How to Make a Running Head, Title Page: APA 7th edition

Published by at February 6th, 2022 , Revised On March 3, 2022

A running head, also called a page header, is an abbreviated form of the title of your document. It is written in the page header along with a page number. Generally, it is used only for professional papers, not for student papers. The running head includes a shortened version usually consists of 50 characters of the title of the document. All the characters should be in capital letters.

Setting the APA Running Head in Word Document

To Add Running Head

  1. Click on “Insert” > Select “Header”
  2. Select the “Blank” template (left-aligned).
  3. Put your “Running Head” paper title all in capital letters >OK

To Add Page Number

  1. Click on “Insert” > “Page number”
  2. Select the “top-right option”> OK

Setting the APA Running Head in Google Docs

To Add Running Head

  1. Click on “Insert” > Select “Headers and footers” > Select “Header”.
  2. Put your (abbreviated) paper title all in capital letters.

To insert automatic page numbering

  1. Click on “Insert” > Select “Page numbers”.
  2. Click on page numbers in the top-right corner for all the pages.

How to Abbreviate Long Titles for the Running Heads

If the title of your paper is more than 50 characters, you must use its abbreviated form. According to APA guidelines, you do not have to use the same words in the same way. You can replace “and” with “&” to reduce the words. There should be no abbreviation in the title.

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