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A Study on Assessing the Issues of Risk Allocation in Construction Projects from the perspective of FIDIC Contract Conditions


This research aims to assess the issues of risk allocation in construction projects concerning the FIDIC conditions of the contract. The risk can be considered in different perspectives as it practically refers to the event or the set of circumstances that should occur
and directly affect the project objectives achievement (ZHANG, ZHANG, and GAO, n.d).

With their unique nature, the construction projects involve several activities that are surrounded by risks where each activity exerts influences in the context of cost, quality, and time (Du Toit, 2009). To make a project successful, the construction projects must have a sound risk management system that comprises identification, response, and analysis (Mishmish and El-Sayegh, 2018).

The risk management from the contractual perspective is focused on allocating the risk in contracts among the parties in such a manner that enables risk, which is to be managed effectively and efficiently throughout the construction process.

This paper focuses on examining the risk allocation in the construction from the perspective of FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Construction and offers suggestions on improving the risk allocation in the construction projects.

FIDIC is an international organization that is known for its publications of high-quality standards contracts in the construction industry (Smith and Jobling, 2018). In 1999, FIDIC established a set of agreements that consisted of conditions for deals in the construction, contracts for the turnkey projects, and short forms of contract (Motiar Rahman and Kumaraswamy, 2002).

Furthermore, there are different clauses in the FIDIC contract that deal directly with the natural risk related to the climate conditions that mainly influence the risk allocation. This research is dedicated to identifying the issues in risk allocation within the construction projects from FIDIC conditions of contracts.

Aim and Objectives

The study aims to assess the issues of risk allocation in construction projects within
the context of FIDIC contracts. The objectives of the study are as follows,

  • To understand the significance of appropriate risk allocation in construction projects.
  • To identify the factors affecting effective risk allocation.
  • To assess the construction industry’s issues of risk allocation from the perspective of FIDIC conditions of the contract.
  • To suggest strategies for enhancing the risk allocation process in the
    construction projects.

Research Questions

Q1. What is the significance of risk allocation in construction projects?

Q2. Which contractual clause affects the project performance by the FIDIC clauses?

Q3. What are the issues of risk allocation in the construction projects from FIDIC
conditions of a contract?


The research methodology for this project will involve the following key information:

  • Research Approach: Inductive Approach
  • Research Philosophy: Interpretivism Philosophy
  • Research Design: Qualitative Research Design
  • Data Collection: Primary Method of Data Collection and Secondary for the literature
  • Research Instrument: The research instrument will be semi-structured interviews
  • Sample Size: 10 construction managers for the interviews
  • Data Analysis: Thematic analysis will be used for the data analysis


The list of references is available upon request.