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Sample Undergraduate Law Assignment

Published by at December 13th, 2022 , Revised On February 2, 2024

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Irish Legal System

Part A

Role and function of personnel within the Irish legal system

The Irish legal system personnel represent the court members, the justices, judges, and judicial officials. The function of the court personnel is to follow and execute the direction and control of the judges and their decision, including the court’s subordinate judicial officers and employees.

Distinguish between civil and criminal law

Civil law concerns matters of property and money along with housing and divorce involving the custody of a child in a diverse situation. However, criminal law concerns itself with the offences committed by the accused against society, including multiple degrees of punishment based on the crime committed.

The structure of the Irish judicial system includes the hierarchy, jurisdiction and function of courts within the Irish court system

The structure of the Irish judicial system is divided into the branches of the civil side and the criminal side having specialised quotes for each. The civil courts deal with the civil actions involving the plaintiff and the defendants for the compensation of wrongdoing are suffering from losses net includes money. The family law in the court system incorporates a district court involving the maintenance and custody of children and a circuit court that grants judicial separation and divorce orders. The court of appeal here is the matter concerning constitutional law and civil law. The criminal courts in the Irish judicial system deal with criminal cases that include a district court, circuit court, criminal court, central criminal court and the special criminal court, followed by the supreme court representing the scope of final appeal.

Define the nature of tort to include the recognition between tort and other civil and criminal wrongs

Tort law applies to the uh wrongdoings and breach of a duty independent of any contract resulting in a civil cause of action that justifies recoverable compensation. A tort is an activity occurring due to a person’s negligence that causes personal or property damage to another individual. In contrast, criminal wrongdoing includes any ubiquitous activities and wrongdoing by an individual against society. Civil wrongdoings include a breach of contract and trust and are a type of tort that is wrong full and in violation of the right doings.

Identify how statutes are made in Ireland

The statutes of the army in Ireland were based on a bill initiated by the senator, followed by its debate in the Senate and the Dail. The president signs the law after its approval by both houses.

Explain the role of the Constitution of Ireland.

The constitution of Ireland has the role of establishing the branches of the government, formulating the courts, and establishing how the legal institutions are to be run.

Part B

Advise your friend in writing as to the law as you know it

The friend is advised to visit the district court at first to file a criminal case against his neighbour. He cannot go to the supreme court at first as it is the court of final appeal for criminal cases that can only be pursued after the decision of the High court.

Frequently Asked Questions

The key points in the constitution of Ireland include principles of democracy, protection of human rights, separation of powers, the role of the President, the structure of the government, and recognition of the Irish language and cultural heritage.

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