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How to Make an Appendix in APA Style

Published by at December 31st, 2021 , Revised On February 5, 2024

An appendix is a part at the end of a research paper that contains additional material that is not included in the main text. The plural for appendices is appendix. According to the APA guidelines, appendices should be added at the very end of the paper i.e. after references.


Why Need Appendices?

Appendices are not necessary in every case. An appendix should consist of material which helps the readers to comprehend your study, while not being essential to the paper. The main text contains all the important information. Some examples are;

  • You may add interview transcripts as an appendix.
  • The data collection tools such as interview guide, or questionnaire can be added.
  • Statistical Data

Each appendix should be mentioned at least once in the main body. You shouldn’t add an appendix if you don’t use the material in it. When discussing the content added in the appendix, state the following the first time you mention it:

Participant C stated that he felt ashamed in front of his colleagues due to poor English speaking skills (see appendix A for the complete transcript)

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Example of Appendices Format

The title of the appendix appears in bold at the top of the page. A descriptive title is bolded and centered on the next line. The text is left-justified, double-spaced and with page numbers in the upper right-hand corner in accordance with APA guidelines. A new page must be started for each new appendix. An APA-style appendix is formatted as in the example illustration below.


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Organize the Appendices

The single appendix should be called as Appendix. And it will be labelled as

For more than 1 appendix, the labels should be Appendix A, Appendix B and so on…

Note: The labelling and presentation of appendices must be aligned with the main body text.

How to Label Tables and Figures in the Appendices?

In some cases, appendices may consist of tables and images/figures. Tables and figures in the appendix, on the other hand, are labelled differently. In addition to a number, the letter of the appendix is used. Tables and figures are still numbered individually and in the order in which they appear in the appendix.

Example: For example in Appendix C, the T tables should be labelled as Table C1, Table C2, etc.; and figures are Figure C1, Figure C2, etc.

If an appendix has only one table or figure, then just mention that table or figure with the appendix name. For example, if Appendix A is only one table, call it “Appendix A” and do not add any other name or title to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

An appendix is the part of your paper that provides important information to the reader but is not meant to be included in the main study.

When relevant, yes, you can include APA citations in your appendices. Use citations with author names as used in the main text.

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