide among female adolescents.
  7. How is urban renewal different from necessary cleaning services?
  8. What potential gaps in public health care might exist? What opportunities are there to address them?
  9. What are nurses’ roles, importance and potential in public and community health?
  10. How can nurses reach out to people in remote areas and provide them with the best possible health care?

Evidence-Based Nursing Dissertation Topics

The most widely recognised form of nursing practice, evidence-based practice, emphasises using evidence in nursing care. If you are interested in learning more about evidence-based practice, consider reading the following topics for your nursing dissertation.

  1. Leadership and ethics in nursing practice using evidence.
  2. The application of evidence-based practice and the use of evidence.
  3. The function and importance of reflection in evidence-based practice.
  4. A study of the effectiveness of evidence-based medicine in the medical field.
  5. The application of evidence-based medicine in the treatment of diseases.
  6. Implementing an evidence-based care programme to meet the health care needs of older cancer patients.
  7. Knowledge management in clinical practice and use of evidence.

Adult Nursing Dissertation Topics

Adult nurses care for patients with various medical problems, including minor wounds, illnesses and diseases, and acute and chronic illnesses and diseases. They can work in various settings, such as community services and hospitals. Below is a list of adult nursing dissertation topics;

  1. Pharmacological education of adult nurses and its relationship to an assessment of nurses’ professional skills in the UK
  2. Adult chemotherapy nurses: significant challenges and management in the UK
  3. An exploration of the role and influence of nurses in palliative care for cancer patients in the UK.
  4. The mental health nurse’s role in caring for patients with dual needs in the UK.
  5. A preliminary study of nursing students’ academic and professional readiness to deal with difficulties in the real world.
  6. Caring for older diabetics in the UK: perspectives from the nursing literature.
  7. An exploration of nurses’ difficulties in maintaining sleep patterns in adult cardiology units in the UK.
  8. A comparison between public and private hospital services for patients.
  9. The UK’s investigation into the care of cancer patients.
  10. Investigating the development of preventive care as a future social anchor for medical treatment.

Community Nursing Dissertation Topics

Community nursing is a collective term for school and health or district nursing, emphasising the value of social interventions in health care, especially for older or disabled people. The following suggested topics may be helpful if you base your dissertation on community nursing.

  1. Community nursing includes the assessment of children’s nutritional status as an essential component.
  2. The provisions for integrated community nursing and their impact on personal health expenditure.
  3. The community nursing profession promotes health.
  4. GPs, nurses, social workers and policymakers work together in a community nursing centre.
  5. What potential weaknesses have been identified in community nursing interventions? Explain and suggest some remedies.
  6. The value of community nursing in improving the quality of life of older people.
  7. Seniors with chronic illnesses are cared for through community nursing.
  8. What crucial elements lead to introducing a new standard or method in community nursing?
  9. How are nurses coping with the hardships and providing anti-covid medical care to the residents of their community?
  10. Explain how servicing the underprivileged would enable them to easily access community-based nursing care’s primary advantages and features.
  11. The usage of post-operative community nursing services by patients.
  12. The contribution of community nursing to enhancing senior citizens’ quality of life.
  13. A comparison of community nursing and medical care needs in various cities.
  14. Review the community nursing services offered to expectant mothers and newborns.
  15. How do you, as a nurse, intend to find immediate solutions to unprecedented community nursing criticalities?

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Choose ideas for a nursing dissertation that leave much space for investigation. In a dissertation, you must research a topic extensively and formulate conclusions and proposals. Therefore, you must ensure access to enough information about the topic. Your selected nursing dissertation idea should also be open for future research.

Although choosing a solid topic for a nursing dissertation may seem easy, it is the most important and challenging undertaking. Many students make the mistake of selecting a topic that is either too broad or too narrow, negatively affecting their results. Contact us immediately if you are still trying to decide what topics to choose for your nursing dissertation or need help writing your full dissertation paper from scratch.

The healthcare industry encompasses many captivating issues you can address as part of your nursing dissertation research.

We witnessed the value of the nursing profession when Covid-19 spread havoc among the human population. Any matter relating to our health and well-being, whether mental or physical, falls under nursing and medicine.

Choosing a topic for a nursing dissertation could be a very frustrating experience. So how do you choose the best topic for your dissertation and research project? Here are some essential suggestions!

One of the worst mistakes students make is they choose a research topic without consulting with their university. Always consult your professor’s manuals, dissertation handbook and instructions before taking another step. Start with comprehensive research, as it is crucial to the process.

There are countless concepts related to your needs and your tutor’s area of research. You must have a basic understanding of the techniques for conducting a literature review, proposing a methodology and performing data analysis.

If you select an idea in haste without thinking of the justification for your choice, you will find yourself in trouble somewhere through the process because you will lose the plot.

As a nursing student, you don’t want to research an idea that is not a speciality or too narrow. Therefore, we recommend choosing a topic for which there is a wealth of research is advisable. Nurses are advised to list one or two topics of particular interest in this line. Before starting the research process, they must confirm that these topics fit into their area of expertise.

Google scholar, Science direct, and dissertation topic databases can help find inspirational trends and ideas. On the other hand, almost all hospitals subscribe to one or more nursing research databases, each containing articles listed by the relevance and authenticity of the evidence. So, if you do not have access to these databases, you could ask one of our friendly customer services representatives for assistance or find your nursing topic here.

A medical disorder or condition could catch your attention even if you are not a professional nurse yet. You can get inspiration from your friends, family or your own experiences. A suitable topic might come out of your discussions with them.

Students can also focus on a specific health issue if they do not already have a disease or condition that interests them. They can take some time to consider what health problem initially led them to pursue a career in nursing. Since there are not enough literature studies available on ” advanced and latest” topics, you should avoid such issues.

When choosing topics, in addition to the sources mentioned above, you can look at some of the latest industry news and trends. It would be even better to base your research on a specific location or demographic. You can also read through some electronic journals or textbooks from different courses to find ideas for topics.

Nursing students should remember that combining their interests is always an option. For example, they can narrow their topic or explore broader issues such as the country’s current socio-economic difficulties or health inequalities.

Topics, including cloning, drugs and medical marijuana, may be worth exploring as I write this article.

Once you have at least a few topics related to your areas of interest, it is time to pick one topic that may be the most challenging and rewarding for your nursing career.

Start reading the literature on your chosen topic (s). Do a quick literature search in databases such as “CINAHL” or “ProQuest Health & Medical”. In doing so, search for research material you can use as reference resources. Select a topic with adequate available literature that fits your and your tutor’s research interests.

Remember that your initial study ideas can drastically change as you write the dissertation proposal or outline. Keep your options flexible until you have the topic and the dissertation proposal approved by your supervisor.

Once you have selected a dissertation topic, you need to propose a workable nursing dissertation research methodology that you will use to address the research questions or the hypothesis. The methodology process determines the approach you take to tackle your dissertation topic. You could opt for a secondary research-based dissertation. However, in most cases, nursing students must perform quantitative and primary research for dissertations.

EssaysUK provides the best dissertation topic services. When you place an order for the dissertation proposal, you get free unlimited dissertation topic suggestions.

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