Sample Oil and Gas Management Dissertation Topic and Plan Outline

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1. Mitigating risks using project portfolio management in the oil and gas sector duringrecession period.

Research Aim

To examine the applicability of Project portfolio management techniques in the
management of risk in the oil and gas industry and to pinpoint the optimal approaches for
handling for handling projects during an economic downturn.

2. A study on the Procurement and Supply Chain Management in Norwegian Oil and Gas Industry.

Research Aim

The main aim of this project would be to determine the best procurement and supply
chain management that can be applied to Norwegian oil and gas industry.

3. A study on the gap between project and organizational strategies in the oil and gas sector: Procurement management perspective.

Research Aims

The aim of the study would be to detect the nexus between project and business techniques.

4. An inquest into the sustainability in the oil and gas sector supply chain in UAE

Research Aims

The primary objective of this study would be to come up with an empirical model ofviable supply chain management that enhances utilization of scarce resources while maximizing profitability in the oil and gas sector.

5. Corporate governance, ethics and CSR in the UK oil and gas sector: A conceptual Study.

Research Aims

The main aim of this project would be to investigate the primary issues related to governance, ethics and CSR in the oil and gas sector, in the quest to conceptualize their criticality in oil and gas management.