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Economics Thesis & Dissertation Topics, Ideas & Examples

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Economics is a field of study that focuses on producing, distributing and financing goods and services. The ultimate goal of economics is to improve people’s standard of living. Modern economics primarily focuses on discretionary costs, consumer behaviour and production, borrowing, saving and investing, jobs and employment and trade markets, etc., in making financial decisions.

Due to the wide range of disciplines in economics, it can be difficult for economics students to find the right topic for their economics dissertation. Most students get stuck before they even begin with their economics thesis.

Because economics covers many topics in current society and existing research studies explore a range of economic issues, we have compiled a list of the latest economics dissertation topics that would help you contribute to the knowledge body. In compiling this list of topics, we have covered all themes relevant to economics and selected clear and specific economics dissertation topics so you can be sure of getting a top grade.

Micro-Economics Dissertation Topics

  1. A comparison of the impact of labour force participation on the economy and the household.
  2. A case study of labour mix and marital status in the UK economy.
  3. Examine the rise and development of a small business into a multinational corporation.
  4. Critical analysis of trends in consumer behaviour: The changing nature of American consumer behaviour over the last decade.
  5. Impact of the economic downturn on small businesses: Brazil as a case study in South America.
  6. Discuss the relationship between tariffs and “economic convergence”.
  7. Does a company’s profit depend on its size? An analysis of US airlines.
  8. Examining wage differentials in wealthy countries and the factors that contribute to these differentials.
  9. The impact of the European Regional Strategy on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK.
  10. The dynamics of the Gini index as a measure of the problem of income inequality.
  11. The implications of demonetisation for small and medium-sized enterprises.
  12. The consequences of the privatisation of public enterprises on economic development and policy.
  13. Is the UK retail market becoming less oligopolistic? Produce an analysis of the impact of new supermarkets on the community.
  14. Does the size of a company affect its profits? A case study of the telecommunications industry.
  15. Examine the characteristics of innovative companies in the UK.

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Macro-Economics Dissertation Topics

  1. A case study of the Asian tiger economies illustrates how fluctuations in the dollar exchange rate affect the world economy.
  2. Application of Keynes’ macroeconomic theory to a country of your choice.
  3. What impact do interest rates have on Canadian consumption?
  4. The rapid development of blockchain technology and its impact on the national and international economy.
  5. Do cryptocurrencies and mobile payments pose a threat to the viability of banks?
  6. How has the UK’s decision to leave the EU affected consumer spending?
  7. Rethinking the impact of central banks on national economies: global implications of cryptocurrencies in the long run.
  8. An analysis of income inequality in Spain concerning the minimum wage and GDP.
  9. The impact of long-term unemployment on the economy.
  10. How do buyers and sellers share the cost of taxes?
  11. Should the neoclassical growth model be updated to reflect today’s realities? Discuss
  12. The impact of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) on UK agriculture.
  13. The value of Big Data for the macroeconomic application of behavioural economics.
  14. How can the gap between the theory and practice of behavioural macroeconomics be closed?
  15. Which sectors of the economy suffered the most significant output losses due to Covid?

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Socio-Economics Dissertation Topics

  1. Comparative analysis of the economic impact of immigration from the EU and outside the EU.
  2. Is social capital a key determinant of success in the Indian creative sector?
  3. Is there indeed a linear relationship between social and economic progress? Discuss
  4. What are the economic and social impacts of venture capital and private equity in Singapore?
  5. How have large companies’ economic strategies evolved due to social media?
  6. The financial and non-financial support provided by the family in the growth of a successful entrepreneur.
  7. Examine the relationship between authority and trust in regional economies.
  8. The function of intellectual and social capital in rural Australia.
  9. The purpose of social entrepreneurship in China and its contribution.
  10. The impact of globalisation’s convergence of economic systems on social development in industrialised, emerging and developing countries.
  11. Social contracts and peer pressure were the driving forces behind the growth of traditional industries in the UK.
  12. Examine the differences between power and trust in regionally productive systems.
  13. The importance of social and intellectual capital in rural areas of the UK.
  14. What role does social capital play in the UK creative industries?
  15. Discuss the factors fueling socio-economic inequalities in the United States.

Institutional Economics Dissertation Topics

  1. An assessment of how institutional economics approaches can be applied to the real estate market study.
  2. An examination of how a company’s decision regarding its governance arrangements is influenced by the theoretical assumptions of the micro-analytical level of New Institutional Economics (NIE).
  3. What influence do routines and habits have on productivity? In the case of (an industry).
  4. How does the cultural mix affect the way firms are set up in the UK?
  5. Social capacity’s role in an emerging economy’s resilience to economic contraction.
  6. The case of UK SMEs in terms of financial restraint, confidence and export performance.
  7. An institutional analysis of the efficiency in the UK property market.
  8. An examination of business cooperation using resource-based theory.
  9. How can inter-firm cooperation be accounted for in transaction cost economics?
  10. An institutional analysis of ownership and control in the UK.
  11. Differential effects on income and growth of economic freedom institutions and policies.
  12. What is the relationship between work experience and entrepreneurship? Evidence from the United Kingdom.
  13. Characteristics of entrepreneurship education. The contribution of formal education to developing entrepreneurial skills in the UK.
  14. An institutional look at the efficiency of the UK property market.
  15. Exploring the relationship between economic development and transaction costs.

Environmental Economics Dissertation Topics

  1. A study on the economics of US waste management initiatives.
  2. Who is financially liable for artificial environmental disasters?
  3. A Comparative Study of Land Sharing and Conservation in the USA: The Economics of Land.
  4. An economic analysis of the impact of waste disposal programs on US environmental policy.
  5. What has been the impact of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme so far?
  6. Waste management practices in the UK: cost a major factor in lower economic returns for businesses between 2015 and 2020?
  7. Can a manufacturing company expand without harming the environment?
  8. How does the cost of running an environmentally friendly business affect its competitiveness?
  9. A study on the economic aspects of American waste disposal initiatives.
  10. Who bears the financial responsibility for manufactured environmental disasters?
  11. A comparison of land division and land conservation in the USA.
  12. An economic assessment of the impact of waste disposal systems on US environmental policy.
  13. What have been the results of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme so far?
  14. How is a company’s competitiveness affected by operating costs?
  15. Is there any link between work experience and entrepreneurship? Evidence from the UK.

Financial Economics Dissertation Topics

  1. How didthe coronavirus pandemic affect the UK stock market?
  2. How do interest rates affect the FTSE?
  3. Is the risk of the stocks listed in the FTSE 100 measured by the CAPM?
  4. How does the behaviour of the FTSE 100 affect economic expansion?
  5. Behavioural Finance: A study of the drivers of UK investors.
  6. Factors affecting corporate debt in the UK.
  7. The role of private equity and the debt market in the UK SME economy.
  8. Do SMEs in the UK have a higher rate of profitability than large firms?
  9. A comparison of the financial structures of UK companies with those in the EU.
  10. Patterns of foreign direct investment in developing countries: An analysis of Indonesia.
  11. Examining the Effects of Global Financial Conditions on the Business Models of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
  12. How can profit optimisation be achieved using the example of manufacturing in the UK?
  13. An overview of how moral principles are used in the market economy.
  14. The European debt crisis of 2011: What were the effects?
  15. An analysis of the impact of gambling in a selected country at a thematic level.

Eco-Geography Dissertation Topics

  1. The influence of regional and local cultures on entrepreneurship and economic growth.
  2. Can an entrepreneurial mentality be exported? The contribution of immigrants to the spread of new entrepreneurial mindsets.
  3. Entrepreneurial behaviour varies between urban and rural locations.
  4. Is there a link between the local cultural elements in small towns and the mature enterprises prevalent there?
  5. The influence of nearby areas on networks. Discuss how co-located, and dispersed networks show differences.
  6. The potential impact of Brexit on decisions affecting local economies in UK cities is discussed.
  7. An approach to the growth of information and communication technology incubators in the UK. Analysis of the concentration of the 50 largest IT companies.
  8. What is the cause of regional differences? An examination of the richest and poorest areas of the UK.
  9. The economic geography of recession. Regional and urban economies differ in the UK.
  10. Understanding local educational advancement: a comparison of cities in the north and south of the UK.

Economics History Dissertation Topics

  1. A thorough examination of the Great Depression of 1930: What were its leading causes?
  2. Compare the economic downturn of 2007-2008 with 1930.
  3. Examine the 2008 Icelandic economic crisis: what was its impact on the world economy?
  4. What are the main features of Keynesian and classical macroeconomic theory?
  5. A thorough examination of the US economy over the last 50 years: What are the changes in employment, GDP and inflation?
  6. An examination of the history of the US beer industry.
  7. An in-depth study of the Facebook company from an economic perspective.
  8. A study of the economics of pornography on a particular subject.
  9. An examination of the effectiveness of slavery in the American South from the 16th to the 18th century.
  10. What changes occurred in industrial production during the 19th and 20th centuries?

Significance of a Good Dissertation Topic!

Choosing your thesis topic is one of the most important decisions you will make as a student. It is also one of the most difficult decisions. It can be challenging to focus on one topic when there are so many options. Choosing the right topic is the foundation for a powerful dissertation and your bright future!

These economics dissertation topics are topical and focus on contemporary economic problems.

No, we don’t just babble on and make empty promises. Since the list of economics dissertation topics has been adapted to contemporary times, it can be used as a dissertation topic for undergraduate, Master and postgraduate students.

Now that you have seen the best economics dissertation topics to consider for an economical dissertation, are you ready to write a dissertation? You can visit our dissertation guide page on EssaysUK to learn how to write a perfect dissertation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Select an economics dissertation topic by identifying your interests, exploring gaps in the literature, and considering real-world applications. Consult with professors, review recent economic trends, and ensure the topic aligns with your expertise and the available resources for research.

Choose an economics dissertation topic by identifying your interests, reviewing current economic issues, and exploring gaps in the literature. Consult with advisors, consider the feasibility of data collection, and ensure the topic aligns with your expertise and career goals for meaningful research.

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