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Healthcare Management Dissertation Topics 2024

Published by at January 9th, 2023 , Revised On February 2, 2024

The study of health management deals with the operational aspects of health facilities. One of the government’s most important responsibilities is maintaining public health facilities. Many students and researchers are keen to explore new dissertation topics in health management to improve health services.

To help students seeking well-thought dissertation topics to start their dissertation journey, our experienced writers have compiled a list of fascinating dissertation topics in the field of health management.

  1. Establishing technological intervention systems to promote patients’ well-being and physical health; developing and utilising a service model for health.
  2. intervention systems to promote patients’ well-being and physical health; developing and utilising a service model for health.
  3. What will be the effects of more patients having access to emergency treatment?
  4. The Role of technology in strengthening healthcare management systems: using artificial intelligence as a mediating analysis factor
  5. What are the inherent healthcare and socioeconomic obstacles to vaccine equity?
  6. Evaluating how clinical records affect decision-making and healthcare administration in pandemic emergencies.
  7. Investigating the barriers to UK vaccination programs for children.
  8. Comparing healthcare data analytics and informatics in the field of healthcare management.
  9. The effect of environmentally friendly human resource management techniques on healthcare management performance.
  10. A consequentialist approach to ethical and legal issues involving patients who refuse medical treatment.
  11. What are the best healthcare management techniques for handling follow-up actions after medical mistakes?
  12. An in-depth case study on the significance of process improvement initiatives in healthcare administration.
  13. The in-depth analysis of managerial and staff communication in healthcare and how it affects patient management.
  14. An in-depth examination of public hospitals in developing nations: the case of Africa.
  15. A comprehensive analysis of the performance of developing countries’ public and private healthcare systems.
  16. The connection between having access to a good healthcare management system and economic growth.

Leading Health Care Management Dissertation Topics

  1. African-American men with prostate cancer and the impact of health literacy on oncologic outcomes.
  2. Deep Learning is one of most promising and practical diagnostic techniques in artificial intelligence. How can patients’ diseases be diagnosed using Deep Learning?
  3. The UK’s cardiac care centers’ impact on value-based healthcare implementation.
  4. Governance and morality concerning parental use of patient portals for minors.
  5. Discuss whether lower-income families’ patient satisfaction is improved by making hospital charges reasonable.
  6. Examining the variables that affect patient wait times in primary care facilities.
  7. The impact of regulations governing tuition reimbursement on staff turnover and retention rates.
  8. Beyond the basic standards, the return on investment of professional development courses.
  9. Performing a gender audit of UK healthcare organisation leadership and governance boards.
  10. Mapping the pathophysiology when diagnosing a patient with complex medical needs such as vascular dementia.
  11. Examining the connection between technology and postnatal depression.
  12. The effect of optimal healthcare management on ED visits following inpatient discharge.
  13. A narrative review of the importance of Pre-surgery evaluation for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
  14. A critical evaluation of COPD patients’ Pre-operative medical management.
  15. Evidence from the UK: Improving SOPs and management of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in primary healthcare.

Top Health Care Management Dissertation Topics

  1. The effect of governance, leadership, and management training on the provision of primary health care services.
  2. What impact do recent public health initiatives have on lowering or managing childhood obesity? A case study from the UK.
  3. Assess how UKAS accreditation has affected healthcare organisations and stakeholders’ perceptions.
  4. Models and guidelines for supervision are used to support therapists.
  5. The effect of intuitive multiplication criteria-based decision-making techniques on hospital management in the UK.
  6. The COVID-19 pandemic has been going on for three years. What impact has Brexit had on Britain’s handling of this outbreak?
  7. Evaluating the impact of performance evaluation and organisational culture on the success of knowledge management in healthcare organisations.
  8. Analysis of information technology’s impact on hospital management systems.
  9. An evaluation of the online slot booking system’s improved process flow for handling patients outside.
  10. A comprehensive analysis of the impact of continuing medical education on healthcare quality.
  11. Examining tools and techniques that use computer-Aided models and methods to optimise healthcare management systems and policy-Making.
  12. The role of digital self-managed healthcare support systems in the development of quality health care management-review of how technology can change the current healthcare system.
  13. A case study on the psychological effects of difficult social and economic conditions on young adults’ public mental health.
  14. Can free digital high-quality health services be offered worldwide?
  15. A thorough analysis of the efficacy of single- and multiple-tablet regimens for treating HIV in individuals.

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The Significance of Health Care Management Dissertation Topics

Writing a dissertation allows students to showcase their skills, perform comprehensive research on the topic, formulate the relevant research questions and select the appropriate resources to solve those questions. Your degree culminates in your dissertation in the field of health management. This dissertation allows you to analyse current problems and propose viable solutions. It serves as proof of your research skills to the grading committee.

How Finding the Best Topic Helps you?

The first step of writing a great dissertation is identifying the relevant dissertation topics. It will set the framework for your dissertation and direct you to secure the highest academic grades.


A strong dissertation topic leads to an outstanding dissertation outcome. This way, you can create a top-notch dissertation proposal and thesis, which will significantly impact your academic achievement.

Your readiness to write a dissertation will be increased the sooner you embark on it. Therefore, the dissertation topic suggestions featured in this blog play a crucial role in your academic career. You can use these topics or take help from our dissertation topic services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore dissertation topics in healthcare management through academic journals, databases like PubMed, and online platforms like ProQuest. Consider areas such as healthcare policy, quality improvement, technology integration, and patient satisfaction to find relevant and current research ideas.

Select a dissertation topic by identifying your interests, exploring gaps in existing literature, considering real-world problems, consulting with advisors, and ensuring the topic aligns with your academic and career goals.

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