Unique and Trending Dissertation Topic Ideas for 2022 & 2023

Are you looking for inspiration for your dissertation topic? We have an extensive list of top trending dissertation topics curated by professionals and experts on the subjects for you to choose from.

Either get inspired by one of our given topics or ask for a customised topic according to your requirements. Our list has topics that cater to the taste of individuals of any subject area, varying from subjects like marketing, journalism, history, project management, tourism, photography, literature and many more.

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List of Dissertation Topic Ideas

The article contains multiple dissertation topics to give an idea of the work we tend to deliver.

  1. Gender identity. An examination of Europe’s changing cultural norms
  2. Investigating the use of technology to monitor personal health and fitness
  3. The effects of artificial intelligence on customer satisfaction
  4. Exploring the relation between postnatal depression and technology
  5. The contribution of financial accounting to the business development strategy
  6. A comparison of the culture of the LGBTQ community in Asian countries with European countries.
  7. Analysing the difference in the learning abilities of introverted students and extroverts
  8. Examining the modern challenges faced by startups in the UK
  9. How is women’s empowerment leading to a hostile kind of gender discrimination?
  10. Economic and social effects of LGBTQ marriage legalisation
  11. Analysing the effects of capitalism on western fashion and cultural values
  12. The role of society in gender relations
  13. The potential difficulties in teaching dyslexic students
  14. An examination of the effects of globalisation on international law
  15. How does cultural identity affect the creation of art?
  16. The role of social media in setting fashion trends and promoting small fashion houses
  17. The harms of modern technology on public health
  18. The psychological and social impact of Divorce on Children
  19. How is IT influencing the field of biomedicine?
  20. Censorship of Art

Get Our Help To Find Your Perfect Dissertation Topic

Finding the right dissertation topic can take time and effort. It is better to take expert help at the beginning of your project. We provide customised topic idea services. You can share your requirements, and we will email suitable topics to you. Once you are done selecting and researching your topic, you can take our help writing the outline, proposal and dissertation. 

What Is The Importance Of a Dissertation Topic Outline Or Research Proposal?

A dissertation topic outline or a research proposal is a document that outlines your plan for how you will write your dissertation. It is based on a particular research question or topic. It informs the readers of the work you have done till now. This includes your research and the discussions you have had with your academic advisor.

A research proposal mainly describes your topic, its importance, how you will tackle your problem and the effect your dissertation has on the relevant field.

Why Is Dissertation Topic Or Research Proposal Help Needed?

A dissertation topic and proposal are the part of your research on which the entire dissertation depends. Many students tend to decide their topics and submit proposals without thorough research and then have difficulty proceeding with the selected topic because they cannot find enough relevant material. Moreover, some students are unable to write quality-controlled proposals, and their proposals get rejected.

Getting help from resources such as Essays UK gives you a streamline and helps you decide on a topic that suits your level best. It will also assist you in writing the best-quality research proposals.

What Is The Importance Of A Dissertation Topic?

The topic of your dissertation is the maker or breaker of your dissertation. You must ensure that your topic is captivating enough to make the reader interested in your dissertation. If your evaluator reads the topic and finds it ordinary or boring, there is a high chance that they will judge your dissertation badly. If your topic is catchy, you will be able to grab the committee’s attention from the start.


Should my dissertation topic be complex?


Having a challenging topic is a misconception. You should not choose a topic out of your comfort zone and expertise. Always select a topic you can write rigorously on and keep it simple and effective.

Can I get a customised topic for my dissertation?


Essays UK provides customised topic services to ensure unique topics and customer satisfaction. Professionals and specialists in the subject curate these topics for your assistance.

Is it okay to use your dissertation topics?


Yes, you can use our available dissertation topics. Essays UK provides 100s of free topics to students to help them grow. However, since these topics are publicly available to everyone, there is a high chance that many people are working on them. You can place an order and get a custom topic for your dissertation.

Will my topic be used in future work?


Essays UK follow strict confidentiality rules and is highly reliable. We do not use any of your work for future projects and deliver all the files to you on time.

Can you write a proposal for a topic that I already have?


Yes, you can simply place an order for the outline, and we can write your research proposal for you. You can also contact our customer support to understand better how this works.